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InterestsCOVID-19/Resistance, Covid-19
Membership• Dr. Pinki Feinstein
• Irit Yankovich
• Rotem Brown
• Itai Yaffa
• Dr. Etty Elisha
• Dr. Galit Tzefler Naor
• Ella Naveh
• Professor Nati Ron’el
• Professor Etty Einhorn
• Eithan Marshand

The Israeli People's Committee is a group in Israel with a focus on documenting civil rights violations, ethics violations and suspected governmental and institutional criminality related to the Covid-19 epidemic; a focus similar to the Corona Investigative Committee. It's website was registered on 18 March, 2021.[1]

In it's own words

"The Israeli People's Committee is a group that was formed by Israeli citizens, whose goal is to encourage people to share and relate their experience in regard to civil rights violations, any damages or discrimination arising from the current crisis, ethics violations and suspected governmental and institutional criminality. The team of Doctors, Attorneys, Criminologists, Epidemiologists and Academic Researchers is determined to perform an investigation, inquiry, and exposure for the benefit of the public. We are commencing our work!

​We are an independent a-political group of civilians coming from varied and diverse backgrounds of knowledge, occupation, and personal philosophies. Among us are Doctors, attorneys, Researchers and Scientists of various disciplines. The chaotic vortex that has engulfed us in the past year under the Corona Crisis has bound us in deep concern about our people`s welfare and the destiny of our Country.

The country`s advanced built-in systems that have been designed to protect us as citizens, have considerably deteriorated during the Corona Crisis, and brought us to the realization that the cure for all the ensuing sickness (health, moral, social, and financial-related) must emerge from the People. We have come together to form The People Committee, so we can activate this self-healing process, with the hope to attract many more to our effort."[2]

The Israeli People's Committee - Report of Adverse Effects Related to Corona Vaccine May 2021

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