1910 Jekyll Island meeting

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Event.png 1910 Jekyll Island meeting(meeting) Rdf-icon.png
Date 1910
Location Jekyll Island,  United States
Participants Nelson Aldrich,  Paul Warburg,  Henry P. Davison,  Benjamin Strong,  Frank Vanderlip,  Charles D. Norton
Description A secret meeting at Jekyll Island, attended by six men who conspired to privatise the US money system for control of the "money trust".

In 1910, a secret meeting in Jekyll Island saw a cabal of bankers from the money trust devise the Aldrich Plan. Although unsuccessful, this led to the creation of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, which did succeed.

We were taken by boat from the mainland to Jekyl Island and for a week or ten days were completely secluded, without any contact by telephone or telegraph with the outside. We had disappeared from the world onto a deserted island. There were plenty of colored servants but they had no idea who Ben and Paul and Nelson were; even Vanderlip, or Davison, or Andrew, would have meant less than nothing to them. There we worked in the club-house - We returned to the North as secretly as we had gone South. It was agreed that Senator Aldrich would present the bill we had drafted to the Senate. It became known to the country as the Aldrich Plan. Aldrich and Andrew left us at Washington,and Warburg, Davison, Strong, and I returned to New York.[citation needed]



Nelson Aldrich
Benjamin Strong
Charles D. Norton
Frank Vanderlip
Henry P. Davison
Paul Warburg