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Interestsconspiracy theories

Professor Marie-Eve Carignan is a researcher into "conspiracy theories".

“Early findings show that there really is a rapid uptake of different conspiracy theories, particularly in the United States and France. Similar theories about other diseases that took years to establish themselves only took a few weeks to take hold, super quickly, because people are absorbing so much information! That’s what’s alarming.”
Marie-Eve Carignan (5 April 2020)  When misinformation kills [1]


Marie-Eve Carignan was part of a "multidisciplinary team from the Université de Sherbrooke [that] received a $500,000 grant [from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research[2]] to carry out an international study on the psychological and behavioural response to the pandemic and the influence of communication strategies, news from traditional and social media sources, and other stressors and protective factors. The study is entitled The role of communication strategies and media discourse in shaping psychological and behavioral response to the COVID-19 outbreak: an international comparative analysis."[3]

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