Indonesia/1965 coup d'état attempt

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1965 Indonesia coup.jpg
Major General Suharto (at right, foreground) attends a funeral for generals assassinated on 5 October 1965
Date1 October 1965
Interest ofKathy Kadane


The CIA "coupmaster" Marshall Green took up the post of United States Ambassador to Indonesia on June 4, 1965.

One of the main plotters, Col. Latief, was a close associate of Suharto, as were other key figures in the movement, and that Latief actually visited Suharto on the night before the murders.[1]


Related Quotations

Document:Slaughter in Indonesia 1965-66“As to the provision of small arms I would be leery about telling army we are in position to provide same, although we should act, not close our minds to this possibility… We could explore availability of small arms stocks, preferable of non-US origin, which could be obtained without any overt US government involvement. We might also examine channels through which we could, if necessary, provide covert assistance to army for purchase of weapons.”1 November 1965
Document:Slaughter in Indonesia 1965-66“I have never concealed from you my belief that a little shooting in Indonesia would be an essential preliminary to effective change.”Andrew Gilchrist5 October 1965
Document:Slaughter in Indonesia 1965-66“They probably killed a lot of people and I probably have a lot of blood on my hands, but that’s not all bad. There’s a time when you have to strike hard at a decisive moment.”Robert Martens


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