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FounderGeorge Soros
HeadquartersNew York
Member ofFirst Draft, Friends of Europe
Sponsor ofChatham House, Correctiv, Central European University, Human Rights Watch, International Crisis Group, Memorial Human Rights Center, Project Syndicate, Refugees International, Transparency International, International Center for Journalists, Institute for Strategic Dialogue, Poynter Institute, Black Lives Matter, Democracy Now!, Partners In Health, Helsinki Committee, Alexander Langer Foundation, All-Party Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy Reform, Alliance Citoyenne, Amnesty International, Aspen Institute Germany, Belgrade Center for Human Rights, Bertelsmann Stiftung, Full Fact, Media Matters for Democracy, Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression, The Baltic Center for Investigative Journalism, Free Press, Tides Center, Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism, NEO Philanthropy, Mozilla Foundation, Borealis Philanthropy, Res Publica, Avaaz,, African American Policy Forum, ACLU, The American Prospect, Brookings Institution, Center for American Progress, Center for Community Change, Center for Democracy in the Americas, Center for Global Development, Center for Investigative Reporting, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Club of Madrid, Creative Commons, Drug Policy Alliance, Freedom House, Free Press, French-American Foundation, Genocide Intervention Network, Global Rights, Hudson Institute, Human Rights First, Immigration Equality, Independent Diplomat, International Center for Transitional Justice, International Refugee Rights Initiative, International Rescue Committee, Movement Strategy Center, National Black Justice Coalition, National Center for Transgender Equality, La Raza, National Immigration Forum, National Immigration Law Center, National Security Initiative, PEN, Refugees International, Asia Society, the Burma Fund, The Eisenhower Project, Border Network for Human Rights, Border Action Network, Cato Institute, Center for Investigative Journalism
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Open Society Foundations (OSF), formerly the Open Society Institute, is an international grantmaking network founded by business tycoon George Soros. Open Society Foundations financially support civil society groups around the world, with a stated aim of advancing justice, education, public health and independent media. Of course, the real aims are to create anything but independence, but a a cadre of beholden politicians, activist and media that support open markets benefiting US political and economic dominance.


The OSF has branches in 37 countries, encompassing a group of country and regional foundations, such as the Open Society Initiative for West Africa, and the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa; its headquarters are in New York City. In 2018, OSF announced it was closing its European office in Budapest and moving to Berlin, in response to legislation passed by the Hungarian government targeting the foundation's activities. Since its establishment in 1993, OSF has reported expenditures in excess of $11 billion mostly in grants towards NGOs, aligned with the organization's mission.

The list of financed organizations listed here is just a small selection[1], focused on the United States part, since the donation lists are more readily available there, in Form 990. The grantees might also make further grants to smaller entities. The list is focused on the United States, since the donations by law must be published. Donations to more sensitive subjects abroad are camouflaged or not made public.


All Soros foundations participate in media development to some extent.


Nicolas Guilhot, a senior research associate of CNRS, argues that The Open Society Foundations serve to perpetuate institutions that reinforce the existing social order, as the Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation (both with strong ties to the US government / CIA) have done before them. Guilhot argues that control over the social sciences by moneyed interests has depoliticized this field and reinforced a capitalist view of modernization.[2] Through its funding it can create movements or civil society groups and spread ideas to media organisations or government bodies to make believe there is public support for or against an issue - i.e. Astroturfing.


In 2015, Russia banned the activities of the Open Society Foundations on its territory, declaring "It was found that the activity of the Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation represents a threat to the foundations of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation and the security of the state.[3]

In 2017, the government of Pakistan ordered the Open Society Foundation to cease operations within the country.[4]

In November 2018, Open Society Foundations announced they are ceasing operations in Turkey and closing their İstanbul and Ankara offices due to "false accusations and speculations beyond measure", amid pressure from Turkish government and governmental interference through detainment of Turkish intellectuals and liberal academics claimed to be associated with the foundation and related NGOs, associations and programmes.[5]


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