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The Dutch Minister of State is a honorary title for Dutch retired politicians, with only the monarch able to award this title and the Dutch active ministers able to nominate them. There is no criteria or legal basis and the job's main task includes "advising the government on political questions" upon request as the members are not actively participating in the coalition nor legal senior advisors. Emiel van Lennep's membership despite him never being minister but most members all being high ranking members that turned out to be members or worked for the Dutch Deep State implies it to be a network for powerful deep politicians.

Employment.png Dutch Minister of State 
(deep state milieu)

The Minister of State is a honorary title for Dutch retired politicians, with only the monarch able to award this title.[1] An actual advisor to the monarch was named Minister of State in the constitution but this was removed in the 1850s. There is no criteria or legal basis nowadays. The members are all high ranking members that turned out to be members or worked for the Dutch Deep State.


Newspaper AD revealed the Prime-Minister and leading monarch decide. Former PM Jan Peter Balkenende is allegedly de facto blacklisted until his death for the role, according to newspaper AD. Called a "mysterious role without any legal basis in which Mark Rutte has lied about what is needed to become one", the newspaper cited sources confirming JP to not have any chance and ... conveniently noted in another paragraph in their article that it may have to do something with his role in not "protecting" the royal family during the affair of Mabel van Oranje and drug kingpin turned third rail topic Klaas Bruinsma along with his failure to keep control of Pim Fortuyn's political party with whom he was in coalition with even after Fortuyn got assassinated when leading the election polls. Perhaps Dries van Agt and his opinion on the Cold War and Israel are also a reason Van Agt will also never be given the title.[2]


Members have a diplomatic passport. Something former presidents, former ambassadors and ministers aren't allowed to have. Although the government likes to downplay the role, 6 people have been stripped of the title before the cold war & one has been murdered in a case that has become the target of multiple "conspiracy theories" and even an official opposition narrative regarding motives ranging from protecting the sexual blackmail of Joris Demmink to even more explosive allegations.[3] Interestingly enough, the assistant of Demmink - Winnie Sorgdrager - was on the nomination for the title in 2018 possibly hinting the dots are there but the true lines connecting them will perhaps not be that much different.

Although the members are all highly regarded, the government does not have an English page for Ministers of State on their website to honour them, perhaps without harmful intent, it does give the idea someone should not ask questions when all these members are being listed with a description not being the victim of compartmentalization as seen below.

Seizing Cases

In Nieuwsuur, Sigrid Kaag revealed the Dutch Ministers of State were handed the structural reports of sexual intimidation and sexual abuse regarding employees of Dutch representatives in her D66 party. An unusual decision as the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security was already investigating the party for "forced sexual relations", but decided to not persecute.[4]


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Jaap de Hoop Scheffer22 June 2018Requested to join the Iraq War one year before all other MPs, became Secretary General of NATO the next year. In that role he held an "anti-terrorist exercise" in Madrid 3 days before the 2004 Madrid train bombings.
Winnie SorgdragerJune 2018Covered-up Klaas Bruinsma's actual influence in Amsterdam. Was blackmailed by the Turkish Deep state with her personal assistant Joris Demmink. Was blocked by the CIA and Hans van Mierlo trying to arrest drug boss and dictator Desi Bouterse.
Hans van den Broek25 February 2005He was named "to have more chance" by diplomats when the US vetoed Ruud Lubbers his election as Secretary General of NATO. The Dutch did not nominate him - even after pressure by European countries and Deep Politician Frits Bolkestein - as he was a valuable member in the European Commission
Wim Kok4 November 200320 October 2018Was sued for war crimes in Yugoslavia. Advisor to ING, Shell, International Crisis Group and the Club of Madrid.
Hans van Mierlo24 October 19983 November 2010Lying liason for US nuclear weapons on Dutch soil. Helped eliminating Dries van Agt in 1981 Dutch cabinet crisis. Tried to start a shadow government full of spooks and deep politicians. Received orders from the US to not arrest Surinam dictator Desi Bouterse for drug trading (while the CIA was busy with Bouterse). Single Bilderberg.
Ruud Lubbers19942018Still got rejected by the US as head of NATO and Helmut Kohl to chair the European Commission.
Max van der Stoel17 May 199123 April 2011Dutch Main Operation Gladio coordinator from the 1980s.
Emile van Lennep29 April 19862 October 1996Rejected multiple requests to become minister but went consulting for Shell instead. Was member of the advisory board on European Economical and Monetary Integration. He was personal advisor to several Finance Ministers and visited the IMF's meetings yearly.
Ivo Samkalden22 January 198511 May 1995Samkalden, as first Jewish mayor of Amsterdam from 1967 to 1977, was the main instigator - with backing and a secret advisory board - that changed Amsterdam's main financial economy from industrial to corporate sources. During his tenure the first coffee-shops were opened and multiple drug-networks were set-up. Klaas Bruinsma escaped this "law and order mayor".
Jelle Zijlstra30 April 198323 December 2001Zijlstra was requested by the US as leading central banker & president of De Nederlandsche Bank to secretly investigate the new monetary environment after the end of gold standard and helped forming the new rules in 1972.
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