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2006 Mexico DC-9 drug bust.jpg
A notorious cocaine bust which helped to expose CIA drug trafficking.

2006 was a year of continued escalation of the "war on terror" narrative, supported by the "Liquid bomb plot", after which restrictions were introduced globally on passengers carrying liquids in hand luggage. A technical failure combined with lack a surplus of integrity by public officials to create 'Cocaine 1', the story of a CIA cargo plane which landed in Mexico, full of cocaine. This was to be supplemented the next year by the Yucatan Gulfstream drug crash of another CIA plane used for both "extraordinary rendition" and drug trafficking.

Deep state

Institute for Statecraft

Full article: Rated 5/5 Institute for Statecraft

In November 2006 Chris Donnelly and Lesley Simm co-founded the Institute for Statecraft, an important London-based organ in the UK deep state. Members would go on to take part in events such as Security and Defence Learning/2010 on the dangers of "terrorism" and set up groups such as the "Integrity Initiative" which focused on "countering Russian disinformation".


2006 Mexico DC-9 drug bust

Full article: Rated 5/5 2006 Mexico DC-9 drug bust
The DC-9 which landed in Cancun, Mexico

On April 10, 2006 an aging DC-9 controlled by the CIA, made an emergency landing at Cancun International Airport, Mexico. Earlier used for "extraordinary rendition"[1][2][3] it was painted to impersonate a US government plane, and found to be carrying 5½ tonnes of cocaine. Within days, the pilot (whose name was never released) had disappeared along with the cocaine, and the plane had been sold to an unnamed Venezuelan. No charges were filed against anyone but the Director of Civil Aviation in the Yucatan was assassinated, and an air traffic controller was abducted, presumed murdered.

"War on terror"

Full article: War on terror

The supranational deep state continued to escalate and broaden the "war on terror". Although internet connectivity was increasingly offering alternative information, the effects were only gradually felt. Public awareness of its duplicitous nature remained low, reflecting the continued influence of the commercially-controlled media.

Liquid bomb plot

Liquid bomb plot.jpg
Full article: Liquid bomb plot

The Liquid bomb plot was a purported plan to bomb an aircraft using an explosive made from liquids. The science behind this has been questioned by various commentators[4][5] but it has been cited as the explanation for restrictions on the carrying of liquids on aircraft, a measure which Bruce Schneier dismissed as "security theater".



Al-Yamamah arms dealA complex series of multi billion dollar arms for oil deals set up under the government of Margaret Thatcher, involving a bunch of deep state arms dealers, and her son - who earned £12 million. Fines levied have been in the hundreds of millions, while kickbacks amount to billions.
International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
Saville InquiryAn investigation into Bloody Sunday which left 14 people dead.
Saifullah Paracha v. George W. BushA habeas corpus petition filed on behalf of a prisoner of Guantanamo Bay.
Al-Salam weapons dealA large arms deal signed during the government of Tony Blair.
Israel/Defense Forces/T-shirt affairUnremarked for at least 3 years before becoming common knowledge and condemned world-wide in 2009, IDF soldiers were wearing bad taste T-shirts about murder.
Operation Shady RAT=US accusations of a Chinese cyber attack on athletic oversight organizations
2006 transatlantic aircraft plotThe 'liquid bomb plot' after which tight restrictions were introduced for passengers aboard commercial flights.
2006 Mexico DC-9 drug bustA DC-9 made an emergency landing and was found to be containing over 5 tonnes of cocaine. The pilot "disappeared", unnamed, and the plane was deregistered and sold within days to an unknown customer in Venezuela.
Bilderberg/200654th Bilderberg, held in Canada. 133 guests
2006 Lebanon War
Liquid bomb plot
Security and Defence Learning/2006
2006 Counter Terror World SummitBunch of "counter-terrorists" who met in London 2006
Le Cercle/2006 (Delhi)
21st Century Hasbara conference


New Groups

Logic IndustriesLogic Industries.png
STTEPGroup.pngPrivate Military CompanyApartheid-era SADF personnel working throughout Africa
Council on Global TerrorismGroup.png
East Asia ForumEast Asia Forum logo.pngAsia Pacific region analysis, mostly with predictable Western outlook.
The Heartland InstituteHeartland Institute Logo.pngThink tank
LSE/POLISGroup.pngThink tank
Institute for National Security StudiesInstitute for National Security Studies (Israel).jpgThink tank
Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting ProjectOrganised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project.pngInternational non-governmental organisationIntegrity Initiative connected group
Democracy InstituteGroup.pngThink tank
Intelligence Advanced Research Projects ActivityIntelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity logo.pngA scarier version of DARPA
New Culture ForumGroup.pngThink tank
Shalem CenterShalem Center.jpgThink tank
Syrian Observatory for Human RightsSOHR.pngA UK-based information office that has focused since 2011 on the Syrian civil war and is frequently quoted by major Western news media.
LS AdvisorsGroup.png
Pirate PartyGroup.pngFocused on reforming (or abolishing) copyright law and patents.
Public Diplomacy BoardGroup.png
Expert Group on Violent RadicalisationGroup.pngFront group set up by the European Commission in 2006.
National Security Whistleblowers Coalition/Dirty DozenDirty Dozen.png
910 Group910 Group.jpg
Counter Terrorism CommandCounter Terrorism Command.jpg
Institute for StatecraftInstitute for Statecraft logo.pngThe UK MoD/FCO funded group that ran the ironically named Integrity Initiative, exposed in 2018 by 'Anonymous' asan organ of the UK/Deep state


New Websites

UK ColumnUK Column.pnghttp://www.ukcolumn.orgAn independent media source based in UK.
Terror Finance BlogTerrorFinanceBlog.pnghttp://www.terrorfinanceblog.com
TwitterTwitter.pnghttps://twitter.comTwitter is a social media service.
Al Akhbar EnglishAlakhbarenglish.pnghttp://english.al-akhbar.com/A Lebanese-based daily newspaper
WikileaksWL Hour Glass.pnghttp://www.Wikileaks.orgInternationally famous leaks site that has published millions of classified and other documents.
Christopher Bollyn's Web siteBollyn-header.pnghttp://www.bollyn.com/home/Articles, publications and commentary by Christopher Bollyn, including most of his output originally published in 'The American Freepress' and elsewhere since 2001.


Groups that were Wound Up

World Confederation of LabourWorld Confederation of Labour.svg
International Confederation of Free Trade UnionsICFTU logo.svg
National Criminal Intelligence ServiceGroup.png
Project for the New American CenturyGroup.pngPublic policy think tank
Public Diplomacy Strategy BoardGroup.png




TitleBornDiedPlace of deathCause of deathSummaryDescription
Pham Xuan An19272006Spook
Philip Mishon23 March 1924January 2006
Bernardino Gomes22 June 19342006BusinesspersonPortuguese businessman who attended the 1983 Bilderberg as vice chairman of the Foundation for International Relations
Frank Cary14 December 19201 January 2006Connecticut
Deep state operative
Bilderberg Steering Committee, attended the 1978 Bilderberg as IBM CEO
Merlyn Rees18 December 19205 January 2006London
Deep state operative
A UK home secretary who spoke at the 1979 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism.
Tony Banks8 April 19428 January 2006
Anton Rupert4 October 191618 January 2006South Africa
Western Cape
South African billionaire businessman with a multitude of deep political connections
John Overbey1920February 2006Spook
lifelong friend of GHWB
Giovanni Scaglia27 September 191016 February 2006Italy
PoliticianItalian politician who attended the 1964 Bilderberg
Jacques Baumel6 March 191817 February 2006France
French politician, attended 4 Bilderbergs from 1963 to 1967
Paul Marcinkus15 January 192220 February 2006US
Sun City
Deep state actor
Led the Vatican Bank for many years, connected to several mysterious deaths, including Pope John Paul I.
Lenny Patrick6 October 19131 March 2006Mobster
Gilbert SteinerMay 1924March 2006Washington DCAcademic
Simon Nora21 February 19215 March 2006France
CancerLe Siècle/President 1985-87, 1972 Bilderberg
John Profumo30 January 19159 March 2006London
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
South Kensington
John Profumo was a Conservative politician best known for being forced to resign as Minister for War as a result of a 1963 scandal involving a prostitute.
Slobodan Milošević20 August 194111 March 2006Netherlands
The Hague
Former President of Serbia who died in custody, preempting his trial
G. William Miller9 March 192517 March 2006United States
Washington DC
Michael Zebuhr18 March 2006Gunshot9-11/Premature death
John Carbaugh194519 March 2006US
Cleveland Clinic
Arms Dealer
Deep state functionary
Cercle attendee linked to political double dealing, arms deals and Iran-Contra.
Nick Sinclair-Brown4 November 194923 March 2006Academic
Caspar Weinberger18 August 191728 March 2006United States
Deep state operative
Margaret Carlisle28 March 2006Spook
Deep state operative
Legislative aide to Iran-contra insider, James McClure. Le Cercle
Gilles Martinet8 August 191629 March 2006Journalist
French politician, TLC, attended the 1971 Bilderberg
Denis Donaldson19504 April 2006County DonegalGunshotSpookSinn Féin member exposed in December 2005 as an MI5 employee. Assassinated in 2006.
Lawrence Kermit White10 June 19125 April 2006Spook
Wilhelm Stäglich11 November 19165 April 2006Historical revisionWorld war II army officer,judge, historian and important revisionist writer
John K. Galbraith15 October 190829 April 2006United States
Jean-François Revel19 January 192430 April 2006Journalist
Umberto Colombo192713 May 2006RomeAcademic
Chemical engineer and academic who attended the 1972 Bilderberg
Sherman Skolnick13 July 193021 May 2006Chicago
Heart attackAuthor
US deep state researcher
Lloyd Bentsen11 February 192123 May 2006Texas
Politician5 time Bilderberger US Treasury Secretary
Feyo Sickinghe1 May 19268 June 2006Dutch industrialist
Otto Tidemand18 June 192110 June 2006Politician
Deep state operative
Norwegian Shipowners' Association, Bilderberg Steering committee, ...
Sakari Lehto26 December 192330 June 2006Finland
BusinesspersonFinnish businessman
Kenneth Lay15 April 19425 July 2006United States
Shamil Basayev14 January 196510 July 2006Russia
Robert Mardian23 October 192317 July 2006California
San Clemente
Deep state functionary
Rolf Hansen23 July 192026 July 2006PoliticianAs Norway's Minister of Defence, he kept a lid on Operation Gladio. Attended the 1978 Bilderberg when he was considered for future PM
Murray Bookchin14 January 192130 July 2006Vermont
Philosopher who founded the social ecology movement
Rainer Barzel20 June 192426 August 2006Munich
PoliticianGerman politician who attended the 1965 Bilderberg
Alfred Sherman10 November 191926 August 2006London
neoliberal activist best known working with Margaret Thatcher and Keith Joseph.
Tage Andersen18 March 192731 August 2006BankerDanish banker who attended 7 Bilderbergs in the 1980s
David GrahamSeptember 2006Poison9-11/Premature death
David Graham was a dentist who became suspicious after meeting two of the "19 hijackers". He reported being first ignored and then threatened by the FBI. He compiled a large report of his investigations into why the FBI were ignoring his warnings. Poisoned.
Nellie Connally24 February 19191 September 2006United States
Curt Nicolin10 March 19218 September 2006BusinesspersonSwedish businessman
Andrei Kozlov6 January 196514 September 2006GunshotBanker
Philip Melanson194418 September 2006AcademicCoordinator of the Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Archive, the world's largest collection on the subject, and , for 12 years also served as chair of the Political Science Department at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.
Robert H. Knight27 February 191928 September 2006Academic
Deep state actor
Chair of the New York Fed, Le Cercle.
Rafael Quintero16 September 19401 October 2006US
SpookA member of Operation 40 who was involved in the JFK assassination and Iran-Contra.
Anna Politkovskaya30 August 19587 October 2006Russia
Russian apartment bombings/Premature death
A staunch opponent of the Second Chechen War who was assassinated.
... further results


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