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Group.png Laos  
Location Laos ASEAN.svg
Flag of Laos.svg
Capital cityVientiane
LocationAsia, South East Asia
Typenation state
Interest ofThomas Anthony Dooley III
Member ofASEAN, La Francophonie, UN
A socialist state and the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia.

Laos is a nation state in South East Asia.


Independence from France in 1953.

Vietnam War

Full article: Vietnam War

Drug production

Opium was grown by tens of thousands of Hmong in Laos. It was later processed into heroin before being shipped out on CIA-protected Air America planes.[1]


From 1964 to 1973, the US dropped more than two million tons of ordnance on Laos during 580,000 bombing missions - equal to a planeload of bombs every 8 minutes, 24-hours a day, for 9 years – making Laos the most heavily bombed country per capita in history. [2]


Related Quotation

Anthony Poshepny“"I used to collect ears... I had a big, green, reinforced cellophane bag as you walked up my steps. I'd tell my people to put them in, and then I'd staple them to this 5,000 kip (Lao currency) notice that this ear was paid for already, and put them in the bag and send them to Vientiane with the report.. I still collected them, until one day I went out on an inspection trip... and I saw this little Lao kid out there, he's only about 12, and he had no ears. And I asked: `'What the hell happened to this guy?' Somebody said, 'Tony, he heard you were paying for ears. His daddy cut his ears off. For the 5,000 kip' .”Anthony Poshepny2003



Phoenix ProgramA clandestine CIA research project into the use of terror as a means of social control. Techhniques from South East Asia, were later developed in Latin America
Vietnam WarThe Vietnam War was a proxy war lead by US that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from December 1956 to the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975. Millions of people were killed, mostly Vietnamese. JFK was assassinated soon after declaring his intent to withdraw US troops. The war helped the CIA to refine its methods of illegal drug trafficking, torture and the like.


Event Participated in

Bandung Conference19551955IndonesiaImportant conference for the global south; participants soon became prime targets for US foreign policy
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  2. Secret War in Laos - Washington-based and UN Funded "Legacies of War"