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Employment.png US/Permanent Representative to the UN  
(Permanent Representative to the UN)

Start21 December 1945
DeputyUS/Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN
Boss of the US/Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN.

The US Permanent Representative to the UN is the leader of the US delegation, the U.S. Mission to the United Nations. This job seems to be very commonly granted to US deep state operatives.


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Jonathan Cohen1 January 201912 September 2019Acting
Nikki Haley27 January 201731 December 2018
Samantha Power5 August 201320 January 2017
Rosemary DiCarlo1 July 20135 August 2013Acting
Susan Rice26 January 200930 June 2013
Zalmay Khalilzad17 April 200720 January 2009
Alejandro Daniel Wolff9 December 200617 April 2007Acting
John R. Bolton1 August 20059 December 2006Recess Appointment. Never Confirmed by the U.S. Senate
Anne W. Patterson20 January 20051 August 2005Acting
John Danforth1 July 200420 January 2005
John Negroponte15 September 20011 July 2004
James B. Cunningham20 January 200119 September 2001Acting
Richard Holbrooke25 August 199920 January 2001
Peter Burleigh18 August 199825 August 1999Acting
Bill Richardson18 February 199718 August 1998
Madeleine Albright27 January 199321 January 1997
Edward PerkinsMay 1992January 1993
Thomas Pickering20 March 19897 May 1992
Vernon A. Walters22 May 198515 March 1989
Jeane Kirkpatrick4 February 19811 April 1985
Donald McHenrySeptember 1979January 1981
Andrew Young30 January 197723 September 1979
William Scranton15 March 197619 January 1977
Daniel Moynihan30 June 19752 February 1976
John A. ScaliFebruary 1973June 1975
George H. W. Bush1 March 197118 January 1973Nixon upgraded this job especially for George H. W. Bush.
Charles YostJanuary 19691 March 1971
James Russell WigginsOctober 1968January 1969
George Ball26 June 196825 September 1968
Arthur Goldberg28 July 196524 June 1968
Adlai Stevenson23 January 196114 July 1965
Henry Cabot Lodge Jr12 January 19532 September 1960
Warren AustinJanuary 1947January 1953
Edward Stettinius17 January 19463 June 1946First holder of this post