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A useful mirror image of the Anglo-US-Nato official narrative about Russia

Disclaimer (#3)Document.png essay  by Mike King dated 2015/03/10
Subjects: Russia, USA, EU, Ukraine coup 2014, Syria
Example of: Humour and satire
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Author's Note


To those who do not follow world events, the long and sordid story of how Russia betrayed and fooled America will prove to be as shocking as it is frightening. Even for those who consider themselves well-informed of world affairs, the pattern of Russian treachery is not so easily discernible because it has played out gradually over a 25 year period. Patient demons, those damn Ruskies are.

By summarizing the major Russian lies, conspiracies, tricks and broken promises of the past 25 years, all in this one step-by-step illustrated essay, it is hoped that the discerning reader will finally come to see the unmistakable pattern regarding the depths of Russian treachery. The danger now facing America and the free world is as real as it is immense; and it didn't just begin in 2014.

Let us step into the time machine and review how the cunning Russian Bear not only betrayed our beloved America, but is threatening our very existence as an independent state, even as we speak.


For those who do not understand what the presentation is about; let us be clear. What the Russians are described as having fictionally done to America, is exactly what Globalist America actually HAS done, and continues to do, to Russia. That's the truth, and the discerning among you all know it by now.

Think about it.

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