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The 69 pages (on 28 June 2021) that were categorised as COVID-19 conspiracy theorists on Wikipedia.
InterestsWikipedia/Censorship, COVID-19
MembershipAmerica's Frontline Doctors, Owen Benjamin, Alex Berenson, Sucharit Bhakdi, Del Bigtree, Ty Bollinger, Jair Bolsonaro, Kelly Brogan, Rashid Buttar, Kirk Cameron, Tucker Carlson, George Christensen, David Clarke (sheriff), Vernon Coleman, Kenneth Copeland, Piers Corbyn, Crystal Party, Claire Deeks, Diamond and Silk, Simon Dolan, Davor Domazet-Lošo, Michael Flynn, Simone Gold, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Luis Carlos Heinze, Keri Hilson, Steve Hilton, Peter Hitchens, David Icke, Stella Immanuel, Sayer Ji, Ron Johnson, Alex Jones, Craig Kelly, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Ali Khamenei, Mark Lanegan, Rush Limbaugh, John Magufuli, Jenny Beth Martin, Joseph Mercola, Judy Mikovits, Luc Montagnier, Tony Muhammad, Christiane Northrup, Ted Nugent, Jake Pauk, Pitbull, Heather Scott, Kate Shemirani, Marc Siegel, Chris Sky, Mark Steele, David Stephan, Sacha Stone, Billy Te Kahika, Sherri Tenpenny, Osmar Terra, Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump, Catalina Vallejos, Rick Wiles, Mikki Willis, Jeanette Wilson, Judith Wilyman, Taylor Winterstein, Naomi Wolf, Li-Meng Yan, Toby Young
The people and groups that Wikipedia consider COVID-19 conspiracy theorists.

A category on Wikipedia containing "COVID-19 conspiracy theorists" includes scientists, politicians, celebrities and social critics.[1] It was created on 17 November 2020‎.

Cover up

Discussed for deletion on 6 July 2021.[2]

Discussion closed on 26 August 2021; due to No consensus.

The category was being considered for renaming to Category:COVID-19 denialists from 25 September 2020.[3]

Discussion closed on 26 August 2021; due to No consensus but was tagged as a subjective category, as if the framing of "dissidents" as "conspiracy theorists" we not always subjective.

As of March 2022, the category was tagged with "may inappropriately label persons".