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Russell square ambulances.jpg
The 7/7 London bombings of 2005.

In 2005, an attack in London stepped up the "war on terror". It was attributed to "Islamic terrorists", but the official narrative was not subjected to much scrutiny by the UK commercially-controlled media and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair refused to have an enquiry, terming the idea a "ludicrous diversion".[1]


Full article: Stuxnet

Symantec suggest that the Stuxnet virus produced by the NSA and Unit 8200 may have been in the wild already by 2005. This was designed to cripple the Iranian nuclear refinement project. It escaped into the wild and infected millions of computers.[2]

London bombings

Full article: Rated 3/5 2005 London bombings
The coverpage of UK's Daily Express from 23 July, 2005, the day after Jean Charles de Menezes, an unarmed man, was killed by the Metropolitan Police.

The 7/7 bombings in London were 4 separate explosions, which killed a total of 56 people. At the time it was widely believed to be, as the commercially-controlled media presented it, a bombing with the "hallmarks of Al-Qaeda". A range of inconsistencies such as a flawed official narrative, missing CCTV, parallel drills, obfuscation by the investigation/cover-up combine to suggest that the truth is not as simple, and threat the bombers were, at least well known to MI5. The bombings were cited in 2006 by the UK ambassador to Saudi Arabia, who warned that "British lives on British streets" were at risk if the Serious Fraud Office's investigation into the Al-Yamamah arms deal continued. The memo asked: "If this caused another 7/7, how could we say our investigation is more important?".[3]

Killing of Jean Charles de Menezes

Later in July 2005, an officer from the UK Metropolitan Police shot and killed Jean Charles de Menezes. The commercially-controlled media disseminated a fake version of how this happened, prompting Lana Vandenberghe from the Independent Police Complaints Commission‎ to become a whistleblower and leak a document to the press. Vandenberghe was sacked by the IPCC. It remains unknown whether Jean Charles de Menezes' murder was a tragic accident, or whether it was a planned deep event.

Security and Defence Learning

Full article: Stub class article Security and Defence Learning

In November 2005, MI6 operative Harold Elletson chaired the 1st International Forum on E-Learning for Defence, Security and Emergency Services, a conference addressing the purported dangers of "terrorism". This was the first of 8 such conferences, some of whom involved speakers who would later join Elletson in the Institute for Statecraft.

Al-Salam weapons deal

Al-Salam weapons deal.jpg
Full article: Al-Salam weapons deal

The Al-Salam weapons deal was a multi-tranche, multi million dollar arms deal, signed in December.



Al-Yamamah arms dealSeptember 1985August 2006A complex series of multi billion dollar arms for oil deals set up under the government of Margaret Thatcher, involving a bunch of deep state arms dealers, and her son - who earned £12 million. Fines levied have been in the hundreds of millions, while kickbacks amount to billions.
International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda8 November 199431 December 2016
Saville Inquiry199824 March 2010An investigation into Bloody Sunday which left 14 people dead.
TOPOFF20002009A series of week long "counter-terrorism" exercises
Afghanistan/2001 Invasion7 October 200130 August 2021The war in Afghanistan, instigated within a month of 9/11, supposedly in retaliation, with the claimed justification - for which no evidence has been presented - that the attacks were planned by Ossama bin Laden, and that he was based in Afghanistan.
Orange RevolutionNovember 2004January 20052004-05 colour revolution in the Ukraine
Saifullah Paracha v. George W. Bush8 December 200418 November 2008A habeas corpus petition filed on behalf of a prisoner of Guantanamo Bay.
Cheney Loophole20052005A 'get out of jail free card' for the Fracking industry, to permit them to poison the US drinking water.
Guantanamo Bay detention camp/Prisoners' appeals in Washington courts2005Appeals in Washington courts of Guantanamo prisoners
Atlantic Storm14 January 200514 January 2005A scenario designed to mimic a summit of transatlantic leaders forced to respond to a bioterrorist attack. Recommended militarization, vaccination and stockpiling drugs. Held January 2005.
Bilderberg/20055 May 20058 May 2005The 53rd Bilderberg, 132 guests
Le Cercle/2005 (Paris)16 June 200519 June 2005Exposed 2 days later by the Saudi Embassy in London
2005 London bombings7 July 2005 08:50:007 July 2005 09:47:00A series of coordinated attacks on London's public transport system during the morning rush hour, allegedly carried out by four Muslim suicide bombers.
Hurricane Katrina23 August 200531 August 2005
Security and Defence Learning/200530 November 200530 November 2005The first in a sequence of 8 annual conferences on "defence" and "security", chaired by Harold Elletson.
Al-Salam weapons deal21 December 20052017A large arms deal signed during the government of Tony Blair.


New Groups

National Domestic Extremism TeamNational Domestic Extremism Team.jpg
Tallinn UniversityUniversität Tallinn Logo.pngFairly recently started university in Estonia
Anglican Friends of IsraelGroup.png
M100 Sanssouci ColloquiumPotsdam colloqium.jpgGerman media conference with heavy deep state agenda
Globalisation InstituteGi.pngThink tank
Chinese In Britain All-Party Parliamentary GroupGroup.png
Adessium FoundationGroup.pngA secretive Dutch foundation that donates to projects backed by Western governments.
Centre for Policing Intelligence & Counter TerrorismGroup.pngResearch
Australian Science Media CentreAustralian Science Media Centre.pngThink tank created to dominate the narrative in Australian corporate media in scientific issues.
New Leaders CouncilGroup.pnga leadership pipeline
Canterbury Christ Church UniversityCrest of Canterbury Christ Church University.jpgAnglican higher education institution
Malteser InternationalMalteser International.svgAids agency
Advanced Research and Assessment GroupGroup.pngSpooky department of the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, run by Chris Donnelly
Democracy AllianceDemocracy alliance logo.pngA network of billionaire donors who coordinate their political donations to groups that the Alliance has endorsed, anonymously and often through foundations working as middlemen to hide the where the money is coming from.
All-Party Parliamentary Group against AntisemitismGroup.png
Open EuropeGroup.pngThink tank
Y CombinatorGroup.pngTechnology investor which has launched more than 4,000 companies, including Airbnb, Reddit and Dropbox.
Dutch Safety BoardCrash turkish airlines tk 1951 wreck.jpgDutch version of National Transportation Safety Board. Its role in cover ups is similar.
UN/Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task ForceGroup.pngA part of the UN's "counter-terrorism" project.
National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to TerrorismGroup.png
Clinton Global InitiativeGroup.png
European University of RomeEuropean University of Rome logo.jpgA legally recognized non-state university, located in Rome connected to the Legionaries of Christ.
Jenner InstituteJenner Institute Laboratories.jpgOxford University linked research centre
Iran Policy CommitteeGroup.png
Henry Jackson SocietyHJS.pngThink tankA British neocon political action committee supported by key US neocons and by two of David Cameron's closest advisers.
Special Reconnaissance RegimentGroup.pngMilitary
FBI/Directorate of IntelligenceUS-FBI-ShadedSeal.svg
FBI/National Security BranchUS-FBI-ShadedSeal.svg
Margaret Thatcher Center for FreedomGroup.pngThe Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom was set up in September 2005 with a large donation from the "Margaret Thatcher Foundation" to the Heritage Foundation. It says it is "the only public policy center in the world dedicated to advancing the vision and ideals of Lady Thatcher".
C40 Cities Climate Leadership GroupC40 Cities Climate Leadership Group logo.pngA coalition of mayors from over 100 cities around the world dedicated to recalibrate society to implement net zero, under the guiding hand of deep politician Michael Bloomberg.
National Clandestine ServiceGroup.pngThe clandestine arm of the CIA.
European Foundation for DemocracyEFD-logo.pngPolicy Institute
Russia TodayRT.pngA global TV channel backed by the Russian government. Allows Western dissidents on air and some deep politics to be discussed. Putting a positive spin on the government, but not too bad coverage of Russia either.


New Websites

911 Blogger911 Blogger.gifhttp://911Blogger.comA solid 9/11 truth website, running since 2005
YouTubeYouTube.pnghttps://www.YouTube.comThe Internet's most popular video sharing site; owned by Google. Aggressively removing information about Covid-19 while promoting Covid vaccines.
American ThinkerWebsite.pnghttps://www.americanthinker.com/
Craig Murray's blogCraig Murray's blog.pnghttp://www.craigmurray.org.ukThe blog of a former UK diplomat of rare perspicacity and integrity, whose blog was "jolted back out of retirement" by the "horrifying" spectacle of Tony Blair speaking at Ariel Sharon’s Funeral
Voltaire NetworkVoltaire Network.pnghttp://VoltaireNet.org/en' Voltaire Network'. Paris-based, Multilingual, creative commons licensed


Groups that were Wound Up

Riggs BankRiggs logo.pngA bank used by the CIA and other deep state actors for various illicit purposes.
Provisional Irish Republican ArmyGroup.png
14th Intelligence CompanyGroup.pngA secretive unit of the British Army used to put SAS and SAS trained personnel on the streets in Northern Ireland while being able to pretend that the SAS were not deployed there.
CIA/Directorate of OperationsGroup.pngIntelligence agency
Bin Laden Issue StationGroup.pngA particularly secret CIA station purportedly set up to try to capture and thwart Osama Bin Laden, but which appear to have been thwarting other US law enforcement officials from uncovering the 9-11 event.
Threat Response InternationalGroup.png


A Website that Closed

Joe Vialls' websiteWebsite.pngA collection of no holds barred investigations, particularly into false flag "terrorism" from about 1995-2005.




TitleBornDiedPlace of deathCause of deathSummaryDescription
Shapoor Reporter19202005ArgentinaSpook
Arms Dealer
Cushrow Irani19312005Journalist
Indian editor member of many Cold War press efforts.
Fritz Halm4 October 19154 January 2005BusinesspersonSwiss business leader, President of the Central Association of Swiss Employer Organizations.
Stephen Hastings4 May 192110 January 2005Wansford
MI6 agent member of Shield
Walter Wriston3 August 191919 January 2005New York
Chairman of Citigroup 1970-84
Per Borten3 April 191320 January 2005Politician
Franz-Josef Schulze18 September 191831 January 2005BonnSpook
Arthur Miller17 October 191510 February 2005Connecticut
US playwright blacklisted by Hollywood
Nils Ørvik3 January 191810 February 2005HistorianDeveloped the "defense against help" concept, where Canada's contribution to common North American “defense" protected it from US infringements on Canadian territorial sovereignty
Samuel T. Francis29 April 194715 February 2005Maryland
Prince George's County
Hunter S. Thompson18 July 193720 February 2005Colorado
Woody Creek
9-11/Premature death
A prominent writer, openly critical of the US government. While writing an expose of 9/11 when he was found dead.
John Barron26 January 193024 February 2005Spook
A spooky journalist who wrote on the evils of the KGB.
Hans-Jürgen Wischnewski24 July 192224 February 2005Germany
PoliticianGerman Bilderberg Steering committee member, 4 Bilderbergs in the 1970s
Peter Benenson31 July 192125 February 2005Oxford
British lawyer and co-founder of Amnesty International.
George Hickey24 March 192325 February 2005Spook
Henry Grunwald3 December 192226 February 2005New York
Deep state functionary
Diplomat, managing editor of TIME, and suspected deep state functionary
Édouard Stern18 October 195428 February 2005Switzerland
Tillie Fowler23 December 19422 March 2005Florida
Max Fisher15 July 19083 March 2005Deep state operative
Samuel Halpern7 March 2005Spook
Deep state operative
Pierre Salmon30 November 192610 March 2005AcademicHistorian specializing in African history who attended 1977 Bilderberg, where the relevant subject was "North American and Western European attitudes towards the Third World's demands for restructuring the world order".
Peter Petersen30 October 192617 March 2005PoliticianGerman politician from the CDU who attended the January 1984 Le Cercle meeting.
George Kennan16 February 190417 March 2005New Jersey
Princeton University
Deep politician
Suspected US deep politician, member of the Georgetown Set
James Callaghan27 March 191226 March 2005East Sussex
PoliticianAttended the 12th Bilderberg in 1963. Later picked as head of the UK labour party. PM for 3 years in the late 1970s
Gérard Filion18 August 190926 March 2005Journalist
Canadian businessman and journalist who attended the 1970 Bilderberg
Eric Roll1 December 190730 March 2005Academic
Deep politician
Central banker
Attended 36 Bilderberg conferences - more than anyone else from UK.
Karol Wojtyła18 May 19202 April 2005Vatican City
Apostolic Palace
Pope John Paul II
Saul Bellow10 June 19155 April 2005US
AuthorUS/Canadian writer. Member of Balkan Action Committee & Committee on the Present Danger
Marcel Clement8 April 2005Journalist
Peter F. Flaherty25 June 192418 April 2005Pennsylvania
Ezer Weizman15 June 192424 April 2005Israel
Alexander Trotman22 July 193325 April 2005Yorkshire
BusinesspersonUK/US businessman. Attended Bilderberg 1996 as CEO of Ford Motor Company.
Claude Julien17 May 19255 May 2005Journalist
Single Bilderberger editor
Andrew Goodpaster12 February 191516 May 2005Washington DCSoldierDouble Bilderberg SACEUR
Melita Norwood25 March 19122 June 2005Hampshire
Ted Westhusing17 November 19605 June 2005Iraq
Near Baghdad
GunshotSaw a lot of fraud going on in Iraq and let his exasperation show. Shot dead near Baghdad.
Arthur Dunkel26 August 19328 June 2005Switzerland
Deep state functionaryDirector-General of the World Trade Organization for over 12 years. 5 Bilderbergs
Robert Killian15 September 191925 June 2005Connecticut
PoliticianUS politician
Bertil Lundin31 December 194629 June 2005CancerSpookLeader of Office for Special Acquisition
George McGhee10 March 19124 July 2005Virginia
US ambassador, spook, Committee on the Present Danger, 12 Bilderbergs in the 1950s and 60s.
L. Patrick Gray18 July 19166 July 2005Florida
Atlantic Beach
SpookActing Director of the FBI
Hasib Hussain16 September 19867 July 2005London
Mohammad Sidique Khan20 October 19747 July 2005London
Germaine Lindsay23 September 19857 July 2005London
London Borough of Camden
Piccadilly line train
Shehzad Tanweer15 December 19827 July 2005London
City of London
Circle Line
Between Liverpool Street and Aldgate
François Duchene17 February 192712 July 2005Spook
Spooky key adviser to Jean Monnet
Edward Heath9 July 191617 July 2005Salisbury
PoliticianUK Prime Minister, posthumously suggested to be controlled through the UK/VIPaedophile operation
Joe Vialls194417 July 2005Researcher
An internet journalist who cricitised commercially controlled media, and suffered a premature death,
William Westmoreland26 March 191418 July 2005South Carolina
Jean Charles de Menezes22 July 2005ElectricianShot dead by UK police 2 weeks after the 7-7 bombings. Police originally lied about the circumstances, and might never have admitted the truth if Lana Vandenberghe had not blown the whistle and revealed the real chain of events.
... further results
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