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Parent organizationNetherlands
HeadquartersZoetermeer, The Hague, Netherlands
LeaderAIVD/Director General
InterestsStuxnet, Dutch Deep State, Cybercrime, Geert Wilders, Democratic Party, Rian van Rijbroek.
Founder ofOperatiën en Inlichtingen
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Intelligence agency of the Dutch Deep state. Recruits 15 year olds. Planted Stuxnet. World-champion wiretapping. Rejected evidence of Mabel van Oranje's criminal friends.

The General Intelligence and Security Service or Algemene Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdienst (AIVD), is the Intelligence and Security agency of the Netherlands, tasked with Domestic, Foreign and Signals intelligence and protecting national security. From 1945 to 2002, it was known as the Domestic Security Service (Dutch: Binnenlandse Veiligheidsdienst) or BVD.


“Everyone spies”
AIVD (2020)  [1]

During the Cold War, the relationship between the BVD and the CIA went much further than the simple exchange of information. In the 50s and 60s, Americans had almost unlimited financial resources in comparison with a service such as the BVD, and generously doled out the cash. By 1958, for example, the CIA paid the salaries of approximately 51 of the 691 employees of the Dutch service.[2]

The CIA also provided the Dutch with technical equipment that could be used for eavesdropping on buildings and for telephone taps. This involved operations in which the interests of the two services largely coincided, mainly to the interception of communist embassies and domestic Dutch leftists.

For example, in the summer of 1958 the BVD succeeded in placing eavesdropping equipment supplied by the CIA in the building of the Chinese representation (at that time no embassy) in The Hague. For more than five years, the operation provided the BVD with a wealth of information about China at a time when the country was almost inpenetrable for Western services. The information from this operation was shared by the BVD with the Americans.

The service created a false party Marxist–Leninist Party of the Netherlands, to obtain intelligence from China and Albania, obtain information about the communist movement in Europe, and to help split the communist movement in the Netherlands. The party was also lent out to allied services. In provided agents provocateurs to Norwegian intelligence services, in order to artificially create a case against Norwegian leftist.

Declaration of Independence from the CIA

In 1955, the management of the BVD made a Declaration of Independence, according to which the CIA in the Netherlands should not be operationally active and should not approach people without the BVD's knowledge. Whether the Americans kept this agreement is unclear. The fact is that during the Cold War four times the Chief of Station of the CIA in The Hague was asked to leave the country and possibly even declared persona non grata. It is obvious that these Chiefs of Station had been a little too energetic in their operational activities in the Netherlands.[3](On the other hand, this story might just be smoke and mirrors, to increase the credentials of the Dutch services).

Modern Operations

The exchange of information by Dutch services such as the Domestic Security Service (BVD) and the Foreign Intelligence Service (IDB) with other Western services during the Cold War was very intensive. Two Dutch authors formulated it this way in 1997: "There was and is a constant intelligence sharing between the Dutch intelligence and security services and their American, British, German and Israeli counterparts."[4]

During the Cold War the BVD had a reputation for interviewing potential employers of persons they deemed suspicious for any reason, thereby making sure corporations and government agencies did not hire them. Reasons for being suspect included leftist ideals, membership of the Dutch Communist Party, or a spotty military record (such as being a conscientious objector with regard to conscription).

NATO Propaganda

On January 25, 2018 Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant and TV program Nieuwsuur reported that in 2014 the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) successfully infiltrated the computers of Cozy Bear and observed the hacking of the head office of the Democratic National Committee and subsequently The White House and were the first to alert the National Security Agency (NSA) about the alleged cyber-intrusion[5]. Since this hacking is a false narrative, as proven by Craig Murray, Wikileaks, William Binney etc, it means the AIVD conducted a psy-op to support their American counterparts.

Through its central geographical location, Dutch intelligence services are active in several ongoing psychological operations. Bellingcat is heavily supported by the Dutch government; the OPCW, that twisted the investigation of the alleged Douma gas attack, has its headquarters in the Netherlands;The MH-17 investigation is run by the Dutch government.

Recruiting journalists

An investigation by NRC revealed government intelligence agencies including the AIVD often seek out journalists to help them, in particular in the Middle East. Half of the 32 journalists and editors that NRC spoke with had been approached by an intelligence agency, with the AIVD admitting them to be a structural part of our network. Whistleblower site Publeaks alerted the NRC to investigate this after a "unknown source" leaked a file to Publeaks with a document naming 21 journalists in 2016.[6][7]

Soft spot for Turkish assassins

In 2018 two Dutch-Turkish men were arrested in Greece on suspicion or a plot to kill president Erdogan with 7 others[8]. The AIVD had these two already on the scope because of the fear that the men were being used by a radical left-wing Turkish organisation: the DHKP-C. That is a Marxist movement that has already allegedly carried out several attacks in Turkey, and is labelled a "terrorist" organisation by the EU. DHKP-C is also active on Dutch soil, the AIVD claimed. Turkish security services even claim that the order for a suicide attack in 2013 in Ankara was given from the Netherlands.[9] According to Turkish authorities, DHKP-C had also collaborated with the Gülen Organization.[10]

The two man were suspected on trying to hit the Turkish presidential motorcade with a "rocket-launcher". Even though both men were active participants of this Organization according to the AIVD and one "attempted to throw an object at the Turkish president back in 2013 on Dutch soil, and the AIVD put them on the national Dutch terrorist watchlist, the two men were "let loose" in Greece after more than 18 months captivity. [11]

2023 Assassination

According to local Turkish media according to newspaper Algemeen Dagblad, one of the men was "shot dead after a firefight" in November 2023 at the Greek-Turkish border.. Turkish media suspected him of trying to enter Turkiye to stage a "terrorist attack", with 3 others travelling with him and a "guide".[12]


A group of hackers was reported by Dutch broadcaster NOS to be led by one person who was recently arrested for large-scale theft of personal data was active for the renowned security organisation DIVD in early 2023. DIVD, "Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure" in full, is an association of Dutch security experts that conducts research into unsafe computer systems and that also receives government subsidies for this. The government was considering giving the organization an even greater role in tackling cybercrime even during the investigation of this incident.[13]



Related Quotations

Frans van Anraat“When I was called into court I was with an intern of my lawyer. The lawyer was the son of the minister of justice Giuliano Vassalli. So I knew in advance that the earlier verdict (no rendition) would get cancelled. It was made clear to me that it was better to take a "vacation".”Frans van Anraat2 March 2005
Sigrid Kaag“All parties involved in the conflict are committing crimes. The Netherlands knows that the opposition is committing war crimes. We already wrote that starting in 2013. In fact Karel van Oostrom knew precisely what was written in the reports. He even knew all the details. The Dutch have enough people and info from intelligence agencies. And especially the Dutch and all the other EU countries, because they share all that info. They knew exactly what was happening. (...) Throughout investigation is needed. Not only the Dutch but other nation states supported the Syrian war. Therefore they could be complicit in committing war crimes.”Sigrid Kaag
Carla Del Ponte
9 December 2018
Netherlands/Deep state“The Dutch, according to secret documents, are an important partner of the NSA, together with Germany, France and Norway as 'Third Party Country'. This puts the Dutch only one step below the other 4 Anglo-Saxon countries the US directly trades info with in their Five eyes-program.”Huub Modderkolk2014
Nieuwsuur“The AIVD and MIVD are subordinates of the Americans. The Dutch work for the Americans. They do what we tell them to do. They aren't valued because of their capacity, but just because they give us a free passage, that's what the NSA uses them for. (...) Look what France is doing and even they couldn't stop all those terror attacks”Edward Snowden


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