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Group.png Republic of Türkiye  
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Turkey (orthographic projection).svg
Flag of Turkey.svg
Capital cityIstanbul
LocationEurope, Middle East
Leaders• Prime Minister of Turkey
• President of Turkey
Typenation state
SubgroupsTurkey/Deep state
Interest ofMorton Abramowitz, Maximator-Alliance, Sinan Ülgen
Member ofG-20, Global Counter Terrorism Forum, International Energy Agency, NATO, OECD, UN
SubpageTurkey/1993 Planned Military Coup
Turkey/Central Bank
Turkey/Chief of the General Staff
Turkey/Deep state
Turkey/Deputy Prime Minister
Turkey/Foreign policy
Turkey/Leader of the Opposition
Turkey/Member of the Grand National Assembly
Turkey/Prime Minister
Turkey/Undersecretary of state
Turkey is a nation state at the south east corner of Europe.

Turkey, and since 2022[1] officially the Republic of Türkiye, is a nation state with a geographically important position.

Deep state

Full article: Turkish deep state
Turkey Deep state.jpg

Sibel Edmonds states that Operation Gladio was more active in Turkey than in any other European nation state.[2] The 1996 Susurluk car crash dramatically exposed the Turkish deep state and can even be through to be the beginning of the exposure of the concept of the deep state.

Drug trafficking

Full article: Rated 4/5 Illegal drug trade

Sibel Edmonds has stated that Turkey is a key transit and refinement point for opium before it is shipped by deep state controlled planes from Afghanistan.[3] In 1996, Hüseyin Baybaşin claimed that the heroin distribution operations are controlled by former police chief and then-minister Turkish of the interior Mehmet Agar. In 1997 he claimed that Turkish president Suleyman Demirel and Turkish Prime minister Tansu Ciller were also involved.[4]

Sibel Edmonds has stated that when she was working for the FBI, Turkey was one of 4 countries which they were not permitted to monitor under FISA (the others being Belgium, UK and Azerbaijan).[5]

ISIS Oil trafficking

Russia's defense ministry claimed in December 2015 to have proof that Turkey was involved in the Islamic State oil trade.[6]


Events carried out

2011 Attacks on LibyaLibya"Perhaps one of the most egregious examples of US military aggression and lawlessness in recent memory", carried out under a pretext of "humanitarian intervention".
Evacuation from AfghanistanAfghanistanThe evacuation of foreigners from Afghanistan, one of the largest airlifts in history


Related Quotations

1997 Turkish military memorandum“In Turkey we have a marriage of Islam and democracy. (...) The child of this marriage is secularism. Now this child gets sick from time to time. The Turkish Armed Forces is the doctor which saves the child. Depending on how sick the kid is, we administer the necessary medicine to make sure the child recuperates.”Çevik Bir
Joe Biden“Our allies in the region were our largest problem in Syria. The Turks were great friends, and I have a great relationship with Erdogan, [who] I just spent a lot of time with, [and] the Saudis, the Emirates, etcetera.
   What were they doing? They were so determined to take down Assad, and essentially have a proxy Sunni-Shia war, what did they do? They poured hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of tons of weapons into anyone who would fight against Assad – except that the people who were being supplied, [they] were al-Nusra, and al-Qaeda, and the extremist elements of jihadis who were coming from other parts of the world.
   Now, you think I'm exaggerating? Take a look. Where did all of this go? So now that's happening, all of a sudden, everybody is awakened because this outfit called ISIL, which was al-Qaeda in Iraq, when they were essentially thrown out of Iraq, found open space and territory in [eastern] Syria, [and they] work with al-Nusra, who we declared a terrorist group early on. And we could not convince our colleagues to stop supplying them.
So what happened? Now, all of a sudden – I don't want to be too facetious – but they have seen the lord. Now we have ... been able to put together a coalition of our Sunni neighbors, because America can't once again go into a Muslim nation and be the aggressor. It has to be led by Sunnis. To go and attack a Sunni organization. And so what do we have for the first time? President Erdoğan told me, he is an old friend, said you were right, we let too many people through, now we are trying to seal the border.”
Joe Biden
The Washington Post
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan“The wannbe Sultan of a new Ottoman Reich, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, let his people vote in a referendum about new extensive powers for his office. Yesterday's "yes"/"no" vote was allegedly won by the "yes" side with 51.4% of the votes. This even though the "no" vote won in all major cities. In Turkey the vote in the major cities usually reflects the total. The campaign for the vote was very unfair with all state media and offices pushing for a "yes". Opposition politicians were put to jail or threatened with retribution. Media opposing Erdogan were suppressed or completely closed down.

There is significant reasons to believe that the vote count was fraudulently manipulated. On the day of the vote the election commission, stuffed with Erdogan cronies, suddenly allowed ballots without the official stamp to be counted. According to Turkish election laws each ballot, and each envelope of a postal vote, needs to be officially stamped before voting starts. This is supposed to prevent ballot stuffing with ballots printed outside of the official channels. The election commission has given no reason yet why it thought that such a last minute rule change, in opposition to the law, was necessary or even legal. Use of unstamped ballots was reported out of many election localities in rural areas where the "yes" votes now were the majority. Additionally video was recorded of local election workers stamping ballots after they had been used for voting.

The opposition is protesting and will go to court. But it will likely have little success. Erdogan has removed all judges and other legal personal that could go against him. An amateurish coup attempt against him, which he knew about before it happened, was used by him to clean all public offices of people not aligned with his party and program.

The new powers of the presidency will only come into force after the next election for the presidency. But everyone expects that Erdogan will use them right away. With the issue of the referendum put aside Erdogan is now free to escalate interior and exterior conflicts. We can expect new Turkish operations in Syria as well as in Iraq to be launched soon.

In the 1990s I extensively traveled in Turkey - alone, by local buses and mostly in the east. The country was waking up and in an intellectual and commercial growing phase. During the last years a new wave of conservatism has stopped that move. My friends there report of stagnation.

Turkey does not have the economic and intellectual power to become a new Ottoman Reich. It will fail in new expansive endeavors. But the attempt alone will be destructive for Turkey as well as for the countries around it.

Turkey is no longer a democracy. It is now a one man dictatorship with an expansive and distinct Islamist agenda. To change that will require the removal of Erdogan through some act of force.”
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
Nigel Gould-Davies“For Azerbaijan, [the reconquest of Nagorno-Karabakh] is a total victory won by the cruel, hard methods of military force and economic blockade, together with training and equipment from Turkey....But the key question is how relations between the west and Azerbaijan will develop. The west's energy ties with the oil and gas-rich country are more important than ever as it weans itself off Russian supplies. Now there are new security possibilities, especially in light of the war in Ukraine. Azerbaijan is the only country that borders both Russia and Iran, two western adversaries whose ever-closer relations evoke growing alarm. Azerbaijan’s ties with Turkey, a Nato member that also provides weapons support to Ukraine, means that it is receiving military training according to the alliance's standards. All this offers the potential for a deeper relationship, if the west has the strategic imagination to grasp it.”Nigel Gould-Davies5 October 2023
Wayne Madsen“The Turkish Gray Wolves and the pan-Turkic National Action Party (NAP) made common cause with the neo-cons and their Israeli friends. The Wolves and the NAP considered the peoples of Soviet Central Asia to be "captive Turks." The Turkish right-wing nationalists foresaw a nuclear-armed Turkey extending from Thrace to the central Asian steppes.”Wayne Madsen28 May 2007
Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu“It is not possible to give up our rights and interests in the Eastern Mediterranean just because sanctions will come or because the EU will criticize us.”Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu14 December 2020



1980 Turkish coup d'état
2016 Istanbul airport attack
2016 Turkish coup d'état attempt
Bilderberg/1959The 8th Bilderberg and the first in Turkey. 60 guests.
Bilderberg/1975The 24th Bilderberg Meeting, 98 guests
Bilderberg/2007The 55th Bilderberg meeting, held in Turkey
Castle PlanTurkish government plan to widen the range of means used to fight the Kurdistan Workers' Party. This included using the resources of the Counter-Guerrilla, such as the Grey Wolves, to assassinate PKK members and supporters. To get the plan started the deep state had to assassinate President Turgut Özal.
Ergenekon trials
Le Cercle/1998 (Istanbul)Other dates uncertain
Operation Cage Action Plan
Susurluk car crashA seminal but still rather poorly understood deep event. It led to the coining of the phrase "deep state", and by extension "deep politics" and "deep politician".
Turkish Council of State shooting
Turkish Straits crisis


Groups Headquartered Here

Academics For PeaceNovember 2012
Ankara University1923Important Turkish university
Batı Çalışma Grubu1997Deep state group of high ranking Turkish military officers
Bilkent University1984Ranked among the top Turkish universities
Boğaziçi University1863Turkish elite university with strong ties to the American educational system.
Cumhuriyet7 May 1924Turkish newspaper with Bilderberg habit
ErgenekonA Turkish deep state group with ties to members of the country's military and security forces. Exposed in 1996 car crash.
Galatasaray High School1481 JLOldest high school in Turkey.
Hacettepe University1967Faculty of Medicine is ranked the best in Turkey.
Hürriyet1948Turkish newspaper with Bilderberg habit
Istanbul Bilgi University1996A private university located in Istanbul, Turkey.
Istanbul Technical University1773Many of the graduates take role in the development of Turkey.
Kadir Has University1997Established in 1997 by billionaire Kadir Has
Kadıköy Maarif College1955Prestigious high school in Istanbul
Koç Holding1926The largest industrial conglomerate in Turkey,
Marmara University1883A leading institution of higher education in Turkey for 124 years
Milliyet11 February 1926Turkish newspaper with Bilderberg habit
Robert College1863A long established school with many Turkish Bilderbergers among its alumni.
Sabah22 April 1985Turkish newspaper with Bilderberg habit
Sabancı University1994Founded under the guidance of the Sabancı family, with Bilderberg connections.
Turkey/Central Bank
Turkey/Deep state'Derin devlet' is a deep state network based in Turkey. Repeated indiscretions resulted in its partial exposure, leading to the English phrase 'deep state' to refer to the phenomenon of a 'state-within-a-state or 'shadow government'.
Turkish Industry and Business Association1971Possible deep state milieu, under suspicion because it so well represented at the Bilderberg. Identifies with Western interests.
Yildiz Technical University1911Turkish engineering school
Özyeğin University2008Training future Turkish businesspeople


Citizens of Turkey on Wikispooks

Semih Akbil192721 June 1986Spokesman for the Turkish government after the invasion of Cyprus. Attended the 1975 Bilderberg
Gündüz Aktan7 August 194119 November 2008Single Bilderberger Turkish diplomat
Yıldırım Aktürk1941Connections in the Turkish government. Member of the Board of Directors of TUSIAD
Mustafa Akyol20 February 1972Single Bilderberg Turkish journalist and author arguing for Islamic liberalism
Ali Hikmet Alp5 December 1932Turkish diplomat who attended the 1994 Bilderberg meeting.
Fuat Alpkartal1902April 1978A Turkish officer with strong ties to the Turkish intelligence community and a former Military Attaché in Washington. Attended the 1959 Bilderberg.
Ertuğrul Apakan1947Turkish diplomat who chaired the The UN Security Council's Counter-Terrorism Committee in 2010.
Tekin Ariburun3 October 190313 October 1993Attended the 1959 Bilderberg as Commander of the Turkish Air Force. Retired in 1960 because he was against the military coup. Briefly acting President of Turkey in 1973.
Senem Aydın-DüzgitSingle Bilderberger Turkish academic. Opponent of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, strongly for the European Union. Published about COVID-19
Aslı Aydıntaşbaş24 February 1973Turkish journalist in Cumhuriyet, Milliyet, CNN Türk. Deep state connections. Attended the 2013 Bilderberg meeting.
Mehmet Ağar30 October 1951Turkish politician who escaped the Susurluk car crash after being forewarned. Reportedly in charge of heroin trafficking through Turkey. Arrested and served time in jail. Released in 2013
Mehmet Ali Ağca9 January 1958
Ali Babacan4 April 19678 times Bilderberg visitor, Turkish politician
Galip Balkar193611 March 1983Assassinated by Armenians while Turkish Ambassador to Yugoslavia
Evren BaltaTurkish Bilderberger academic
Evelin Banev8 October 1964Bulgarian "cocaine kingpin".
Mehmet BayarTurkish politician
Uğur Bayar1 May 1957Turkish businessman and financier.
Deniz Baykal20 July 1938Turkish perennial politician, had to resign after 2010 sextape
Egemen Bağış23 April 1970Bilderberg Turkish politician. Former president of the Federation of Turkish American Associations.
İlker Başbuğ29 April 1943Chief of the General Staff of Turkey.
Erdem Başçı1966Governor of the Central Bank of Turkey from 2011-2016
Burhan Belge1 February 189912 January 1967Turkish diplomat. First husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor, father of Murat Belge
Enis Berberoğlu1 April 1956Turkish politician and journalist sentenced in 2017 to 25 years in prison on spying charges
Feyyaz Berker7 October 192522 August 2017spooky Turkish businessman, Turkish Industry and Business Association chair
Selahattin Beyazit5 July 193121 January 2022One of the biggest industrialists in Turkey and member of the Bilderberg Steering committee.
Dinc Bilgin1940Turkish media mogul whose media empire was seized by the Turkish government in 2002.
Çevik Bir1939Turkish general who organized 1997 'soft' coup.
Mehmet Ali Birand9 December 194117 January 2013Turkish journalist with Milliyet and CNN Türk. Spoke positively of Fethullah Gülen. Attempted framed by intelligence services.
Nuri Birgi1907198623 Bilderbergs, Turkish Permanent Representative to NATO
Eşref Bitlis193317 February 1993Turkish general who was assassinated by deep state as part of the Turkey/1993 Planned Military Coup
Cem Boyner23 September 1955Turkish businessman. Selected a Global Leader for Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum in 1994, and attended the 1995 Bilderberg meeting, just as he was going from leader of the Turkish Industry and Business Association to an attempted political career.
Ümit Boyner28 September 1963Double Bilderberg President of the Turkish Industry and Business Association
Ali Bozer28 July 192530 September 2020Became acting Prime Minister of Turkey for 9 days in 1989 after attending two Bilderbergs
Sedat Bucak31 October 1960Survived the 1996 Susurluk car crash.
Selin Sayek Böke24 August 1972US born Turkish politician who attended the 2015 Bilderberg
Ihsan Sabri Caglayangil190830 December 1993Turkish politician who lost his job 3 times in separate military coups. Bilderberg/1975
Yavuz Canevi1939Attended the 1986 Bilderberg as Governor of the Turkish Central Bank
Huseyin Celem28 September 1937Turkish diplomat who attended the 1993 Bilderberg in Greece as Turkish Ambassador
İsmail Cem15 February 194024 January 2007Turkish politician and Robert College alumnus. Attended 1 Bilderberg as mooted presidential candidate, a second as Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Hasan Cemal1944Turkish writer who published on the Armenian Genocide. Opponent of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Attended the 2004 Bilderberg conference.
Ahmet Ünal Ceviköz6 November 1952Former Turkish ambassador to the UK. He attended the Bilderberg for the first time in 2019.
Süreyya Ciliv1958Turkish businessman, Microsoft
Esra Eczacıbaşı CoşkunWEF-backed Turkish "Digital Transformation Coordinator"
Canan DagdevirenTurkish academic who attended the 2018 Bilderberg.
Selva DemiralpBilderberg economist
Süleyman Demirel1 November 192417 June 2015Turkish PM
Kemal Derviş10 January 1949UNDP administrator, 4 times Bilderberger, Brookings
Vecdi Diker190813 July 1997US-educated Turkish engineer and Directorate of Highways. Early Bilderberg guest.
Hrant Dink15 September 1954January 2007
... further results


Events Participated in

Bandung Conference19551955IndonesiaImportant conference for the global south; participants soon became prime targets for US foreign policy


Related Documents

TitleTypePublication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Nato Expansion and Turkeyblog post17 May 2022Craig MurrayThere is another, specifically Turkish interest in play here, which is very much a factor in Erdogan’s willingness to stand up to Biden over Swedish and Finnish NATO entry. This of course relates to the permanent tension between NATO members Turkey and Greece.
Document:Speech by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on 20 August 2017 to the Syrian Diplomatic CorpsSpeech31 August 2017Bashar al AssadThe US President is not the maker of policies, but the executor. Therefore, the “Deep State” in the United States does not govern in partnership with the President, but leaves him a small margin.
Document:The Curious Case of the Freedom Flotillablog post28 April 2024Craig MurrayCraig Murray: "I am therefore entirely perplexed that the organisers went with Guinea Bissau as the flag state rather than a state likely to stand up to Israel and the US. Of course it failed. Is the problem incompetence, or is it again security service influence?"
Document:The ‘Stolen Province’: Why Turkey Was Given A Corner Of Syria By France 80 Years AgoArticle29 February 2020Under the Treaty of Lausanne, Hatay Province was part of the French Mandate for Syria and Lebanon but just before the Second World War broke out, Paris suddenly decided to hold a referendum and Hatay voted to become part of Turkey.
Document:Turkey ambushed Su24 using information supplied by USreport27 November 2015Ministry of Defence of the Russian FederationCommander-in-Chief of the Russian Aerospace Forces, General Bondarev, presents facts of the attack on the Russian Su-24M aircraft carried out by Turkish F-16 fighters in the sky over Syria on 24 November 2015
Document:US charged with war crimes in Syria prison siegeArticle27 January 2022Bill Van AukenSyria’s state media agency Sana quoted the country’s Foreign Ministry as denouncing the actions of the US and its puppet Kurdish-led militia as tantamount to “war crimes”. It demanded the immediate withdrawal of both US troops from northeastern Syria and the Turkish military from the northwest of the country.
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