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2006 Mexico DC-9 drug bust.jpg
A notorious cocaine bust which helped to expose CIA drug trafficking.

2006 was a year of continued escalation of the "war on terror" narrative, supported by the "Liquid bomb plot", after which restrictions were introduced globally on passengers carrying liquids in hand luggage. A technical failure combined with lack a surplus of integrity by public officials to create 'Cocaine 1', the story of a CIA cargo plane which landed in Mexico, full of cocaine. This was to be supplemented the next year by the Yucatan Gulfstream drug crash of another CIA plane used for both "extraordinary rendition" and drug trafficking.

Liquid bomb plot

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2006 Mexico DC-9 drug bust

Full article: Rated 5/5 2006 Mexico DC-9 drug bust
The DC-9 which landed in Cancun, Mexico

On April 10, 2006 an aging DC-9 controlled by the CIA, made an emergency landing at Cancun International Airport, Mexico. Earlier used for "extraordinary rendition"[1][2][3] it was painted to impersonate a US government plane, and found to be carrying 5½ tonnes of cocaine. Within days, the pilot (whose name was never released) had disappeared along with the cocaine, and the plane had been sold to an unnamed Venezuelan. No charges were filed against anyone but the Director of Civil Aviation in the Yucatan was assassinated, and an air traffic controller was abducted, presumed murdered.



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New Groups

Shalem CenterShalem Center.jpg2006 - PresentThink tank
Syrian Observatory for Human RightsSOHR.png2006 - PresentNGO
LSE/POLISGroup.png2006 - PresentThink tank
Pirate PartyGroup.png1 January 2006 - Present
Council on Global TerrorismGroup.png2006 - Present
The Heartland InstituteHeartland Institute Logo.png2006 - PresentThink tank
STTEPGroup.png2006 - PresentPrivate Military Company
Institute for National Security StudiesInstitute for National Security Studies (Israel).jpg2006 - PresentThink tank
Democracy InstituteGroup.png2006 - PresentThink tank
New Culture ForumGroup.png2006 - PresentThink tank
Serious Organised Crime AgencyGroup.png1 April 2006 - 7 October 2013
Expert Group on Violent RadicalisationGroup.png19 April 2006 - Present
910 Group910 Group.jpgSeptember 2006 - Present
Counter Terrorism CommandCounter Terrorism Command.jpgOctober 2006 - Present

New Websites

Terror Finance BlogTerrorFinanceBlog.png2006 - Presenthttp://www.terrorfinanceblog.com
WeAreChangeWeAreChange.jpg2006 - Presenthttps://wearechange.org/
TwitterTwitter.png21 March 2006 - Presenthttps://twitter.com
Al Akhbar EnglishAlakhbarenglish.png14 August 2006 - Presenthttp://english.al-akhbar.com/A Lebanese-based daily newspaper
WikileaksWL Hour Glass.png4 October 2006 - Presenthttp://www.Wikileaks.orgInternationally famous leaks site that has published millions of classified and other documents.
Christopher Bollyn's Web siteBollyn-header.png15 November 2006 - Presenthttp://www.bollyn.com/home/Articles, publications and commentary by Christopher Bollyn, including most of his output originally published in 'The American Freepress' and elsewhere since 2001.

Groups that were Wound Up

World Confederation of LabourWorld Confederation of Labour.svg1920 - 31 October 2006
International Confederation of Free Trade UnionsICFTU logo.svg7 December 1949 - 31 October 2006
National Criminal Intelligence ServiceGroup.pngApril 1992 - 1 April 2006
Project for the New American CenturyGroup.png1997 - 2006Public policy think tank
Public Diplomacy Strategy BoardGroup.png28 October 2002 - 2006



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