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COVID-19 Task Forces are disproportionately populated by Bilderberg guests.

Bilderberg connections



Page nameDescription
Australia/National COVID-19 Coordination CommissionThe Australian government COVID-19 leadership, including Jane Halton from Event 201 and Bilderberger Andrew Liveris
Bavaria/COVID-19 Economic Advisory CouncilContained multiple members with Bilderberger/WEF connections
Independent Task Force on Improving Pandemic Preparedness
Switzerland/National COVID-19 Task Force
UK Vaccine Task Force
White House/Coronavirus Task Force


Related Quotation

David Malcolm NottThis disease is so virulent, it's so dangerous and so pathogenic, it causes such high mortality... If you look at David Miliband and you look at his International Rescue Committee. He did some modelling based on the Imperial College London at WHO and in 34 fragile countries he has shown that in the next few weeks if we don't do anything, 500 million or one billion people will become infected and of that 3 million will possibly die... This is a global problem, and we're really all in our little countries dealing with the problems on our own... not our country but other countries are making huge mistakes... What we really really need is a global pandemic executive perhaps which can go to every country in this world and say look, we have learned from this pandemic. We know how to deal with it. We know what the problems are. [Led by who?] Led by David Miliband, without a shadow of a doubt. We've got somebody who is a respectful statesman, politician, had an enormous track record, and he needs to be in charge of it.”David Malcolm NottMay 2020


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