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Site concentrating on independent geopolitical analysis. Covid-19 dissident.

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Started: 2019

Constitutes: independent media

Main focus: anti-imperialism, Covid-19

Anti-Empire is an independent media site concentrating on geopolitics. The site, updated daily, collects short select articles of interest on subjects like the new Cold War and the US/NATO confrontation towards Russia and China, imperialist wars in the Middle East, economics, and woke culture.

The site has been active in finding dissident voices against the Covid-19 medical and media dishonesty, lockdowns, forced face coverings and other aspects of the psychological operation.

The editor-in-chief, Marko Marjanović was formerly an editor for Russia Insider, but left after changes in the editorial line.

Censored by Google

Thanks to Google's censorship, more people find Anti-Empire via Duckduckgo (2.3% of the market) than with Google (87% of the market)[1]


A document sourced from Anti-Empire

Document:Renowed German Mathematician and Professor of Statistics Slams Dramatization of Covid-19webpageCOVID-19/Pandemic
Jens Berger
Gerd Bosbach
A statistical demolition of the assumptions underlying official models being used to manage the COVID-19 pandemic
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