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Place.png The Hague
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Parliamentary capital of the Netherlands.
Dutch city where parliament, AIVD, HCSS, Cligendael and dozens of European institutes are located.

The Hague is where the Dutch Cabinet, Parliament, the Supreme Court, and the Council of State of the Netherlands are located. Dozens of important institutions and companies vital for the Dutch Deep State are headquartered here, such as Royal Dutch Shell and the HCSS. In terms of geo-political importance, it's surpasses Amsterdam massively.


The city is noted for its very polarized character; a quarter of the city is politicians and politically-aligned institutions while the other half are de facto victims of wage slavery. The most prolific Dutch "terrorist-group" of the 2000s, The Hofstad Network - who murdered a prolific anti-muslim film-maker and were convicted of planning multiple attacks on the parliamentary quarter, Schiphol Airport, politicians and nuclear facilities - operated from less than 2 miles from the parliamentary building.[1]

American Service Members Protection Act

Since the United States is not a member of the ICC in The Hague, the American Service Members Protection Act authorizes the President of the United States to use "all means necessary and appropriate to bring about the release of any U.S. or allied personnel being detained or imprisoned by, on behalf of, or at the request of the International Criminal Court". This authorization led to the act being colloquially nicknamed "The Hague Invasion Act", as the act technically allows the President to order U.S. military action—such as a theoretical invasion of The Hague, the location of the ICC—to protect American officials and military personnel from prosecution or rescue them from custody.[2]


The youth workers in the city appear to "recruit and outsource" Dutch youth in the multicultural districts of the city. Multiple workers have been fired and investigated by police as they been linked to Syria and IS. The youth workers and their employer also have been operating in Amsterdam and travelling to Syria themselves, which was revealed by a clandestine research-unit ordered by Amsterdam mayor Eberhard van der Laan. One of the districts is known as responsible for 80% of all Dutch IS-fighters which has resulted in media call The Hague "Jihad-city".[3][4]


The Club de Berne (CdB) is a deep state milieu described as "a preferred platform for exchange" between secret services, an operational structure that grew out of personal contacts, practically without democratic supervision. Members include the intelligence agencies of the 28 states of the European Union (EU), Norway, Switzerland and Israel, and the US intelligence agencies enjoy “observer status”. Other participating services include Australian ASIO and Canadian CSIS[5] The club maintains an “operational platform” at the headquarters of the Dutch secret service AIVD, here, the services involved exchanged information on measures and dangers in real-time; there are also "joint operations teams in various formats and on various subject areas," as Dutch intelligence director Rob Bertholee noted in a speech.[6]

King Willem-Alexander Ferdinand and his family lives here, continuing the royal tradition. The Dutch division of Operation Gladio operated from the beach-resort of Wassenaar from the 1980s in cooperation with Clingendael and the MIVD located 5 miles from The Hague. The University of Leiden is located 6 miles from the The Hague. Along its numerous spooks and Deep state operatives are Maria de Goeij, former Queen Beatrix Armgard, NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer and more. Ironically enough, MP Geert Wilders - who officially lives in hiding at an undisclosed location with a permanent security detail - lives in a borough that directly borders the district of the Hofstad Network and their offspring.


Related Quotations

Mark Rutte“We have a Moroccan mafia problem. (...) We aren't trying to cover it up, but we do see an over-presentation of Moroccan people in these crimes rates.”Mark Rutte2019
Mark Rutte“I get so angry reading those articles in Amsterdam where people are snorting 10000 lines of cocaine that are seemingly being used weekly or daily in the big cities, which makes me wonder that those idiots, that do that, those idiots that do that, they are maintaining that system of heavy crime, where Taghi and all those criminal families have made a billion-euro business.”Mark Rutte2019



1948 Hague CongressLandmark conference which had a profound influence on the shape of the European Movement. Many of the groups organizing the conference received covert funding from the CIA.
1981 Dutch Cabinet crisisPM Dries van Agt was set-up (after a decade-long power struggle) to work with a lot of deep politicians, spooks, Israel's liaison Joop den Uyl, the Dutch Operation Gladio boss, a corrupt royal family and NATO. He never had a chance.
Answering Russia's Strategic NarrativesInvitation only one day event organised by The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies, sponsored by The Institute for Statecraft, about "Russian propaganda"
Strengthening Europe's 'soft' and 'hard' defenceChatham House rule meeting with organised by the Institute for Statecraft and the Clingendael Institute.


Groups Headquartered Here

AIVDIntelligence agency of the Dutch Deep state. Recruits 15 year olds. Planted Stuxnet. World-champion wiretapping. Rejected evidence of Mabel van Oranje's criminal friends.
Clingendael Institute1983Dutch "independent think tank and academy on international affairs" which continued collaboration with the Institute for Statecraft after the Integrity Initiative leaks
Dutch Ministry of General AffairsThe Dutch Ministry responsible for government policy, planning, information, and the Dutch royal house.
Dutch Safety Board2005Dutch version of National Transportation Safety Board. Its role in cover ups is similar.
Eurojust6 March 2002An agency of the EU set up to tackle terrorism, drug trafficking, human trafficking, cybercrime, fraud, corruption and money laundering.
Europol1999Formerly knows as the European Police Office and Europol Drugs Unit. A European watered-down version of the FBI. It has no executive powers, and can't arrest anyone without the approval of governments.
International Centre for Counter-Terrorism2010A think tank set up by Clingendael, the Netherlands/Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Leiden University aiming to "instruct and organize counterterrorism plans".
International Commission on Missing Persons1996IGO tasked with remembering, storing, and gathering remains of murdered and disappeared victims. It enjoys a lack of recognition in the world but has an abnormal big interest in the Srebrenica massacre.
International Court of Justice1945The international court charged with preventing war crimes which is constitutionally unable to carry out its mission as regards the permanent members of the UN security council (and their allies) which are also (more or less) the world's most active weapons producers and wagers of illegal war.
International Criminal Court1 July 2002An international tribunal to prosecute individuals for war crimes. Neither "international nor a legitimate court, but is most certainly criminal."
International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia25 May 199331 December 2017NATO dominated court established to justify own actions and keep control over Western Balkans region.
Netherlands/Labour Party9 February 1946The Dutch Labour Party.
Netherlands/Ministry of Defence1813Eager and successful partner of the US and NATO in War on Terror but can't control its own national war on drugs. Implicated in war crimes in Indonesia, Bosnia & Iraq.
Netherlands/Ministry of Justice and Security1798Tries to arrest 200,000 citizens/year for missed payments while dealing with drug traffickers. Combating the Dutch drug syndicates leading the European illegal drug trade since the 1970s. Marvelous effectiveness.
Operatiën en Inlichtingen1948Prince Bernhard started this division that quite strangely - investigated, confirmed, and even covered up by the MiVD - had most of its weapons ending in the hands of the Dutch leading drug kingpins like Klaas Bruinsma. That Bruinsma and Bernhard are also linked in a pedophile sex ring is a third rail topic.
Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical WeaponsAn UN-affiliated IGO aiming to eliminate chemical weapons. Often targeted by secret services. Noted to "often alter facts in armed conflicts for unknown reasons without legal obligation" in intern documents.
Party for FreedomAnti-Islam and anti-immigration party of the Netherlands.
People's Party for Freedom and Democracy2000s and 2010s Ruling party of the Netherlands.
ShellBiggest Dutch company. Caused trillions in damage due to fracking in Groningen. Convicted worldwide for crimes against locals. Employs hitmen and deep state operatives in African countries. Mislead shareholders for up to $1bn.
The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies2007A vital, mostly overlooked Dutch think-tank operating in the parliamentary quarter of The Hague. One of the biggest data centres working closely with multiple Dutch ministries. The prolific alliance of founders make its ties to the Dutch Deep state and Military-industrial complex highly plausible.
The Hague University of Applied SciencesMain university of Dutch political capital. It vets and trains students with intensive simulated UN debates.
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