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Group.png Mexico  
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Capital cityMexico City
LocationNorth America
Typenation state
Member ofAPEC, Donald Trump/Conspiracy theories, G-20, International Criminal Court, International Energy Agency, OECD, Organisation of American States, UN
Mexico/Secretary of Finance and Public Credit
Mexico/Secretary of Foreign Affairs
"Poor Mexico, so far from God and so close to the United States!"

Mexico is the nation state immediately to the south of the US, "Poor Mexico, so far from God and so close to the United States!" as president Porfirio Díaz once said.


One-fifth of Mexicans live in the metropolitan area of Mexico City and three-fifths live in other cities, leaving only 21 million who are rural.

Cannabis as a 'Human Right'

In November 2015 Mexico's supreme court ruled 4-1 that smoking cannabis was a basic human right. This ruling concerned a nonprofit marijuana club — the Mexican Society for Responsible and Tolerant Autoconsumption, (SMART) and so did not immediately affect marijuana prohibition laws.[1]

Illegal Drug Trade

Mexico's geographical position makes it an import nation as far as the importation of illegal drugs into the USA - especially cocaine from South America. Joël van der Reijden writes that "Information that came out in the wake of the Kiki Camarena death clearly demonstrates that the CIA and Mexican government have been working hand in hand with the drug cartels, with the CIA apparently controlling and employing them as right wing death squads", also noting that "hundreds of journalists have been murdered or disappeared in Mexico in the past decades."[2]

Presidents were CIA agents

In 2017, as thousands of declassified files on John F. Kennedy were made public, journalist Raymundo Riva Palacio discovered that three former Mexican presidents - Adolfo Lopez Mateos (1958-1964), Gustavo Díaz Ordaz (1964-1970) and Luis Echeverria (1970-1976) - were unpaid agents for the U.S. government,[3] leading to the assumptions that these three might not be the only ones. The declassification is less dramatic than it sounds, as CIA whistleblower Philip Agee had exposed them as far back as 1975.[4]

Weather Modification Test Location

A 2023 article by climate journalists from "ClimateChangeNews" noted "a US startup carried out a geoengineering experiment in Mexico, which the country claims was done without prior notice and consent causing a nationwide ban in Mexico".[5] The startup named Making Sunsets "launched balloons injected with sulphur dioxide particles into the atmosphere" to "cool" the clouds in which they floated in.[6] Dioxide particles have been linked in large amounts to cause burns on skin, diarrhoea and uncontrollable spasm in human bodies.[7]


An event carried out

Evacuation from AfghanistanAfghanistanThe evacuation of foreigners from Afghanistan, one of the largest airlifts in history


Related Quotations

George Carlin“It's the old American Double Standard, ya know: Say one thing, do something' different. And of course, this country is founded on the double standard, that's our history! We were founded on a very basic double standard: This country was founded by slave owners who wanted to be free. Am I right? A group of slave owners who wanted to be free! So they killed a lot of white English people, in order to continue owning their black African people, so they could wipe out of the rest of the red Indian people, so they move west and steal the rest of the land from the brown Mexican people, giving them a place to take off and drop their nuclear weapons on the yellow Japanese people. You know what the motto of this country ought to be? "You give us a color, we'll wipe it out!"”George Carlin
DEA/Infiltration“Allegations surrounding a U.S. investigation that may have involved laundering money for Mexican drug cartels are causing concern on both sides of the border.

In Mexico, lawmakers say they are furious and are demanding an investigation. In the United States, a congressman is broadening the oversight of a previous inquiry to include the most recent allegations.

Felipe Gonzalez, a federal senator with Mexico’s ruling PAN party, says they will demand an investigation to determine whether the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration allowed its agents to launder money, possibly even on Mexican soil, as part of an investigation into the inner workings of Mexican drug cartel”
Rafael Romo6 December 2011
Russia/Encirclement“We have made it clear that Nato’s move to the east is unacceptable (...) The United States is standing with missiles on our doorstep. Is it an excessive requirement not to install shock systems at our house? How would the Americans react if missiles were placed at the border with Canada or Mexico”The Guardian
Vladimir Putin
Donald Trump“When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. They're not sending you. They're not sending you. They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people. But I speak to border guards and they tell us what we're getting. And it only makes common sense. It only makes common sense. They're sending us not the right people. It's coming from more than Mexico. It's coming from all over South and Latin America, and it's coming probably – probably – from the Middle East. But we don't know. Because we have no protection and we have no competence, we don't know what's happening. And it's got to stop and it's got to stop fast.”Donald TrumpJune 2015



2001 Mexican legislative assembly attackTwo Israelis caught with false passports grenades, explosives and guns in the Mexican parliament a month after 9-11. Later released without charge. Western corporate media aware but uninterested.
2006 Mexico DC-9 drug bustA DC-9 made an emergency landing and was found to be containing over 5 tonnes of cocaine. The pilot "disappeared", unnamed, and the plane was deregistered and sold within days to an unknown customer in Venezuela.
2007 Yucatan Gulfstream drug crashA plane used by the CIA for rendition, which later crashed in Mexico, with tons of cocaine aboard.
Deepwater HorizonAn ecologically disastrous oil spill
National Level Exercise 2009NLE09 was a White House-directed, Congressionally-mandated large scale "terrorism" prevention and preparedness exercise. Held July 2009
Operation Fast and Furious


Groups Headquartered Here

Bank of Mexico
Juarez cartel
Mexico Autonomous Institute of Technology1946Is considered one of Mexico's (neoliberal) think tanks and has the highest rank of admission to the Mexican Foreign Service


Citizens of Mexico on Wikispooks

Laura AlvarezThird wife of Jeremy Corbyn
Manuel Buendía24 May 192630 May 1984
Agustín Carstens9 June 1958BIS General Manager
Macedo de la Concha6 May 1950Mexican army general and former Attorney General in the cabinet of Vicente Fox.
Joaquin FloresGeopolitical and social analyst based in Belgrade, Serbia.
Vicente Fox
Francisco Ortiz Franco195422 June 2004Mexican journalist assassinated within months of starting to write about drug trafficking.
Rodrigo Pérez-Alonso González3 June 1978Mexican Green politician with interest in digital transformation
Ángel Gurría8 May 1950Former Secretary-General of the OECD. Member of Board of Trustees of the World Economic Forum. Part of the “prefiguration group” of the Forum on Information & Democracy a planned international censorship treaty
Alicia Bárcena Ibarra5 March 1952Mexican biologist at the United Nations
María Teresa Marú Mejía29 October 19583 August 2021Mexican Member of Parliament who reportedly died from COVID.
Enrique Peña Nieto20 July 1966As Mexican President he ran a remarkably corrupt government. At the time, foreign corporate media preferred to turn a blind eye to it.
José López Portillo16 June 192017 February 2004Mexican president who put country in unpayable debt trap. Later revealed to be CIA collaborator. Also escalated the supranational deep state drug trafficking.
Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez1969AMLO's health undersecretary.
Jorge Díaz Serrano6 February 192125 April 2011Mexican politician, and fraudster who did business with George H. W. Bush
Carlos Slim28 January 1940
Sayak Valencia1980
Eduardo Valle10 March 19473 May 2012In 1994 he named the political and economic state of Mexico as "narco-democracy" and in 2003 he referred to it as "narco-state".
Salomon Chertorivski Woldenberg28 September 1974Mexican Health Minister. Selected a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2014.
Ernesto Zedillo27 December 1951President of Mexico 1994-2000. Since leaving office, he has been in the pay of corporations to further globalist agendas. In 2020, he joined the Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response (IPPR), an "independent" group examining how the WHO and countries handled the COVID-19 pandemic.
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