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FormationApril 1, 1976
Founder• Steve Jobs
• Steve Wozniak
• Ronald Wayne
Headquarters1 Apple Park Way, Cupertino, California, U.S.
InterestsPlatformization, Planned obsolescence, mass surveillance, statecraft
Member ofBusiness Roundtable, Centre for European Policy Studies/Corporate Members, European Policy Centre, Transatlantic Policy Network
A tech company, in a corrupt duopoly with Microsoft, its effective social engineering of children during the 2010s and 2000s and its adaption of youth culture made it the most valuable company in the world. PRISM-member. Throws activists or anyone not a WEF-member of their platform in geopolitical dilemmas. Fashion industry and wage slavery promoter.

Apple is a California based technology company.


The Ugly Truth About Apple's Secret Police Force - The Infographics Show

In 2019 Apple banned an app to help people in Hong Kong keep track of protests and police activity in the city state, claiming such information is illegal. “Your app contains content - or facilitates, enables, and encourages an activity - that is not legal ... specifically, the app allowed users to evade law enforcement," the American tech giant told makers of the HKmap Live on Tuesday before pulling it.[1]

In November 2022 Apple "restricted the use of AirDrop in China, a move that harmed the organizational efforts of demonstrators protesting against the CCP’s lockdowns".[2]

Operating systems

Full articles: MacOS, IOS

Apple devices runs proprietary operating systems with backdoors.[3]

Planned obsolescence

Full article: Stub class article Planned obsolescence

Apple has a policy of planned obsolescence for their mobile devices from the early 2000s on,[4][5][6] whether by batteries that degrade early, or software upgrades that slow the device down;[7][8][9][10][11] they are made hard to repair on purpose[12] and also have returning design problems that will brake the device after a certain time.[13] Apps that were available for IOS devices (phone/tablet) at one point, require a newer IOS version after some time (~6 years),[14][15][16] that the older phone/tablet does support anymore, thus creating the unnecessary need/incentive to buy a new device (this may also depend on the specific IOS version or it can vary from device to device, arbitrarily set by Apple).


Related Quotation

Platformization“So one of the things that these five companies have done kind of masterfully is create these platforms that startups have to use to get to customers. So they all own these cloud-storage services. So Amazon is an example. If you want to store your media online - so, for example, all the movies that you watch on Netflix are actually stored on Amazon servers - so every time you use Netflix, Netflix is kind of paying Amazon for that kind of storage.

Yeah. It's surprising, first of all, because they're such different companies. You wouldn't really know - you wouldn't really think that they would have that kind of connection. And then they're also competitors. Netflix makes original TV shows and so does Amazon. And so, you know, in this way, Netflix has this dependence on one of its competitors. There are lots of different examples of this though.

There - you know, all app makers have to put their apps in the Apple app store or the Google app store. And when they sell in those apps, 30 percent of that money goes to Apple or Google. They all have to advertise on Facebook or Google to get customers because that's become the way to advertise on digital platforms. And so any new app - Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, all the other sort of smaller companies online - have to go through these five to get to their customers. And what ends up happening is that other companies succeed, but always these five benefit off of that success.”
Farhad Manjoo26 October 2017
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