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(doctor, activist)
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ResidenceExmoor,  UK
Interests • David Kelly/Death
• Israeli–Palestinian conflict
• Zionism
• COVID-19
A retired UK orthopedic and trauma surgeon turned activist who, amongst other things, has been instrumental in questioning the official narrative as regards the death of Dr. David Kelly.

Dr David Halpin is a retired UK orthopedic surgeon and activist who has been instrumental in questioning the official narrative as regards the death of Dr. David Kelly, as well as giving assistance to the Palestinians. He has spoken about Zionism and its influence over the commercially-controlled media[1] and against the use of psychological operations to create COVID panic in the UK.[2]


David Halpin qualified MB BS in 1964 at St Mary’s Hospital and obtained the FRCS in 1969. He started his training as an orthopaedic and trauma surgeon in 1970 and was appointed to Torbay Hospital and the Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Hospital Exeter in 1975. He served on the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery for 4 years.[3]

Death of David Kelly

Full article: David Kelly/Death
David Halpin on the David Kelly case

In December 2003, David Halpin wrote an open letter that "As a past trauma and orthopaedic surgeon I cannot easily accept that even the deepest cut into one wrist would cause such exsanguination that death resulted. The two arteries are of matchstick size and would have quickly shut down and clotted. Furthermore we have a man who was expert in lethal substances and who apparently chose a most uncertain method of suicide. The picture fits more with 'a cry for help'."[3]

Aware of the report of the Shipman Inquiry that "all citizens are under a common law duty to report to the police or coroner any information likely to lead to an inquest", Dr. David Halpin led a challenge to the cover up of David Kelly's death. Mr Justice Nicol ruled on 20 December, 2011, that Dr. Halpin had no legal basis for pursuing a full inquest into the unnatural death of Dr David Kelly, and that he must pay £5,638 towards the government's costs.[4] He has claimed that thousands of emails were wiped from one of his computers since he started campaigning for a review of the verdict of Dr. Kelly's death.

Gaza Convoy

Dr. Halpin organized a high profile aid convoy to Gaza which was effective at highlighting the plight of the Palestinians.


As of 2020, David Halpin continues to give talks and use the WWW to work as an activist.[5]


Documents by David Halpin

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:Due process and the Kelly inqueststatement30 April 2005David Kelly/Premature death
Document:Medical Challenge to the David Kelly Suicide Verdictstatement14 March 2005David Kelly/Premature death
Document:Statement on the Refusal by the Attorney General of Our Pleastatement7 June 2011David Kelly/Premature death
Document:The Attorney General Rufuses to Facilitate a New Inquestpress release9 June 2011David Kelly/Premature deathTo put it simply, why has Dr Kelly's death, uniquely, not been the subject of a proper inquest?
Document:The Death of David Kelly and the "Sexed Up" WMD Reportarticle21 February 2008David Kelly
Dodgy Dossier
Iraq Inquiry
Andrew Gilligan
Alastair Campbell
September Dossier
2003 Iraq War
David Kelly/Premature death
File:DrFrostMemorial.pdfreport14 September 2010David Kelly/Premature deathA challenge to the Hutton Inquiry's report by a team of doctors demanding a full inquest in light of new evidence.
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