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LocationSouthern Africa, Africa
Leaders• South Africa/Governor-General
• President of South Africa
Typenation state
Subgroups• National Intelligence Co-ordinating Committee
• State Security Agency (South Africa)
• South African Secret Service
• South African Police Service
• South African Defence Force
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A former British and Dutch colony

South Africa, a former British and Dutch colony, is rated by the World Bank as an “upper middle income” country. It has considerable resources of gold, diamonds and other minerals. It has arguably the world's greatest income inequality and the rate of unemployment at 26 percent.[1] In 2020, it took steps to try to suppress the use of ivermectin for COVID-19.[2]


Apartheid government

Apartheid alliances.png
Apartheid allies.png

The nation had a system of government supported racism which was the subject of international protest. Apartheid was formally ended in 1994.[1] One means of protesting this was an embargo on diplomatic contacts, which may have been key in encouraging the government to seek out more clandestine milieu - such as Le Cercle.

South African deep state

Full article: South Africa/Deep state

The South African deep state is believed to have played an influential role in the development of the supranational deep state, for example by its support for Le Cercle.

Documented Cercle Meetings

Full article: Rated 5/5 Le Cercle

Adrian Hänni suggests that apartheid South Africa may have been only government that ever sent an official delegation to Cercle meetings. He wrote that "The official South African delegations, which have been arranged by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in Pretoria from at least the late 1970s onwards, were largely composed of Ambassadors to the major Cercle countries (Great Britain, the United States, France and Germany), accompanied by senior officials from the DFA, and Foreign Minister Pik Botha at times attended as a guest. The connection between the Cercle and the South African government had already been initiated in the first half of the 1970s, when Cercle leaders had cooperated with the South African Department of Information on a vast secret propaganda program to improve the image of South Africa and the apartheid regime."[3] The South African government was a major funder of Le Cercle in the 1980s, up to 1992.

Assassination of Olof Palme

Full article: Olof Palme/Assassination
SA Mil Int.jpg

A document was published online in 2018 which supported the thesis that Olof Palme was assassinated by South African spooks, possibly contracted through Le Cercle.

The document, an alleged South Africa Military Intelligence report, dated 15 October 1985, concluded that Olof Palme "should be seen as an enemy of the State." He was assassinated in February 1986.[4]

Nuclear Weapons

Full article: South Africa/Nuclear weapons

In 1975 Israel offered to sell nuclear weapons to South Africa.[5] After decades of work, South Africa developed nuclear weapons in the 1980s, only for the apartheid government to ship them abroad to US and UK in a secret deal in 1989 to prevent their use by the incoming administration of Nelson Mandela. This deal, in which David Cameron and the government of Margaret Thatcher was highly secret at the time and little known until the last few years.[citation needed]

Home issues

Rape remains a norm in South Africa

Student protests

Student protests in 2016 went on for weeks, focusing on increased prices for access to higher education. Numerous students were injured and at least one killed, but commercially-controlled media did not report them widely outside of the country.[1]


Prohibitions against the private cultivation and use of cannabis were declared unconstitutional and invalid in 2017.

Rape statistics

South Africa has consistently ranked with the highest[6] amount of rapes on women and children for the 2010s and 2020s in victims per 1000 people.[7][8][9]

For the year 2010, South Africa had the highest rate of rape in the world at 132.4 incidents per 100,000 people. In a survey released by the South African Medical Research Council in 2009, approximately one in four men admitted to committing rape.

However, the government in South Africa is working to address this dysfunction, and proponents maintain that the rate has dropped to 72.1 in 2019-20 reporting.[10]

Foreign affairs

South Africa is a member of the African Union and has played a key role as a mediator in African conflicts over the last decade, such as in Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Comoros, and Zimbabwe.

In 2010, moving away from the West, it strengthened economic and political ties with China and in 2011 joined the Brazil-Russia-India-China (BRICS) grouping of countries, which total $27.65 trillion in GDP and account for 46 percent of the world’s population – over 3 billion people.

Alleging Israeli genocide

On 29 December 2023, South Africa instituted Genocide Convention proceedings at the International Court of Justice against Israel for its treatment of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.[11] SA’s legal team at the ICJ are:

On 9 January 2024, South Africa's Justice Ministry announced that former UK opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn will join a South African delegation for the ICJ hearings which begin on Thursday 11 January at The Hague. On Monday 8 January, Corbyn expressed support for South Africa’s case against Israel and criticised the UK government in a message posted on X:

“Every day, another unspeakable atrocity is committed in Gaza,” he wrote.
“Millions of people around the world support South Africa’s efforts to hold Israel to account. Why can’t our government?”[13]


Related Quotation

Afrikaner Broederbond“Do you realize what a powerful force is gathered here between these four walls?..Show me a greater power in Africa. Show me a greater power anywhere, even in your so-called civilized world."”H. J. Klopper1968



2022 Parliament of South Africa fireThe South African Parliament was destroyed by fire.
Equatorial Guinea/2004 coup d'état attempt
Le Cercle/1977 (South Africa)4 day Cercle meeting, exposed in 2017 after a report surfaced on the internet
Le Cercle/1984 (Capetown)4 day meeting of Le Cercle in Capetown exposed after Joel Van der Reijden discovered the attendee list for this conference and published it online in 2011
Le Cercle/1988 (South Africa)Little known Cercle meeting
Le Cercle/1991 (South Africa)Little known Cercle meeting
MuldergateSouth African political scandal involving the Department of Information


Groups Headquartered Here

"Stellenbosch Mafia"
African National Congress8 January 1912South Africa's governing political party since 1994.
Afrikaner Broederbond1918Deep state organization. Many prominent figures of South African life, including all leaders of the government, were members of the Afrikaner Broederbond.
ArmscorApartheid South Africa arms production an procurement company. Major node for SA and Western deep state activities.
BOSS19691995The main South African state intelligence agency
Civil Cooperation Bureau
Diocesan College1849Interesting for Rhodes Scholarship / Milner group networks; embraced apartheid military role
South Africa/Deep stateThe South African deep state was installed by the Milner Group and anwered to London. The group hosted many meetings of Le Cercle and is believed to have carried out assassinations for the Supranational Deep State.
South African Defence Force
South African Reserve Bank1921The privately owned central bank of South Africa
Stellenbosch University1918A key institution in the deep state Broederbond during the Apartheid era.
University of Cape Town1829Public university in Cape Town, South Africa
University of Fort Hare1916A key institution of higher education for students from across sub-Saharan Africa from 1916 to 1959, creating a black African elite.
University of Pretoria1908Former Afrikaans-speaking university, by 2016 changed to English as education language
University of South Africa1873Mega university with over 400,000 students in South Africa
University of the Free State1950Former Afrikaans university which made English the primary medium of instruction in 2016.
University of the Witwatersrand1896Has its roots in the important South Africa mining industry


Job here

Robert BlackVisiting Professor19971999Faculty of Law


Employees on Wikispooks

F. W. de KlerkPresident of South Africa15 August 198910 May 1994
Magnus MalanSouth Africa/Minister of DefenceOctober 19801991Founder of the Civil Cooperation Bureau which assassinated anti-apartheid activists.


Citizens of South Africa on Wikispooks

Iris Adams28 September 195618 September 2021The first nurse to have the COVID-19/Vaccine at the hospital she worked at. Months later she died from COVID days before retirement.
Niel Barnard1949University professor and leader of the apartheid National Intelligence Service during the dirty wars in the 1980s.
Hendrik van den Bergh27 November 191416 August 1997South African police official
P. W. Botha12 January 191631 October 2006
Pik Botha27 April 193212 October 2018South African deep state operative
Peter CasseltonFebruary 1997
A. K. Chesterton1 May 189916 August 1973
Shankara ChettySouth African doctor who says that the Covid 19 vaccine is a method of depopulation.<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a>
Sean Cleary26 October 1948spooky South African
Angelique Coetzee1950South African physician who discovered the Omicron variant.
Mick Davis15 February 1958South African/British businessman. He was the Chief Executive of mining company Xstrata until mergers Glencore, a company is deeply tied to the Israeli intelligence service Mossad.
Patrick Duncan21 December 187017 July 1943Member of the Milner Group/Inner Circle, sixth Governor-General of South Africa
Pumza Dyantyi5 September 19487 December 2020South African health politician stated to have died from Covid-19 in December 2020.
Colin Eglin14 April 192529 November 2013South African apartheid politician best known for having served as national leader of the opposition.
Paul Ekon1959South African businessman listed in Jeffrey Epstein's black book.
Roger Federer8 August 1981Tennis champion. WEF/Young Global Leaders 2010. Associate of Bill Gates.
Brand Fourie1916July 2008"One of the most remarkable diplomats South Africa ever produced"
David Frankel (WEF)1970
Pop Fraser6 April 191518 December 1994South African military commander who attended Le Cercle.
Ivan Glasenberg1957CEO of Glencore, a mining company with close ties to Mossad.
Richard GnoddeMarch 1960Multi millionaire South African money man. Attended his first Bilderberg in 2019
Neil Peter Van Heerden30 July 1939
Basil Hersov18 August 1926"A man with considerable influence". Banker, Le Cercle, Patron of The Institute Of Directors in Southern Africa
Robert Hersov1961Billionaire banker in Epstein's black book. His father attended Le Cercle
Tina Joemat-Pettersson16 December 19635 June 2023Scandal ridden ex-minister form South Africa who died suddenly
Theunis Willem de Jongh1913Internationally well connected South African banker in Apartheid era
Safura Abdool KarimLawyer who has researched COVID-19 lockdowns and argued about mandatory COVID vaccination
Lesetja Kganyago7 October 1965Attended multiple WEF AGMs as Governor of the South African Reserve Bank
F. W. de Klerk18 March 193611 November 2021last state president of apartheid-era South Africa.
Eugene de Kock29 January 1949South African apartheid-era killer dubbed 'Prime Evil' by the media
Cameron Mackenzie12 August 19607 July 2021The 14th South African MP to die from COVID.
Geoff Makhubo8 February 19689 July 2021The Mayor of Johannesburg died suddenly of COVID in July 2021.
Joyce Maluleke25 April 196116 July 2021The 15th South African MP to die from COVID.
Nelson Mandela18 July 19185 December 2013South African ANC leader and President of South Africa.
Trevor Manuel31 January 1956World Economic Forum Global Leader for Tomorrow 1994. South African Minister of Finance from 1996 to 2009. Married to bankster Maria Ramos, a WEF Leader 1998. In April 2020 he was appointed an African Union Special Envoy on Covid-19.
Thabo Mbeki25 June 1942President of South Africa replaced in 2008 after dissent about AIDS
Tito Mboweni16 March 1959Selected Global Leaders for Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum in 1995 - Governor of the South African Reserve Bank - Goldman Sachs - Minister of Finance
Mpho Moerane196918 May 2022The Mayor of Johannesburg died in a freak car crash in May 2022.
Stella Moris1982Married of Julian Assange in March 2022
Patrice Motsepe28 January 1962South Africa's richest man, GLT 1999, very heavy WEF AGM habit
Oscar Mpetha5 August 190915 November 1994South African Trade unionist and political activist
Jackson Mthembu5 June 195821 January 2021Long running politician from South Africa, dies of Covid. His doctor has a fatal Helicopter crash the same day.
Connie Mulder5 June 192512 January 1988A South African politician brought down by Muldergate.
Elon Musk28 June 1971US businessman, Paypal Mafia underboss, big tech kingpin, WEF YGL billionaire
Jay Naidoo1954Anti-apartheid trade union leader, then Minister responsible for the Reconstruction and Development Programme in the first post-apartheid cabinet of President Nelson Mandela
Dullah Omar26 May 193413 March 2004
Jonathan Oppenheimer18 November 1969Scion of the gold and diamond Oppenheimer family, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, WEF/GLT/2002, WEF/YGL/2005...
Aziz Pahad25 December 194027 September 2023South African Deputy Foreign Minister who stated that South Africa had conducted a nuclear test, but later retracted his statement.
Ebrahim Patel1962Trade union anti-apartheid activist. Selected a Global Leaders for Tomorrow by the WEF in 1994. As Minister for Trade, Industry and Competition he was one of the main administrators of the waves of lockdowns that shut down most activities in the country from March 23, 2020 onward.<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a>
Navi Pillay23 September 1941
... further results


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Document:South Africa institutes Genocide Convention proceedings against Israelstatement29 December 2023International Court of JusticeSouth Africa's 84-page Application instituting Genocide Convention proceedings against Israel
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Document:The Rossing File:The Inside Story of Britain's Secret Contract for Namibian Uraniumpamphlet1980Alun RobertsScandal in the 1970s and 1980s of collusion by successive British governments with the mining conglomerate Rio Tinto to import yellowcake from the Rössing Uranium Mine in Namibia (illegally occupied by apartheid South Africa) in defiance of international law, and leading to the targeting of UN Commissioner for Namibia Bernt Carlsson on Pan Am Flight 103 in December 1988.
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