WHO/Technical Advisory Group on Behavioural Insights and Sciences for Health

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LeaderCass Sunstein
Membership• Maria Augusta Carrasco
• Tim Chadborn
• Varun Gauri
• Gavin George
• Ross Gordon
• David Houéto
• Ruth Kutalek
• Glenn Laverack
• Fadi Makki
• Ammaarah Martinus
• Shahinaz Ibrahim Mekheimar
• Susan Michie
• Iveta Nagyova
• Saad B. Omer
• Rajiv Rimal
• Jana Smith
• Cass Sunstein
• Beena E. Thomas
• Chiara Varazzani
• Archna Vyas
• Joyce Wamoyi
WHO group, chaired by Cass Sunstein,

The WHO's Technical Advisory Group on Behavioural Insights and Sciences for Health was convened in 2020.

Own words

“The TAG is composed of renowned experts representing a broad range of disciplines relevant to behavioural insights and sciences, including psychology, behavioural economics, anthropology, social marketing and more. The group also brings together extensive experience in designing and implementing national health policies and programmes informed by behavioural insights and sciences; in evaluating the impact of behaviourally informed public health initiatives in low- and middle-income countries; and in setting up or running behavioural insights units in organizations.

WHO published the open call for experts in February 2020, soliciting proposals for members to serve on its TAG to inform the work of WHO’s newly established Behavioural Insights and Sciences Initiative. The group will provide expert advice for the development of a road map for WHO to define a mechanism to systematically include behavioural evidence in its work and in national health policies and programme planning. The recommendations of the expert group will be addressed to WHO across the three levels of the Organization (HQ, regional, and country offices). The TAG shall have the following functions:

  1. Advise WHO on how to adopt behavioural insights and science perspectives to support WHO’s 13th General Programme of Work and how to identify priority areas for implementation within WHO and in Member States;
  2. Make recommendations to WHO for the development of an operational framework for the mainstreaming of behavioural insights and sciences into WHO operations, particularly in the area of providing technical advice on national health policies and programme planning;
  3. Advise WHO on potential challenges and risks for the Organization related to the recommendations made by the TAG.”
    WHO (2020)  [citation needed]


Known members

2 of the 21 of the members already have pages here:

Susan MichieCOVID 19 scientist. A promoter of the harshest of lockdown measures.
Cass SunsteinOne of "Leviathan’s Apologists"
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