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Group.png Dutch Military Intelligence and Security Service  
(Intelligence agency)Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Parent organizationNetherlands
Typeintelligence agency
Founder ofInlichtingen en Operatiën
Dutch military intelligence agency. Employed disappeared spook Willem Matser, covered up thefts of Operation Gladio weapon depots by a gang of liasons of the royal family.

Militaire Inlichtingen- en Veiligheidsdienst (MIVD) is the Military Intelligence and security service of the Netherlands, the militaristic counterpart of the AIVD. It was formerly known as the Militaire Inlichtingendienst (MID) and was given its current name in 2002. MIVD is part of the Dutch MOD. The MiVD is different from the AIVD as it focuses on international threats, in particular military and "government-sponsored" cyberterrorism.

Drug trafficking connections

Willem Matser, an officer in Dutch Military Intelligence and adviser to NATO Secretary General was arrested in 2003 together with an Italian crime boss on a 9 digit money laundering charge. Sibel Edmonds has cited this incident as evidence of NATO's connections with the high-level international drug trade.[1]

Operation Gladio

"When you name 'Operation Gladio', alarm bells go off at high-positions, and they'll do their best to kill the case". (..) "Justice ministries in Belgium, Netherlands and in Amsterdam have covered-up arms smuggling. Multiple government institutions used liaisons to participate. They were incredibly involved."

In 2007 investigative reporter Peter R. de Vries stunned the public with new revelations about Operation Gladio in a 4 year-long investigation. Linking numerous weapons-depots in Utrecht, Amsterdam and Roermond to Gladio. Several corrupt police officers were revealed to have turned a blind eye and even massively and actively participated in the distribution and hiding of weapons and munition to Belgian and "unknown foreign Gladio-criminals". At first, weapons ended in the hands of the Dutch main drug lords. The segment revealed incredible support for the "criminals" - according to the official narrative - running gladio. A possible link to the Brabant Massacres can be found on ISGP.[2]

The weapons were traced back to be used in murders on police-agents, robberies on armored cash transport cars, assassinations and more in Denmark, France, Germany according to further investigation by Brandpunt. Most notable was the consistent occurrence of arms smuggling and suspects arrested but released and not prosecuted after the intervention of public prosecutors that derailed investigations until the statute of limitations kicked in. Even when a new owner of the munition-shop requested the shop to be cleared of any wrong-doing publicly, summary proceedings had been rejected two times. Arms dealers that were suspected of smuggling Gladio-weapons were never jailed but even given their license back while the case was under investigation. Meanwhile, weapons had been linked to "murders on communists", the MiVD was listed as the company to have covered-up the instances of massive thefts of the underground-depots in Dutch woods.

At least one known company indicted has admitted it's former owners were probably involved in Gladio. The whole investigation looked like a mafia movie as several retired owners only declared to the police that "they should stop searching" as "this goes much further", being released the next day. The Belgian journalist interviewed called it "ludicrous" that the Dutch did not instigate a parliamentary inquiry as it appeared all Gladio-groups just went rogue and "were full with Nazi's in every Gladio-country" implicating them in the Olaf Palme assassination.

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Netherlands/Deep state“The Dutch, according to secret documents, are an important partner of the NSA, together with Germany, France and Norway as 'Third Party Country'. This puts the Dutch only one step below the other 4 Anglo-Saxon countries the US directly trades info with in their Five eyes-program.”Huub Modderkolk2014
Netherlands/Deep state“A year earlier, Dutch crime bosses, Klepper and Mieremet were arrested by police. In their car machine guns and hand-grenades were found. When the EOD discovered that none of the granades had serial- or production numbers, the MiVD was alerted. The MiVD suspected that the grenades were from a depot that was hidden in the forest of Scheveningen near The Hague, containing 40 metal boxes with pistols, machine guns, revolvers, hand-grenades and explosives. It was raided in the 1980s by thiefs. They replaced the boxes with fridges, causing the theft to be only noticed years later as metal detectors found nothing during the inspection. (...) Klepper and Mieremet were sentenced to 16 months in jail. Both were assassinated years later.”Menno van DongenSeptember 2007