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Concept.png Cover-up 
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The cover-up sides of deep events tend to be much more complex and instructive than their commission - an assassination is a relatively routine task as opposed to hiding an assassination.

Cover story

Personnel involved in deceptive actions such as false flag attacks need at least one cover story. For example, after Saar Noam Ben Zvi‎‎ and Salvador Guersson Smecke‎‎ were arrested with firearms and explosives in the Mexican parliament, they initially said to belonged to a private security company and that their presence there was intended to offer their services to some legislators.[1]


Multiple cover stories

Large deep events may have innumerable cover stories, deployable at need, to allow more flexible response to unknown cicrumstances. One common ploy is sheepdipping of the personnel involved to give some credence to their misdirection. Mark Gorton wrote about the JFK Assassination that "the coup plotters had no way of knowing that things would go so smoothly, so they embedded within Oswald a variety of cover stories which could have been deployed under different scenarios. Oswald could have been made to look like a racist, a Cuban, a Russian, or even to have mob ties. However, since the Coup went so close to plan, he was declared to be a lone nut and dismissed as such."[2]



Page nameDescription
"Conspiracy mindset"A tool of the deep state to undermine opposition. Anyone who believes in high level corruption (holds "conspiracy beliefs") is assumed to be mentally abnormal and deficient, although the majority of the population do so.
"Conspiracy theory/Academic research"Like "terrorism research", this is long on assumptions and short on empirical investigation (especially of the historical record). It is part of a project to demonize any criticism of official narratives and promote deep state denialism.
"Lone nut"Deep state functionary Lee Harvey Oswald, the canonical "lone nut", described himself as "a patsy" on his arrest and was killed in police custody by another USDS-affiliated lone nut. The commercially-controlled media continue to obscure the later finding of the HSCA, that JFK was killed by a conspiracy.
9-11/Cover-upA lot of resources have been devoted to containing the truth about the events of September 11th, 2001. However, while it has been more or less kept from television screens, awareness about 9-11 is growing worldwide.
CIA/Drug trafficking/Cover-up
COVID-19/Public InquiryUK "independent" inquiry to whitewash the British government's handling of the Covid "pandemic". Will not touch COVID-19/Medical killings or Covid jabs.
Destruction of evidence
DistractionThe creation of attention-grabbing events to draw attention away from matters of importance
EgyptAir Flight 990Unclear plane disaster. The NTSB concluded this was a deliberate act, the ECAA disputed this conclusion.
Germanwings Flight 9525Air crash blamed on lone nut pilot. The investigation covered up several important aspects.
Institute for Statecraft/Cover up
Integrity Initiative/Cover upThe
Iraq Historic Allegations TeamIt's stated purpose is to investigate allegations of abuse of Iraqi citizens by British Service personnel during the occupation.
JFK/Assassination/Cover-upThe cover-up of the JFK assassination continues.
Le Cercle/Cover-upLe Cercle remains very little exposed as of 2021.
Missing documentsFiles do go missing, both accidentally and on purpose. This article reviews some of the common patterns.
Montesi case
Operation BurnhamRevenge massacre by New Zealand occupation forces in Afghanistan.
Orderud murders
Pan Am Flight 103/Cover-upJust a few weeks after the December 1988 newspaper reports, Bernt Carlsson's name was more or less erased from the corporate media reporting of the Lockerbie event.
Robb Elementary School shootingFirst post-Covid-19 US mass school shooting, in 2022.
The Coral affair


Related Quotation

"National security"“What possible justification can there be, 43 years on, for information about it [the trial of the Shrewsbury 24], to be withheld on national security grounds? The failure to disclose has less to do with national security and much more to do with the potential for political embarrassment.”Andy Burnham2015
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