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Date2020 - Present
DescriptionMedia Manipulation during COVID reached unprecedented level, especially in promoting COVID-19 panic and a stampede towards COVID-19 jabs.

An essential part of the COVID-19 project has been the manipulation of truth in order to push the Official Narrative that a sudden shift towards techno-totalitarianism, such as the abridgement of freedom of speech and freedom of movement is in fact a set of proportionate public health measures altruistically enforced by a well intentioned, if possibly mistaken establishment.

Official narrative

The CCM are the only people to be trusted. Social media is where conspiracy theories and "misinformation" thrive.[1]

Blaming everything on "the pandemic" rather than the government response or the actions of corporations.

In December 2021, the Express & Star newspaper uploaded a video to YouTube in which they interviewed Christmas shoppers for a feel of the representative mood in Wolverhampton for further lockdown measures proposed by Boris Johnson but only showed vox pops that agreed with the Official Narrative. The comments let them have it.[2]

"Maidstone mother drove to Italy for a COVID vaccine for her nine year old daughter".[3]

Vaccine promotion

In February 2021, Columbia University released a music video to promote the COVID-19/Vaccine to unvaccinated black Americans. It is cringeworthy and dystopian as hell. Lyric of note is "time for us to trust and not debate".

The corporate media has used fearporn to promote the the COVID-19/Vaccine. The use of social media has been particularly utilised to reach children and young people whereas print media has been used to target older people.

Social media algorithms have used trigger warnings when key words are searched. Many vaccine adverts have swamped YouTube.

Deaths have been exploited by the media to push pro-vax messaging.[4]


The COVID-19 death statistics have been manipulated by the media.[5]

In the UK, BBC have reported daily "Deaths solely from COVID-19 rather than deaths within 28-days of a positive test".[6]

Misrepresenting COVID deaths?[7]


In December 2021, the ITV GMB twitter account deleted a poll which showed a vast majority of respondents opposed mandatory Covid-19 vaccination. [8]


Hidalgo's claim was instantly spread by corporate media

On December 20, 2021, Lina Hidalgo, emergency manager in Harris County, Texas, held a press conference to announce what she stated was the county’s first death from the Omicron variant of COVID-19, a claim that was instantly picked up and spread by corporate media.[9]

However, when independent journalist Dan Cohen talked to Martha Marquez of the Harris County Public Health Department, she disavowed Hidalgo’s claim, stating that “We can’t confirm that the patient died from COVID, but we can say that he was Omicron positive at the time of his death”.



Page nameDescription
"I wish I'd gotten the vaccine"After "vaccine hesitancy" became noticeable, corporate media were flooded with tales of "anti-vaxxers" now ruing their choice. "I wish I'd gotten the vaccine" are their last words, wheezed out almost inaudibly from the death bed.
"Indian rivers swollen with bodies"To further the COVID-19 agenda, corporate media reported of Indian rivers overflowing with corpses, implied of people dead of Covid.
"Overwhelmed Intensive Care Units"From the beginning of the COVID-19 deep event came a drumroll of messages of overwhelmed Intensive Care Units (ICUs). In the large majority of cases, this was a lie. Revealingly, most countries have not increased number of ICU beds
"Protect the NHS"A slogan used in Great Britain to justify government actions around the NHS during COVID-19.
"Refrigerated morgue trucks"A recurring theme in the COVID-19 media manipulation was suggestive images of refrigerated trucks because morgues were overflowing.
"The Storming of the Reichstag"Attempted false flag incident, where police agents provocateurs attempted to incite a small crowd of right wing protesters to storm Parliament, in an attempt to smear a larger COVID-dissident demonstration the same day.
"The pictures from Italy"At the beginning of the global lockdowns in March 2020, pictures of piles of coffins in Northern Italy being transported away in convoys of army trucks under the cover of night, became probably the most important images to justify hard measures.
Collapsing Chinese peopleRight at the beginning of the COVID crisis, videos from China emerged which showed collapsing people.
Tiffany DoverA nurse who fainted during showcase rollout of Pfizer vaccine. The sporadic corporate media "proof of life" efforts since then raises more questions than provides answers.
FearpornOften used by the commercially-controlled media, important concept during COVID-19.
Hart IslandThe island was part of a corporate media manipulation campaign during the COVID event, creating an impression of an out-of-control mass death.


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