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In the relevant publications of the Club of Rome population control is used as euphemism for population reduction, eugenics and corporatism

In the relevant publications of the Club of Rome (see there) population control is used as euphemism for population reduction (reducing fertility and reproduction, "family planing", etc), eugenics and corporatism.

Official narrative

The underlying assumption is that population is constantly growing exponentially - which is rarely discussed or disputed - and (if true) that a world of finite resources can not sustain an "infinite number of people". The propaganda term (creating an enemy image in humanity itself) is unsustainable; "sustainable" for the world would therefore be a limited number of humans. Corporate leaders are the "wise guys" who get to implement market forces, which decide who is fit to survive (so called Social darwinism which is a core philosophical foundation of Nazism).

The historical founding fathers of the "overpopulation" and "scarcity" meme are

  • Malthus (1798, An Essay on the Principle of Population). Malthusianism is the idea that population growth is potentially exponential while the growth of the food supply or other resources is linear.
  • Adam Smith (1776, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations)
  • Charles Darwin. Wide reading of Malthus's An Essay on the Principle of Population, and on 28 September 1838 he noted its assertion that human "population, when unchecked, goes on doubling itself every twenty five years, or increases in a geometrical ratio", a geometric progression so that population soon exceeds food supply in what is known as a Malthusian catastrophe. Darwin was well prepared to compare this to Augustin de Candolle's "warring of the species".


Full article: Overpopulation#Debunking Malthusian claims

The world constitutes a complex system. As such an infinite exponential growth would not be expected, rather an asymptotical behavior and/or chaotic behavior as seen in the stock markets when approaching the limits of growth with hightened volatility. In fact the official narrative tends to emphasize the risks of volatility after 2000, where as the term "population explosion" was used in earlier publications[citation needed]. The problem is therefore more in the way population growth is addressed, rather than in the more or less undisputed fact, that it exists.

Paranoid Orientation

The notion that a complex system might find an equilibrium on its own is foreign to psychopathic personalities ("As foreign as the dark side of the moon", Samenow) who strive for omnipotent control instead and see live as a constant fight. Successful aggressive personalities are fighters through and through (George Simon), although they often fight with covert means.

Too many people would be seen as a real threat by those self proclaimed leaders and "rescuers" of humanity, as enemies lurking all around (threatening "stability" in their phrasing). This threat to the stability of hegemony might be the deeper motivation for population control - otherwise the problem could be addressed more openly (i.e. as in China's birth control program) rather than in secrecy and with manipulative tactics (getting people to "want" it by them selves). This choice of tactics is a strong indicator for paranoid orientation as discussed by Kernberg in his concept of malignant narcissicm.

Exponential decline

A closer look reveals that some populations, notably in Europe and America have a reproduction rate lower than 1.0 since the 1960s ((around 0.7[citation needed] in 2021) which leads mathematically to an exponential distinction if not countered (i.e. by immigration). In contrast, India and Africa are exponentially growing. However, being outnumbered seems to be of no concern by the economic leaders, but reduction is.



Page nameDescription
"Climate change"the dogma that rise in CO2 levels correspond to a (as of yet non-significant) rise in temperature and that the world is ahead of an apocalyptic disaster
"Conservation movement"Many billionaires are highly passionate about it.
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ImmunocontraceptionImmunocontraception is the use of vaccines in order to cause temporary infertility.
Low Traffic NeighbourhoodA top-down scheme implemented to reduce through-traffic in residential areas through the use of filtered permeability and traffic calming.
Sterilization campaignLarge-scale and well organized sterilization efforts for population control and reduction.


Related Quotations

"Climate change"“we came up with the idea that ... global warming ... and the like, would fit the bill.”Alexander King
Club of Rome
Bertrand Schneider
Aurelio Peccei“Otherwise, some solution will come the hard way. Many hypotheses have been advanced. I will cite three ghastly solutions that are ventilated as belonging to the realm of the possible. One is biological: nature, which maintains so many balances, will see to it that human incontinence will be remedied, through some new germ or virus. Another is constrictive and prophylactic: the day may not be far off when—by grafting of population from one region to another, forced exodus, or mass sterilization, or with the help of other clean methods biochemistry might suggest — a ceiling on population or new births will be enforced, in some nations by due process of law, in others perhaps by international measures. And the third, the harshest, is hinted at in a most pessimistic essay by Professor J. D. Bernal (Enormity or Logic and Hypocrisy in the Ultimate Solution, October 1967) — "there is no limit to human folly and callousness" —in the sense that all will end, as the only compassionate and rational solution left, with the elimination of all surplus humans, who will of course belong to the poor of the world. No comment is necessary.”Aurelio Peccei1969
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