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Concept.png Accident 
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Accidents do happen. But that truism also provides plausible deniability.

Accidents do happen.

Accidental death

Some of the premature deaths listed on this site are undoubtedly accidental and unrelated to deep politics.


Why Pedestrian Deaths Are on the Rise (It's More Than Just Smartphones) - WSJ

In 2020, 3,142 people died in collisions involving distracted driving according to smartphones, including 396 fatalities in which a cell phone was the direct cause as being used at the time. While many people assume cell phones are the leading cause of distracted driving fatalities, many other behaviours can be equally dangerous.[1] An NTSB report commented the increased use of Big tech in stimulating 24/7 phone use has caused even more car deaths. [2]


Car crashes, such as the death of Diana Spencer may have been just an accident, although an overwhelming amount of evidence points to foul play. Sometimes valuable people in important places or with valuable expertise do die in accidents with no significant evidence pointing to foul play, such as possibly with the crash of 9-11 demolition expert Danny Jowenko.


In the months after the 9-11, passenger miles on the main US airlines fell by between 12% and 20%, while road use jumped, even though roads are statistically more dangerous than air. Measuring the exact effect is complex because there is no way of knowing for sure what the trends in road travel would have been had 9/11 not happened. Multiple studies has argued in studies over 1,595 Americans died extra in car accidents in the years after 9-11.[3][4]



Page nameDescription
Air India Flight 101A plane crash in France in 1966. Among those killed was the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission of India.
Air disasterThese are of particular interest on Wikispooks if there is a suggestion that they are non-accidental.
Alexander KiellandOil rig capsizing in 1980, the biggest disaster in Norwegian oil production. Theories of sabotage is a third rail subject.
Roswell IncidentA crash reported in US media in the 1940s of a military or weather balloon. Witnesses, including military personnel later reported they were told to stay quiet and lie, as the "objects" retrieved appeared to be from extraterrestrial origin.


Official examples

2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine/Premature death
9-11/Air Defence
Hunter Biden/Laptop
Kursk submarine disaster
Rust shooting
Sinking of MV Sewol
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