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The UK's National Health Service provides a lot of free treatment for UK citizens.


After World War II.


Full article: COVID-19

Fear of exceeding the NHS' capacity due to an influx of COVID-19 patients was use as the major argument behind the UK COVID-19 lockdown. Thousands of patients were sent home and a lot of non-COVID operations were cancelled, leading to a lot of unused capacity and idle staff.[1]

Mass surveillance

"A British woman says she was threatened with police visiting her home if she did not download the NHS coronavirus ‘track and trace’ app", which was officially voluntary.[2]


A creeping privatization project has been underway for decades, degrading the quality of the service and introducing charges. The UK Deep state's Integrity Initiative was revealed to have an NHS reform group. As Robin Ramsay noted “At first look II is neither surprising nor sinister... The striking thing is the listing of an II subgroup on NHS reform, which has nothing to do with Russian disinformation operations. Given the orientation of the group, we may safety presume that the subgroup’s purpose wasn’t to oppose NHS ‘reform’ – i.e. its privatisation. And this suggests a wider, neo-liberal agenda.” [3]


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