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A drug is a chemical with effects upon the mind and/or body. Many are used for both therapeutic and recreational purposes. Commercially-controlled media usually refers to the former as 'pharmaceuticals' and the latter as '(illegal) drugs'. They are the subject to drug treaties. "7 out of 10 Americans take at least one prescription drug".[1]

Drug trade

Legal drug trade

Full article: Big pharma

Big pharma has an obvious interest in the outlawing of drugs which are not controlled by their patents (such as the so-called "drugs of abuse" mentioned above).

Illegal drug trade

Full article: Rated 4/5 Illegal drug trade

Of particular interest to this project is the illegal drug trade, since this allows huge profits to be accrued easily by those with few scruples and the means to evade or suborn law enforcement. Drugs for guns is a simple equation which goes back a long way before Iran Contra...

Recreational use

Popular recreational drugs include cannabis, LSD, amphetamines and opioid pain killers. Drug overdoses, especially opioids, are now the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 50[2], and responsible for US life expectancy declining in 2015 and 2016.[3]

Social control

Policing drug use is a form of social control, though drugs themselves can be used for a range of social control purposes.

Mind control

Since 1948, various US groups have researched the use of drugs such as LSD to for mind control.

Drugging of prisoners

Drugs can be used to try to derange people, or to render them susceptible to control. The possibilities were examined by the CIA's MK-Ultra project. Susan Lindauer reports that during her illegal detention she was forcibly administered Haldol, Ativan and Prozac.[4] Dozens of other prisoners have alleged that the US forcibly administered them with unknown drugs. In 2012, Truthout cited a US Department of Defense report that these drugs "could impair an individual's ability to provide accurate information".[5]

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are a class of psychoactive drugs which are given to millions of US citizens as "anti-depressants". Their use is correlated with rate of convicted of offences from assault to murder[6][7] as well as with suicide.[8]



     Page name     TypeDateAuthor(s)Subject(s)Description
AlcoholA popular recreation drug, although since it is legal in most nation states, it is often not termed as such.
AmphetaminesRecreational drugs with potential for use in combat.
Crack cocaineA smokable form of cocaine
HeroinAn important component of the illegal drug trade. A pain killing drug which is popular with recreational drug users.
MorphineA pain killing drug which is popular with recreational drug users.
PeyoteA naturally occurring psychedelic drug

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