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(military officer, journalist, handler, whistleblower)
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Born14 November 1956
Aalsmeer, Netherlands
Died15 July 2021 (Age 64)
Exposed • Operation Gladio
• Inlichtingen en Operatiën
• Mabel van Oranje
• Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security
Victim ofAssassination
Interest of"Philip Cross"
A Dutch former army sergeant turned journalist, controversial as friend and associate of leading Dutch gatekeepers on conspiracy theories, criminal lawyers and criminals, including Klaas Bruinsma. Uncovered dozens of cases of corruptions or cover ups by criminals and the government, including on Mabel van Oranje and revealing Inlichtingen en Operatiën. Shot dead in 2021.

Employment.png Dutch Army

In office
1976 - 1977

Peter Rudolf de Vries was a Dutch prolific journalist. As crime reporter, he was as famous as he was controversial at times, befriending several high level criminals, or family members acting as handler, revealing a lot of cases of (government) corruption or crime syndicates. De Vries was shot in the head 5 times in the city centre of Amsterdam after a media appearance in the summer of 2021 with the official narrative linking the shooters to the Dutch Angels of Death Gang, responsible for a third of cocaine in Europe.[1][2]

Early life

De Vries was born and raised in the Netherlands. After finishing conscription for the Dutch army, De Vries started working for newspaper De Telegraaf in 1987, quitting the newspaper and starting his own crime magazine noted for his close contacts.


Full article: Quia Oportet
"When you name 'gladio', alarm bells go off at high-positions, and they'll do their best to kill the case".

Up until the 1990s the Dutch government never admitted Gladio to exist. Several weapon stashes were found and reported by corporate media, but mayors, prosecutors, and other high-ranking officials all denied knowing the origins. Even when newspaper Elsevier released an article naming several Dutch spooks and "at least two MPs as KGB-agents by our source, a spook himself.[3], later revealed to be CIA-agent Carl Armfelt." Ruud Lubbers admitted[4] the existence in 1990 of a Dutch division of the Operation Gladio-network. Lubbers denied the division to have bombed anything, and downplayed the activities massively. A Belgian agent revealed to Amsterdam main newspaper Het Parool that the Belgian and Dutch Gladio-networks were in fact actively working together, meeting regularly.[5]

“When we began 4 years ago with this case, we couldn't believe this lawyer, but now I can't deny it any more. We discovered that the justice departments in Belgium, The Netherlands and in particular in Amsterdam have made several cases in international weapons smuggling silently disappear. These departments have consistently remarked that illegal ownership of weapons would be tackled directly. I can't deny that this has happened on purpose. Of course, the Dutch Ministry of Justice makes mistakes that sometimes have sad consequences, but, these volumes, this stubborn, and this simple can only happen if it was your intention all along. Admitting it, they will never do, because you'd have to admit why you did this, and the experiences from the 1980s with Gladio learns that these sort of deals will be denied till the bitter end. Which means we'll probably never know of the exact dealings.”
Peter Rudolf de Vries (2007)  [6]

De Vries was contacted by a lawyer in the 2000s and started a 4 year investigation into a former weapons depot in Amsterdam, and discovered the government to have used the store for weapons smuggling, with Belgian police inspectors linking it to infamous cases, such as the Brabant Massacres. A company listed Quia Oportet is secretly listed elongation of the Dutch Gladio divisions with a founding date of 1992... with an alleged end date just months after 9-11.

Drug Lord

Upon hearing rumours citing Mabel van Oranje being seen with the leading Dutch drug lords of the 1980s and 1990s, Mabel at first denied she had any contacts with criminals.[7] The rumours almost disappeared in the memory hole until investigative journalist Peter R. de Vries interviewed[8] Chilean national Charlie da Silva, a high-ranking bodyguard of Klaas Bruinsma - the main drug lord in question - who revealed she lied about how she knew Bruinsma and how close - intense lovers in 1989 and 1990 - they were. Bruinsma was already at that point the leading boss for drug trafficking in Europe.[9]

His story was not supported by a sail-buddy of Bruinsma, the ex-wife and two former bodyguards, but de Vries revealed in his second TV-special that they have been lying or have been influenced by the same mysterious entity that resulted in the lying members of parliament and police investigators that denied the link. Da Silva's story was backed by a book, biopic from a female drug-boss[10] and the author. The woman was placed in a witness protection program. Smit's connection with Bruinsma was also confirmed by a businesswomen in Amsterdam that knew Bruinsma personally. The contrasting image of such a young successful future princess being the centre of attention for drug lords and their parties caused a major scandal in the reputation of the royal palace. This was the catalyst for Dutch parliament not supporting the marriage any more. Soros actually tried to save the marriage by publishing a letter in a major Dutch newspaper supported by Bernard Kouchner & Emma Bonino and 9 others. Former president Wim Kok was revealed to be already aware in 2000 of the superficial sailing-trips with Bruinsma. the AIVD actually responded they still "had no documents regarding Mabel".[11]

Mabel Wisse Smit

After announcing the engagement of Prince Friso with Mabel in June 2003, Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende wrote in a letter [12]to parliament that Mabel Wisse Smit had given "incomplete and incorrect information" about the duration and extent of her contacts with the known drug lord and that because of this, the government had decided not to seek permission for the marriage from parliament. Mabel Wisse Smit and Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau married in Delft on 24 April 2004. Because he did not ask the Dutch parliament for permission to marry - as per law - Prince Friso ceased being a member of the royal house and forfeited his and his future children's succession rights. Therefore, neither Princess Mabel nor their daughters are members of the royal house..[13] [14]


Sky News, 15 July 2021

De Vries was notorious for having shady connections. including one of the kidnappers of the director of Heineken, lawyers Max Moszkowicz, Oscar Hammerstein, and as a staunch defender of accused Justice Secretary-General Joris Demmink, and several others connected or part of the Dutch Republican Society, drawing critics such as ISGP.[15] De Vries his longest TV-special featured James Files, who remarked in the interview to have shot JFK.

Several of de Vries his specials can be noted as limited hangouts, as de Vries had a tendency to not explain the operatives behind several cases. Klaas Bruinsma relation with others of the Dutch royal family was not discussed. Prince Bernhard's involvement with Gladio was also not discussed. While De Vries uncovered dozens of cases of civil servants in the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security to be distributing child porn, De Vries never investigated who actually were aware of the "interests" of these (often) top-level servants including the likes of Prince Claus, Joris Demmink or Onno Ruding, but often labelled anyone questioning if a network was present a "conspiracy theorist".


“We already lost the War on drugs long ago, and the policy is bankrupt, it has led to nothing, yes, full prisons, a clogged justice system and it didn't help one bit because you can find a coffee-shop on every corner of the street and even with record-braking catches of shipments of cocaine in the harbour, it doesn't mean anything. We're dealing with a extreme high demand in the world with $300.000.000.000 profit for drug traffickers with $ of it cocaine alone, with the same for the worldwide diverse police and justice agencies used, amounting to nothing. You can't just maintain this repressive policy. You need to make this more of national health crisis.”
Peter Rudolf de Vries (2020)  [16]

During his work as trustee of the key witness in the Dutch Marengo Case where the leading Dutch drug traffickers (known internationally as the Angels of Death Gang) are on trial, on the 7th of July 2021, de Vries was shot in the head (5 times according to eyewitnesses) in the city centre of Amsterdam, after a media appearance. De Vries succumbed to his injuries one week later.[17]

Memory Hole

Interestingly, De Vries his work on Operation Gladio and child porn networks with Dutch judiciary personnel has gone unmentioned on his Wikipedia pages, even after a visit from Philip Cross. Noted here must be that the pages of these often mostly unknown servants do exist on the site.[18] Most of his investigative crime shows episodes have been deleted by his former network as of 2020, only to be found on YouTube uploaded by fans.


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