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Concept.png International law 
Interest of• John Bellinger
• Francis Boyle
• Michael Scharf
• Ian Townsend-Gault
• Ruth Wedgwood

"The one thing there has not been in the international response is accountability, either political or legal. To date, no person or institution has been held accountable for the destruction of a functioning state. No one has resigned or been fired; no one has been indicted or prosecuted. Incredibly, there has been no accountability in spite of the fact that this is not the first time the Americans and the British have teamed up in recent memory to wreck a state in the name of good intentions."[1]

Yale professor Paul Kahn noted over twenty years ago, “International law will not be taken seriously as a constraint on government policy as long as illegal behavior is divorced from personal consequences.”



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UNGA Request for ICJ Advisory Opinion
UNSCR 2728/24Demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza
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