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To the ambitious megalomaniac, 21st century technology is not only very enticing but also becoming more so. To the deep politicians of the Deep State, money is no object, so a whole range of grand schemes for technological control are conceivable.

The global control grid (GCG) has been a fantasy of megalomaniacs since the fall of the flat earth theory. In the 21st century, the increasing pace of technological evolution suggests to some that this concept is a rapidly becoming feasible to achieve social control.

Official narrative

Living cells tend to have a single, very small, part — the nucleus — which regulates the behaviour of the entire cell. Similarly, multicellular creatures have bodies made up of a huge numbers of different types of cells. Although they each have a limited degree of autonomy, together they make up a greater hole which is regulated though nerves, hormones, neurotransmitters etc. that allow the creature to behave as a coherent whole. The global control grid can be seen as another step upwards, limiting individual autonomy in order to control society as a whole.


Who shall control the controllers?

Technological aspects

Artificial intelligence

Full article: Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence could potentially substitute for human thinking in the way that fossil fuel driven engines have replaced physical labour from human or animals. The discipline has seen a lot of advances in recent years, and the speed of advances is (arguably) increasing.

Natural language parsing

Full article: Natural language parsing

Natural language parsing, i.e. understanding plain English, has long been the holy grail of artificial intelligence.

Facial recognition

Computers are now very good at this, after decades of effort in this direction. Initially used only at sensitive sites such as national borders and military installations, it is beginning to be being rolled out across US, so that even when driving at high speed, computers can sift through large numbers of camera feeds and track people in real time.


Universal surveillance

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After various other whistleblowers had exposed the Deep State's universal surveillance project, it became public knowledge as a result of the Edward Snowden affair. He revealed that internet, phone and SMS communications were being tracked and logged, but the US postal service is also photoing senders and their parcels. Intelligence agencies are probably well capable of hacking into CCTV or other such information gathering devices remotely.


A huge solar flare, i.e. a repeat Carrington event, could potentially stop the development of such control technologies in their tracks, instantaneously destroying a significant percentage of electronics.




An example

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ID2020Electronic ID program that uses generalized vaccination as a platform for digital identity


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