Inlichtingen en Operatiën

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Group.png Inlichtingen en Operatiën  
(Operation Gladio, False flag, Strategy of tension, Hit squadSourcewatch WikiquoteRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
AbbreviationGladio, Gladio 1, Gladio A
MottoSilendo Libertatem Servo
(In silence, we serve freedom.)
Founder• Willem Drees
• Prince Bernhard
• MiVD
HeadquartersThe Hague, Netherlands
Type• military
• “terrorist”
Subgroups• Westerflier Cult
• Catharina Cult
InterestsStrategy of tension, Revolutionary Anti-Racist Action, Brabant Massacres, 1981 Dutch Cabinet crisis
Exposed byPeter R. de Vries
Prince Bernhard started this division that quite strangely - investigated, confirmed, and even covered up by the MiVD - had most of its weapons ending in the hands of the Dutch leading drug kingpins like Klaas Bruinsma. That Bruinsma and Bernhard are also linked in a pedophile sex ring is a third rail topic.

Inlichtingen en Operatiën was the Dutch division of Operation Gladio.


A segment on Dutch TV interviewed several former agents who exposed the working of the organization, the professionalism, how far they wanted to go and the confirmation by several agents and a file hidden in Dutch governmental archives that a group of official governmental mandated hitmen could still be active.
The CIA recruited Dutch agent 'Jan Constantin' and 4 others, trained them in Amsterdam and dropped them as what seems mercenaries in countries like Romania, according to Nieuwsuur [1]

After World War 2 the CIA employed a few Dutch secret service agents that actively started opposition groups alongside their own agents in Romania and Bulgaria from the 1950s, Nieuwsuur revealed in 2016. According to the segment they "actively employed partisans to stimulate anti-communist actions after a conference in Washington in 1951". The CIA and AIVD (at that point known as BVD) both didn't had any collection upon request in their databases. What they did there is not recollected, at least according to the official narrative.[2]

Around 1952 framework was finalized and two groups of 21 secret service agents along with the newly formed BVD, started actively recruiting - right-wing - civilians in useful positions that did not have a leading position in their workplace or any communist ideas, such as teachers, salesman, welders, drivers, physicians and sailors. This became later known as Operation Gladio. These two groups were called Operations and Intelligence. This group directly reported to the Dutch Minister of War and former officer, Kees Staf from 1952 and the PM Willem Drees from 1956.


"When you name 'gladio', alarm bells go off at high-positions, and they'll do their best to kill the case".

According to the Dutch investigative program Brandpunt the agents all were personally recruited by one member who became their handlers. They all recalled the "strange exceptional professionalism" of the operation; need to know basis, training in plausible deniability, required to be armed 24/7, they never met another agent and were also trained in the US and the UK (which would also be their back-up basis of operations in case of a Russian attack), trained up to 400 hours. In the 50s, 24 divisions were established: Operations had 7, Intelligence had 17. At the end of the 50s all these agents had their own secret intelligence-station in their house and a container with weapons, money and equipment which was to be held secret for their families. If someone "for any reason whatsoever" disappeared, they'd "vanish in the mist and never be found".


Operations - located at first in Utrecht, later in Amsterdam in the HQ of the Dutch Marines - fell directly under PM Willem Drees and had these 7 divisions; Psyops, Sabotage, Connections, Falsification, Operational Finance, Security and Codes. Operations was noted as the "Extreme Measures-unit". Their task was to "commit acts of sabotage", "acts of violence against persons - politicians, activists and journalists included - that supported the enemy", "commit robberies" and "make propaganda that would hurt the enemy". Gladio was already infiltrated in Dutch media as head of Dutch public broadcaster NCRV and head of the chairman of the Dutch Council of Journalism Tom Herstel was an instructor for the psyop-division. Interesting note; HQ Villa Maarheeze, Clingendael Institute, and one of three royal palaces of Bernhard and Juliana Wilhelmina are located in the same small town of Wassenaar within... 6 miles of each other.

US Deep state influence

In the 1950s and 1960s, US Deep state had vastly more money than the BVD, and used it to exert influence into the Netherlands. By 1958, for example, the CIA paid the salaries of approximately 51 of the 691 employees of the Dutch service.[3]

Quia Oportet

Full article: Quia Oportet

Up until this point in the 1990s the Dutch never admitted Gladio to be existent. Several weapon stashes were found and reported by corporate media, but mayors, prosecutors, and other high-ranking officials all denied knowing the origins. Even when newspaper Elsevier released an article naming several Dutch spooks and "at least two MPs as KGB-agents by our source, a spook himself.[4], later revealed to be CIA-agent Carl Armfelt." Ruud Lubbers admitted[5] the existence in 1990 of a Dutch division of the Operation Gladio-network. Lubbers denied the division to have bombed anything, and downplayed the activities massively. A Belgian agent revealed to Amsterdam main newspaper Het Parool that the Belgian and Dutch Gladio-networks were in fact actively working together, meeting regularly.[6] A company listed Quia Oportet is secretly listed elongation of the Dutch Gladio divisions with a founding date of 1992... with an alleged end date just months after 9-11.

Hit Squad

Their activities show a lot of infighting, although a suspected link to the Brabant massacres is suspected even up to Marc Dutroux[7] if not through Gladio[8], then through Bruinsma[9][10][11].

Full article: De Groene Amsterdammer


Former shadow cabinet member Ed van Thijn - also implicated in a child sex sing - was suspected of covering-up and protecting several commanders of a regional police-unit that several members of Klaas Bruinsma's crime syndicate had infiltrated or simply out-conned. Bruinsma's gang was noted be responsible for the biggest thefts of Gladio-weapons on Dutch soil.


Related Quotation

Peter R. de Vries“When we began 4 years ago with this case, we couldn't believe this lawyer, but now I can't deny it any more. We discovered that the justice departments in Belgium, The Netherlands and in particular in Amsterdam have made several cases in international weapons smuggling silently disappear. These departments have consistently remarked that illegal ownership of weapons would be tackled directly. I can't deny that this has happened on purpose. Of course, the Dutch Ministry of Justice makes mistakes that sometimes have sad consequences, but, these volumes, this stubborn, and this simple can only happen if it was your intention all along. Admitting it, they will never do, because you'd have to admit why you did this, and the experiences from the 1980s with Gladio learns that these sort of deals will be denied till the bitter end. Which means we'll probably never know of the exact dealings.”Peter R. de Vries
Peter Rudolf de Vries