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(Businessman, deep state operative?)
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BornOctober 10, 1963
Rotterdam, Netherlands
NationalityNetherlands, German
Victim ofplane crash
Flight School owner involved in 9/11. Keeps a very low profile. Implicated Rudi Dekkers was lying about his activities. Survived a heavy plane crash in 2002.

Arne Kruithof is the Dutch-German owner of flight school "Florida Flight Training", the flight school used by the 9-11 hijacker Ziad Jarrah. Unlike Rudi Dekkers, Kruithof kept a low profile and still operates a flight school in Florida, US, although Daniel Hopsicker early on pinpointed some very sketchy connections.


Kruithof is part German, and speaks the language as well.[1] In the 9-11 Commission report, Kruithof appears to admit to holding the German nationality as well.

Kruithof his deleted website had the following bio; "Arne Kruithof, principal of Venice Aircraft Sales, has been in the aviation industry since 1988. As a former airline pilot, he has extensive knowledge of aircraft and aircraft maintenance having operated a flight school and maintenance service for almost twenty years."


Kruithof who's flight school trained Ziad Jarrah has remained in charge of his flight school, as he opted to refuse most media appearances. Kruithof owned a company with a German national, Pascal Schreier named Aviations Aspirations. AA actively promoted to students in the German city of Hamburg, a temporary place of residence of some of the 9/11 hijackers. Schreier and Kruithof also provided financial assistance to their students.


Kruithof had a business partner in Florida he owned a company with from 2000, just after the hijackers started training there. Interestingly enough, the plane's registration number - the business their sole asset - was revealed upon research by Daniel Hopsicker to be traced back to Manual Noriega and his associates, raising questions, not answered in corporate media.[2]


Rudi Dekkers, owner of Huffman Aviation was a friend of Kruithof. Dekkers owned the other flight school at Venice airport. Kruithof - upon request by a journalist - named Dekkers' trips suspicious, as Dekkers claimed to be dirt poor but was posting images of trips to Latin America. Kruithof was noted in 2012 to be one of the few people still in contact with Dekkers, mostly over Facebook.[3]

Plane "Accident"

"Arne Kruithof, owner of Florida Flight Training, was one of three men who dragged themselves out of the mangled fuselage of a Twin Beech E18 and dashed to safety just moments before the plane's 300 gallons of fuel exploded in a fireball."[4] The plane was dragged off before the FAA had determined what caused the crash.


A Quote by Arne Kruithof

Rudi Dekkers“A few months ago Rudi wanted to visit, drink some beers. But he never showed up. He said over the phone 'I've never been so poor in my life'. I saw him making beautiful trips to South America and Middle America. In light of recent developments, maybe you need to place questions at that.”2012Jeroen van Bergeijk, NRC Handelsblad