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200 Years TogetherbookAlexandre Isayevich SolzhenitsynHistory of the Jews in the Soviet UnionAleksandr Solzhenitsyn's work on the relationship between Russians and Jews inside the Russian and Soviet Empires.
American War Machinebook12 May 2014Peter Dale ScottMilitary-industrial-congressional complex
US/Deep state
A 2014 book by Peter Dale Scott.
Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIAbook1 February 1994Terry Reed
John Cummings
Bill Clinton
The Enterprise
Confessions of an Economic Hit Manbook2004John PerkinsTestimony about how economies are managed by outside agencies (such as the IMF and the WB) as a form of 'crypto-colonialism'.
Conjuring Hitlerbook20 May 2005Guido PreparataHistorical revision
World War II
For the average UK/USA citizen schooled and brought up on a diet of a plucky little Island Nation battling against the odds and joined by its US ally just in time to defeat the Evil Empire, it makes very uncomfortable reading indeed. Most will close their minds to its meticulously researched, documented and footnoted contents.
Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the InternetbookNovember 2012Julian Assange
Jacob Applebaum
Andy Müller-Maguhn
Jérémie Zimmermann
Internet Freedom
About freedom in the internet age
Dark Alliancebook1998Gary WebbCIA/Drug trafficking
Defamation FactoryBook22 September 2018Kaiter EnlessAnti-Defamation LeagueA history of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). It reveals an ugly and unsavory pattern of political intrigue and ideological fanaticism which, over the years, has paved the way for the ADL’s tainted journey to the corridors of power
Document:Coup d'etat in slow motionbook2013Ole DammegårdOlof Palme/AssassinationAn in-depth analysis of the events and politics surrounding the assassination of Sweden's Prime Minister Olof Palme.
Document:Fifty Years of the Deep Statebook22 November 2013Mark GortonDeep state
George H. W. Bush
A good introductory overview of the US deep state which names names - the most prominent being that of George H. W. Bush, whom Mark Gorton infers was behind the 9/11 plot.
Document:Guilt by AssociationBook2008Jeff GatesIsrael Lobby
Judaic power
2003 Iraq War
A copiously referenced account of the extent to which Zionist Israeli interests have taken effective control of the US state, their methodology and their responsibility for taking America to war in Iraq in 2003
Document:The Shadow FactoryBook2008James BamfordNational Security Agency
The Pentagon
The workings and scope of the US Military-Intelligence complex focussing particularly on the NSA.
Document:The Spectacle of The False Flagbook1 March 2015Eric WilsonDeep state
False flag
Guy Debord
Cold War
Watergate coup
Assassination of John F Kennedy
Document:The Taking Of America, 1-2-3book1985Richard E. SpragueHSCA
US/Deep state
Robert F. Kennedy/Assassination
Martin Luther King/Assassination
Assassination of John F Kennedy
An authoritative description of the JFK assassination and succeeding crimes from the photographic expert advisor to Jim Garrison.
Escape From Evil1975Terror management theory
Family Of Secretsbook2008Russ BakerBush family
George H. W. Bush
George W. Bush
Deep state
Assassination of John F Kennedy
Deep politics
A highly creditable expose of the US Deep State in general and the Bush family in particular.
File:1984.pdfbook1949George OrwellSurveillance State
The Great Game
George Orwell's classic and prescient 1949 dystopian novel about total surveillance in "Oceania", one of the world's then three warring power blocks.
File:911 The Third Truth v2.pdfbookJuly 2010Dimitri Khalezov9-11
WTC Towers
Dimitri Khalezov's theory about the use of not-so-mini pre-planted nuclear devices to collapse the World Trade Centre towers on 9-11
File:A History of The Marranos.pdfbook1959Cecil RothJudaic power
File:Advance to Barbarism.pdfbook1968Frederick John Partington VealeWW2/War crimesA look at the allies' calculated bombing of civilian populations. Together with the Nuremberg trials, this suggests the age old maxim that "the most serious war crime is to be on the losing side."
File:America's Secret Establishment.pdfbook30 July 1983Antony SuttonSkull and Bones
Deep politics
"If I have a magnum opus, this is it."
File:Animal Farm.pdfbookGeorge OrwellRussian Revolution
A famous allegorical novel about the corruption of revolutionaries and subversion of revolutions.
File:Barack Obama - the Unauthorized Biography.pdfbookSeptember 2008Webster TarpleyBarack ObamaA sharp analysis which clearly showed Obama to be more more than a puppet long before most people had noticed there was only rhetoric behind his promises of "change you can believe in".
File:Ben-Gurions Scandals.pdfbook2003Naeim GiladiDavid Ben-Gurion
File:Between Two Ages.pdfbook1970Zbigniew BrzezinskiThe Great GameA 1970 book that had a very clear vision of the Internet along with other technical developments that would today be considered outlandish. Especially weather warfare and society control by electromagnetic means. Some quotes summarized here.
File:CIA Search for the Manchurian Candidate.pdfbook1979John MarksMind control
Ewen Cameron
File:Countergangs1971-76.pdfbookNovember 2012Margaret UrwinNorthern Ireland
Military Reaction Force
Special Reconnaissance Unit
Special Air Service
File:Did 6 Million Really Die.pdfbookAugust 1992Barbara Kulaszka"The Holocaust"A witness account of the 1980's Canadian trials of Ernst Zundel in which he was charged with "...disseminating false news" concerning the treatment of Jews by Germany during WWII
File:Final Judgment.pdfbook1 January 1995Michael Collins PiperJFK/AssassinationOne of the most controvesial books on the JFK assassination - because it very specifically implicates Judaic interests and Israel
File:Germany Must Perish.pdfbook1941Theodore N. KaufmanJudaic power
File:Gestapo-Chief - The CIA & Heinrich Muller (1998).pdfbook1998Gregory DouglasCIA
Heinrich Müller
File:Heresy in 21st Century France.pdfbook2006Georges M. Theil"The Holocaust"
File:Hidden History of Zionism.pdfbookRalph SchoenmanZionism
File:Hidden-No-Longer.pdfBookSeptember 2010Kevin AnnettCanada/Genocide
File:Martin Bormann - Nazi In Exile.pdfbook1981Paul ManningMartin Bormann
Corporate power
Red House meeting
A deep history of transnational corporate ownership networks originating from the fascist junction of state and economic power in Germany before and during WWII
File:Neonazis and Euromaidan.pdfbookJune 2014Stanislav Byshok
Alexey Kochetkov
2014 Ukraine coupThe story of events in Ukraine between autumn 2013 and June 2014 from the perspective of the dissenting Russian-speaking culture of the south-east.
File:Not Guilty at Nuremberg.pdfbook1996Carlos PorterNuremberg Trials
World War II
Long suppressed and ignored German defense evidence from the post-WWII Nuremberg trials. A very useful work of reference for those researching Victors' Justice in general and the Nuremberg Tribunals in particular
File:Port Arthur Massacre-A Critical Study.pdfbook2006Carl WernerhoffPort Arthur Massacre
File:Propaganda.pdfbook1928Edward BernaysPropaganda
Public relations
A seminal work on the systematic manipulation of public opinion.
File:Reality Denial.pdfbook2012Edward S. Herman
David Peterson
Steven Pinker
A critique of Steven Pinker's apologetics for Western Imperial violence in his much acclaimed 2011 book The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined
File:Red Symphony.pdfbookJosif LandowskyAdolf Hitler
The Bolsheviks
File:Report from Iron Mountain.pdfbook1967Leonard LewinNew World Order
A precient analysis of why war is considered necessary by the power-brokers of the western world
File:Rogue Agents (3rd edition, 2011, full).pdfbook2011David TeacherLe Cercle
The 61
Deep state milieu
Cold War
European Union
A book about the activities of the covert European groupings responsible for the realisation of the European Union between the end of World War II and the mid 1990's.
File:Rogue Agents (4th edition, 2015, full).pdfbook2014David TeacherLe Cercle
The 61
Deep state milieu
Cold War
European Union
A book about the activities of the covert European groupings responsible for the realisation of the European Union between the end of World War II and the mid 1990's
File:Rogue Agents - the Cercle and the 6I in the Private Cold War 1951 - 1991 by David Teacher (5th edn, 2017).pdfbook2017David TeacherLe Cercle
The 61
Deep state milieu
Cold War
European Union
A book about the activities of the covert European groupings responsible for the realisation of the European Union between the end of World War II and the mid 1990's.
File:Secret Power.pdfbook1996Nicky HagerUKUSA
Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior
A detailed account of how the integration of New Zealand into the UKUSA global signals interception system was achieved with neither the knowledge not consent of the country's senior politicians - in particular Prime minister David Lange who wrote the foreword to this book. It also deals with the infamous Rainbow Warrior incident in detail
File:September 11 Commission Report.pdfbookAnonymous9-11
"9-11/Israel did it"
An anonymously authored ebook purporting to explain the motivation, genesis and execution of the 9/11 attacks.
File:Solving 9-11.pdfbook12 April 2012Christopher Bollyn"9-11/Israel did it"
File:Srebrenica massacre.pdfbook2011Edward S. Herman
Phillip Corwin
George Bogdanich
Tim Fenton
Jonathan Rooper
George Szamuely
Michael Mandel
Philip Hammond (Ac)
Srebrenica MassacreForensic examination of the event that has come to be known as "The Srebrenica Massacre" in the western mainstrean narrative of the break-up of the former Yugoslavia
File:Stolen Identity.pdfbook2007Mikolaus Gruner"The Holocaust"
Elie Wiesel
A book by Buchenwald survivor Nikolaus Grüner (A-7713): "... to expose "Elie Wiesel" who took my friend Lazar Wiesel's tattooed Number from Auschwitz A-7713, without being registered in Auschwitz. This spineless profiteer turned the graves of Auschwitz Birkenau - into an industry and himself into an "impostor" of the worst kind."
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