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Named as an outlet of "Fake News" by PropOrNot. Censored and deranked by Youtube and Twitter.

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Started: 2007
Founder: James Corbett

Member of: Poynter Institute/List, PropOrNot/List
Founder/Owner: James Corbett
Constitutes: Independent media,  website

Main focus: Deep state, Deep politics, False flags, Covid-19, Bill Gates, Geopolitics, Continuation of eugenics

The Corbett Report is run from Japan by James Corbett.


After initial research began in 2006 seeking answers about the attacks of September 2001, James Corbett launched The Corbett Report in 2007. Corbett prolifically writes, produces and hosts the majority of articles, podcasts, interviews, documentaries, and videos that present analysis and contextualization of news, politics, society, history and economics. The independent website asserts that it operates on the principles of "open source intelligence" where in addition to his own research, Corbett gathers information for his shows, with assistance from supporters on twitter and other internet sources.[citation needed] The Corbet Report is funded through a variety of means by listener donations and memberships. [1] Interviews, articles and videos about current affairs and purportedly "suppressed history"[citation needed] are also provided from an independent perspective. The Corbett Report YouTube channel also hosts the podcast New World Next Week and is an affiliate of Richard Grove's the Tragedy and Hope website.

Regular series and shows

The Corbett Report hosts a number of frequent shows in which James Corbett is joined by other people to discuss current world events. These were published on the YouTube channels, CorbettReport and Corbett Report Extras, now mainly from

Former regular series and shows

  • The Geneva Business Insider - Monthly conversation about economics, finance and politics. Co-hosted together with David L. Smith of the The Geneva Business Insider blog.[3]
  • Asia-Pacific Perspective - Monthly show covering news in the Asia-Pacific region. Co-hosted together with Broc West of The Asia-Pacific Perspective and Fukushima Update blogs.[4]
  • The EyeOpener - Reports produced for the FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds' Boiling Frogs Posts website.[5]
  • He was working with NewsBud, but parted over Sibel Edmonds attacks against 21st Century Wire and Eva Bartlett / Vanessa Beeley.[6]
What NO ONE is Saying about COVID-19 archived

Special guests and interviews


  • Who Is Bill Gates?, a 2020 documentary exploring the background and activities of Bill Gates
  • The World War One Conspiracy
  • Century Of Enslavement,[9] a 2014 documentary, is a contextual history and critical analysis of the Federal Reserve.[10][11][12][13][14]
  • The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh,[15] a 2015 documentary, is a contextual history and critical analysis of the Oklahoma City bombing less focused on the Oklahoma City bombing conspiracy theories as others have[16], instead examining the main villain, Timothy McVeigh, and his circumstances.[17][18]
  • 9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money[19], a 2015 documentary, is a critical analysis and contextual history surrounding and tracing financial aspects and potential motivating rewards of the September 11 attacks. Corbett avoids speculating or delving into the events and discrepancies of the official narrative of the government and mainstream media that tends to consume much of the 9/11 Truth movement's energy.[20][21]
  • How Big Oil Conquered the World[22], a 2015 documentary, is a contextual history and critical analysis of the petroleum and banking monopolies.[23][24]
  • 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory[25]

Corbett Report argot and assorted miscellany

  • The Corbett-Lionel Law: "The greater the horror, the easier to fake (because of the horror, because you don't want to question)."[26] or "The greater the horror, the easier it is to simply assert something and have people generally believe it." By examining the psychology of perception, the distortion of history and deceptions by media are far easier to pass off as cringing people question context and authenticity less of what is presented as true. Rather than use 9/11 or other controversial examples where questions are taboo, Lionel and James Corbett examine the 2014 phenomenon of the faked Syrian Hero Boy YouTube video,[27] very similar to a scene in 1997's film, Wag the Dog. James Corbett and Lionel also contrast the 1990 incubator babies false testimony of one girl stirring Americans into the first Gulf War[28] to larger modern spectacles determining that "the greater the public stage, the easier it is to conceal," because despite hundreds of witnesses and potential iPhone Zapruders around something like the Boston bombing or Sandy Hook with a chaotic "paroxysm miasma" of multifaceted multidimensional unresolvable confusion that is easier to cover up by mainstream media to simplify for easy digestion than a small event or testimony of a few that are easily investigated and dissected. To pull off such stunts in front of everybody requires the audacity of those who sold the emperor his new clothes.
  • Corbett Impostors: The Corbett Report creates open source content that may be freely reposted or reworked, but the real James Corbett and original official The Corbett Report identity has impostors on Facebook[29][30] and YouTube[31] that are either fans, exploiters, or infiltrating discreditors unofficially reposting The Corbett Report material that may or may not be tampered with, and/or unsanctioned expressions and/or legitimately fake news.

Youtube deletion

His Youtube channel was deleted after publication of: Episode 398 - Science Says.[32]


  • The Corbett Report on Youtube had 1660 videos, 397K subscribers, and 75,494,891 views as of 2020-04-29[33]
  • The Corbett Report on Twitter had 7,647 tweets, 25.7k followers, and 667 likes as of 2016-11-29[34] - He deleted his Twitter account in March 2018[35]
  • The Corbett Report on Bitchute has 600 videos, 54384 subscribers, and 4935517 views as of 2021-10-24[36]
  • (he is not, and never was on Facebook)[37]

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Documents sourced from The Corbett Report

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Maintaining a KakistocracyBlog post reply12 January 2015Tjeerd Andringa
Document:Meet Team TrumpArticleDonald Trump
Reince Priebus
Jared Kushner
Steve Bannon
Michael Flynn
12 November 2016James CorbettTrump supporters: Will you rally around the party flag as a new crew of neocons and banksters and establishment insiders step into their pre-ordained roles?
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