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Person.png Leon Panetta  Rdf-icon.png
Born Leon Edward Panetta
Monterey, California, U.S.
Nationality American
Alma mater Santa Clara University
Religion Roman Catholicism
Party Republican,  Democratic

Flag of the United States Secretary of Defense.svg United States Secretary of Defense Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
July 1, 2011 - February 27, 2013
Preceded by Robert Gates
Succeeded by Chuck Hagel

Flag of the United States Central Intelligence Agency.svg Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
February 13, 2009 - June 30, 2011
Deputy Michael Morell
Preceded by Michael Hayden
Succeeded by Michael Morell

US-WhiteHouse-Logo.svg White House Chief of Staff Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
July 17, 1994 - January 20, 1997

US-OfficeOfManagementAndBudget-Seal.svg Director of the Office of Management and Budget Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
January 21, 1993 - July 17, 1994
Preceded by Richard Darman

Employment.png Chairman of the House Committee on the Budget

In office
January 3, 1989 - January 21, 1993

Employment.png Chairman of the House Budget Committee

In office
January 3, 1989 - January 21, 1993
Leon E. Panetta was appointed Director of the US Central Intelligence Agency on 13 February 2009.[1]

Xe (Blackwater) revelations

After learning that the CIA had hired the private security contractor Xe (Blackwater) as part of a planned programme to assassinate Al Qaeda leaders, Panetta held an emergency meeting in June 2009 to brief Congress about the programme for the first time.[2]


Legal Case

Hedges v. Obama


  1. Leon. E Panetta], Central Intelligence Agency, 13 February 2009.
  2. Mark Mazzetti, C.I.A. Sought Xe (Blackwater)’s Help to Kill Jihadists, New York Times, 19 August 2009.
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