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Europe is a peninsular on the Western side of Eurasia. It is widely regarded as a continent.

“Europe’s claim to be a continent has the mark of hubris for a peninsula with only four-percent of the world’s landmass. In a prime example of politics trumping geography, the arbitrary border between Europe and Asia cuts right through Russia, giving Europe 75% of Russia’s people and Asia 75% of Russia’s land. Dictionaries fumble to define the word continent because “a large, contiguous land mass mostly surrounded by ocean” leaves out Europe.”
Tereza Corragio (2019) [citation needed]

Deep state

Full article: Europe/Deep state
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The European deep state (EU/DS) is a major component of the supranational deep state. While the continent of Europe has hosted many important deep state milieux over the centuries, the EU/DS only really took shape as such after World War II, with the establishment of the continent wide Gladio network. Józef Retinger's Bilderberg Group oversaw the project to formally eclipse national sovereignty under a pan-European legal superstructure while Le Cercle's activities included the subversion of democratic European governments and the installation of puppet leaders.[1]


Nation states

Nation stateDescription
AlbaniaA small country in Southeastern Europe.
AndorraA micro state in Europe. An enclave between France and Spain.
AustriaGerman-speaking republic in Central Europe. Since the end of the Cold War, Austria has become increasingly westernised.
Baltic States3 former USSR nations in Northern Europe; on the Baltic Sea.
Belarus"Europe's last dictatorship" - Formerly part of the USSR
BelgiumFormer European colonial power
Bosnia and Herzegovinasmall nation in the Balkans.
BulgariaThe poorest country in the European Union.
CroatiaFormerly part of Yugoslavia, Croatia is westernising at a rapid rate, with membership of the European Union and NATO being achieved relatively quickly after independence.
CyprusA small, divided, island in the Mediterranean. Greek Cyrpus was aggressively pushing the COVID-19/Vaccine in May 2021.
Czech RepublicFormerly communist, central European nation.
CzechoslovakiaFormer country in Europe.
DenmarkMember of the EU, NATO.
East GermanyFormer country in Europe.
EireIsland off the coast of Great Britain. Ireland is a member of the EU but not NATO.
EstoniaEstonia is the most northern of the Baltic States. Formerly part of the USSR, now EU and NATO.
FinlandNordic country, borders Russia.
FranceA European nation.
Germany"The economic powerhouse of Europe" - Germany dominates the European Union.
Greece"In 2006... the third biggest arms importer after China and India."
HungaryFormerly communist country in Eastern Europe, now a member of NATO, and the EU, Hungary is currently lead by Viktor Orban, an adversary of Brussels.
IcelandIsolated island nation off the north west coast of Europe. Part of the Nordics.
ItalyEuropean country that has the sixth-largest national wealth and third-largest central bank gold reserve. Italy/Deep state is an integral part of the SDS.
LatviaFormer USSR, now NATO and EU. The middle country of the Baltic States. SDS power consolidation in 2021
LiechtensteinAlpine principality nation. Liechtenstein has one of the highest gross domestic products per person in the world when adjusted for purchasing power parity.
LithuaniaFormerly part of the USSR, now NATO and the EU. Since 2021, aggressive mandation of vaccines.
LuxembourgOne of the richest and smallest sovereign states in the world.
MaltaIsland nation in the Mediterranean sea
MoldovaThe poorest country in Europe
Monte Carlo
NorwayStrategically located nation with money to spend on supranational deep state policies.
San MarinoA micro state in Europe. An enclave completely surrounded by Italy.
SerbiaA nation state in the Balkans.
SlovakiaFormerly communist country in Eastern Europe. Now a member of NATO and the European Union.
SwedenA nation state which is heavy on social control, but which defied the SDS COVID lockdown policy.
SwitzerlandA mountainous, hence easily defended country in central Europe which has established itself as a world banking center.
TurkeyTurkey is a nation state at the south east corner of Europe.
UkraineThe largest country entirely within Europe, a former part of the USSR.
Vatican CityThe second smallest nation state in the world (arguably after the BIS), housing the HQ of the Roman Catholic church.



Culture war
Eurovision Song ContestA yearly musical event held in Europe.
Le Cercle/1958Exact dates uncertain


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