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"“Conspiracy theorist”"
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(Author, journalist, political activist)
File:Gary Allen.jpg
Glendale, California, United States
Died1986-11-29 (Age 50)
Long Beach, California, United States
Cause of death
"liver ailment"
Alma materStanford University, California State University Long Beach
ChildrenMichael Allen

Gary Allen was an American free lance journalist and author. He majored in history at Stanford University and worked as graduate at California State College. He became aware through independent research of the high slant of his college courses with many of the most important facts left out.

His theme is that big business with its apex being international banking manages the republic; they use the Federal Reserve System, irresponsible to politicians, and politicians to make a global empire destroying the free market and looting public money and creating new taxes and creating unbacked paper money to bail themselves out of their troubles, this doing an inflationary spiral and the following depression in which more government controls are created. Thus the rich are like the communists, both willing dominion on the people and the country, and so the banking establishment was involved in Lenin's revolution and cooperated with them ever since. And in the US big business and the left are in the same front. So he sees government intervention as a lie to strengthen the rich; teaching the Ivy "court intellectuals" how evil and vicious is the free market so making way to intervention and monopoly. So, communism is seen not a movement of the downtrodden but created and manipulated by billionaries, first setting "socialist" countries to after merge them into an ultimate monopoly, a World Government. For this setting the monopoly of money being crucial, communists so say it and promulge it and he gives the history of the Federal Reserve, whose creation was presented as a "people's bill" to thwart the power of Wall Street.[1]


He reportedly "died of a liver ailment", aged 50, according to obituaries in both the New York Times[2] and the Los Angeles Times.[3]



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