2022 Brooklyn Subway Shooting

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Frank Robert James.png
The alleged shooter Frank Robert James
DateApril 12, 2022
LocationBrooklyn,  New York City,  United States
Blamed onFrank Robert James
Type• mass shooting
• false flag
Injured (non-fatal)29

On the morning of April 12, 2022, a mass shooting occurred on a northbound N train on the New York City Subway in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York, United States. The alleged shooter left behind his credit cards for fast and easy identification. Out of 10 000 surveillance cameras on NY subways, the only three not working were at this station.

Official narrative

At approximately 8:24 a.m. EDT, a man later identified as 62-year-old black nationalist, Frank Robert James put on a gas mask, threw two smoke grenades, and fired a handgun 33 times. The shooting occurred as the train was traveling between the 59th Street and 36th Street stations.[1]

Twenty-nine people were injured, ten of them from direct gunfire; the remaining injuries were from smoke inhalation. Most passengers disembarked at 36th Street, where some passengers fled onto an R train that traveled one additional stop to 25th Street. On the day after the attack, James was arrested as the suspect after a large manhunt. James was charged by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York with committing a terrorist act on a mass transit system.

On the same day, New York Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin was arrested in a federal corruption investigation. Benjamin, a Democrat, was accused in an indictment of participating in a scheme to obtain campaign contributions from a real estate developer in exchange for Benjamin’s agreement to use his influence as a state senator to get a $50,000 grant of state funds for a nonprofit organization the developer controlled.[2]. Benjamin later resigned.[3]


Brooklyn Subway Shooting no cameras.png

Mark Crispin Miller made a partial list of items which point to the likelihood of the subway attacks being a staged affair[4]:

  • No surveillance video, but someone is filming in the next car-- not through the window between cars where they might see something, but pointing at the floor of the car, as if waiting for their cue. The subway stops, and the cameraman steps out and knows just where to shoot. We are then treated to a mild scene of people coming out of a smoky car, a number of them putting on a very poor show of having just been under a rain of bullets and a reign of terror. Some badly feign injuries as they exit and then place themselves on the platform. See video below.
  • Just as with the Boston Bombing theater, lots of smoke is deployed, military style, to partially obscure activities on the ground and to make for a more dramatic scene.
  • The alleged grievously wounded shooting victims manage to get themselves out of the subway car, but no further. Here they may be photographed more easily, and create clustered tableaux highly reminiscent of the Boston Marathon show (see Dave McGowan's extensive work on that). Here we see someone in a red jacket possibly placing "blood" on the floor, and someone in a bright blue shirt who appears to limp but then puts all his weight on his bad leg as he slides his back down the steel pillar and gets in position. Every aspect of what we are seeing seems a poorly staged representation of a mass casualty event; none of the emotions or injuries seem real or are even evident.
  • In the photo featured in the Post, the foreground victim is not obviously wounded and indeed manages to hold on to his cell phone, and yet there is a splatter of blood underneath him. Is he lying on his painful wound? The man behind applies a tourniquet on someone who also has no obvious wounds but also sits in a splatter. The blood here is more realistic than was used in Boston, but the mise en scene of the videos and the stills does not convince. People in actual physical pain operate much differently, would likely not have (all?) moved from the floor of the subway, and would have more clearly demonstrated the serious pain that they were in.
  • Video from another car is happily provided which records some audio of shots. What led them to film? Further analysis of the sound levels should be done. Are the shots the expected decibel level in a loud subway, with the gun supposedly a car away? Perhaps.
  • Despite having the operational skills and presence of mind to deploy smoke (to cover his escape, we are told), the shooter is both a poor marksman and all too eager to leave a trail: his U-Haul keys, credit cards, ammo, the gun, a hatchet, all left behind in a manner that recalls not only the 9-11 hi-jackers' improbably intact passport that "floated to the ground after the crash", but even more pointedly to Martin Luther King assassination-patsy James Earl Ray's conveniently dropped bag of personal effects along with the purported weapon. These men, we are told, plan for weeks or months and then hand to the authorities all that is needed for their swift identification. The 9/11 hijacker even defied physics to make sure he was properly ID'd.
  • This alleged shooter has left a "motive trail" as well, in the form of "BLM inspired" anti-white and anti-Asian invective. He is the latest in a string of alleged or would-be black mass murders or assassins in recent months. While on the one hand "White supremacy" is announced to be the major threat to democracy in the United States, on the other hand "black supremacists" as they are labeled are made to appear to commit or are actually committing major crimes, as if in response to virulent white supremacy or in retaliation to similar attacks. All of this serves to gin up a narrative of race war, as was attempted by authorities by use of Charlie Manson (See Chaos: the Secret History of the Sixties) or Cinque DeFreeze and the SLA.
  • We may also add that the "shooter" dropped a dime on himself, rather like John Lennon or Allard Lowenstein's shooters, who present themselves for arrest right after the (real, in their cases) shootings.
  • The attack also serves to ratchet up tension "just as people were going back to their physical places of work", as Governor "Vax em all or lock em up" Hoschul immediately pointed out.
  • Metal detectors are being proposed for subways, thus creating another choke point over travel where vetting of all kinds may occur. More surveillance, please!
  • The question of homeless policy was brought immediately to attention by dint of the suspect's posts, his status, and statements by authorities. Like veterans, homeless people are easy victims of perception-management efforts to cast them as time-bombs ready to blow at any moment and push someone under the wheels or shoot them up at a mall.
  • As with Operation Gladio, the net effect of these terrorist acts is to compel people into more dependent relationships with the state. "Defend us against society's outcasts, and all the dangers of living! We'll take off our shoes and submit to crotch inspections and nasal swabs and experimental injections..."


The Official Culprit

Frank Robert James