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Push for digital payment methods

Sign in a German supermarket urging for "contactless" payment

Do you see similar signs in the US/UK/elsewhere?? -- Urban 21 November 2023

Sprucing up the main section

I suggest changing this page over to purely a main page for COVID-19, guiding to subsections, since this is such a sprawling issue. Most of the pathology can be moved over to the separate page COVID-19/Pathology etc.

Strictly speaking I would prefer COVID-19 deep event as the main page to rub in the point, but COVID-19 is shorter and simpler. Terje (talk) 05:37, 19 August 2021 (UTC)---

Omicron variant

"Omicron variant" currently links here (Covid 19 main article). Someone listed at one point the following (as symptoms of the Omicron variant):

*A number of heart-related complications may occur, including heart failure, arrhythmias, heart inflammation, and blood clots.
*Delusions, strokes, brain hemorrhages, cognitive disorders, psychosis, peripheral nerve damage, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder are some of the symptoms reported.

People have picked that up here, presumably taken from here (28.11.2021). That article was re written and the symptoms section was removed by 30.11.2021, mentioned by a user that linked the archive in the comments. There was also stuff in Telegram that I have seen, with the comment that "they" want to make the vaccine reactions the new variant. Another article is here. Otherwise I can find almost nothing in the searches right now (Symptoms of New Omicron (B.1.1.529) "blood clots" / etc). The blog could be the source for this (rumor), but not sure. I leave that here for the time being, maybe somebody has other info or seen something somewhere. -- Sunvalley (talk) 01:40, 2 December 2021 (UTC)

Medical malpractice

Anyone interested in how they pulled COVID-19 off should watch A Good Death? Midazolam/versed was injected into elderly patients to build case-numbers.

The pathology of the disease and proposed biolab origin/gain of function research is nothing to what really went during this pandemic. Admin note: Please a 4 "~" when done typing to sign off.


Normally, we can just add punctation and links and such. But sourcing, internal linking and grammar is really something you should do user:AgentTorange. Furthermore, I've already asked you once to add this: [citation needed] if you needed help in finding or adding sources to what your wrote, or should you find sources first and edit maybe less articles per week. Consider this a friendly but serious request to please not do this again. Jun (talk) 16:54, 14 December 2022 (UTC)]

This is what I removed;

"When the Pfizer injection first started hitting arms in the USA, for instance, politicians proudly took to the pulpit to tell those who had been good citizens and gotten jabbed that could now go to the store, and in some states even without wearing a mask. Only later was it revealed that the vaccine took weeks to go into full effect and that it was not only pointless, but reckless, to have anyone curtail health measures they were taking before they had received a second jab (assuming they ever "needed" a jab at all). Pfizer was oddly silent as this bad advice was given, probably knowing that the vaccine mixed with natural immunity was the best defense against coronavirus (in terms of defending agianst contracting coronsa, other health issues notwithstanding) hoping that vaxxed people would go out, get the virus thinking they were immune, acquire natural immunity, then by the time they'd received the second jab, if they didn't contract another case of corona, they could say it was because of the vaccine, or if they got the virus again anyway, suddenly it would start being absurdly claimed that "no vaccines were ever meant to stop people from contracting viruses'" but that those who were vaccinated would surely be less sick than those who wrere not. This claim was never supported by viral load measures, and was therefore completely unverifiable yet repatedly multiple times daily for months by news outlets worldwide, while anyone questioning even that notion on any major social media platform would be modded or shadowmodded, to "protect people from misinformation.' In the case of vaccinated people getting less sick from the virus, the "misinformation" people were being protected from was the refutation of a completely unverifiable claim. This censorship being handed down by companies many if not most of the board members of which owned massive amounts of stock in the very pharmaceutical companies who manufactured the drugs they were applying censorship to protect the reputation of, for your health and safety"