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Place.png Rotterdam
Dutch Industrial capital, cocaine drug kingpins during World War 1, bombed in World War 2, police running drug cartels from port since Dutch PMs became Bilderberg visitors - which was biggest port in the world for over 40 years.

Rotterdam is the capital of most populous province of the Netherlands, and second biggest Dutch city. Compared to the cultural capital Amsterdam and parliamentary capital The Hague, Rotterdam takes the role as industrial capital, a result of the bombing of the city in World War 2. It's home to the Port of Rotterdam, and Rotterdam-The Hague Airport. Its mayor is often a leading deep state operative in national politics and a Bilderberg visitor.

Port of Rotterdam

Most important for the port of Rotterdam is the petrochemical industry and general cargo transshipment handling. The harbour functions as an important transit point for transport of bulk and other goods between the European continent and other parts of the world. From Rotterdam goods are transported by ship, river barge, train or road. The Port of Rotterdam is the biggest European port, and was the largest port in the world between the 1960s and the 2020s.[1]


The Port of Rotterdam and Schiphol Airport are major world transit hubs for all kind of cargo, including allowing safe passage to fugitives from the law, and the importation of tonnes of cocaine.[2] The police units of Rotterdam and national units of Rotterdam worked in tandem and are massively corrupt being liaisons and even arrested as leaders of drug cartels operating with the Port of Rotterdam as main logistic operational base.[3][4][5]

The drug criminals have become led by immigrant families - in particular Moroccan & Caribbean - being responsible a $990 million turnover. The Dutch drug families all were revealed to run over $4,5 billion in cocaine alone and 45% of the world's MDMA supply, being noted to be absent in international media as narco-state, except for one article by The Guardian.[6]

Europol named Rotterdam along with Belgian city Antwerp as the key harbours for cocaine trafficking in 2020.[7]


Rotterdam was the face of civil unrest with several riots during a lockdown in November 2021 in preparation[8] of transitioning the country to a mandatory usage of a COVID-19 passport. Where according to the CCM "hooligans were hunting on the police", with several officers and civilians hospitalized, with the usual lenient police firing their guns on a group of protestors for the first time 11 years.[9][10][11][12]


Related Quotations

Stef Blok“Give me one example of a multi-ethnic or multicultural society, where the original inhabitants are still living... and where they live in coexistence. I can't think of one. Don't say Australia or the US as the natives there have been exterminated.”Stef Blok2018
Netherlands/Deep state“The Netherlands has a long history with cocaine. In the early 1900s, the Dutch East India Company – having exploited and enslaved millions of people – began growing coca in its colonies in Indonesia. There was even a cocaine factory in Amsterdam, which supplied marching powder to all sides in World War One. When international treaties finally put a halt to the Dutch’s rampant coke dealing, Rotterdam emerged as a key import site for the illicit trade of the drug from South America.”Vice News2020
Mark Rutte“We have a Moroccan mafia problem. (...) We aren't trying to cover it up, but we do see an over-presentation of Moroccan people in these crimes rates.”Mark Rutte2019
Mark Rutte“I get so angry reading those articles in Amsterdam where people are snorting 10000 lines of cocaine that are seemingly being used weekly or daily in the big cities, which makes me wonder that those idiots, that do that, those idiots that do that, they are maintaining that system of heavy crime, where Taghi and all those criminal families have made a billion-euro business.”Mark Rutte2019
Peter R. de Vries“We already lost the War on drugs long ago, and the policy is bankrupt, it has led to nothing, yes, full prisons, a clogged justice system and it didn't help one bit because you can find a coffee-shop on every corner of the street and even with record-braking catches of shipments of cocaine in the harbour, it doesn't mean anything. We're dealing with a extreme high demand in the world with $300.000.000.000 profit for drug traffickers with $ of it cocaine alone, with the same for the worldwide diverse police and justice agencies used, amounting to nothing. You can't just maintain this repressive policy. You need to make this more of national health crisis.”Peter R. de Vries2020



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