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Raising the flag at Ijowima
1945 saw the end of World War II

World War II

Full article: World War II

The second world war concluded in 1945, both in Europe and in Japan. The networks which were formalised as NATO's Operation Gladio were around at the end of WWII.

Exfiltration of Nazis

Many senior Nazis escaped out of Germany via ratlines (mostly to South America), other were resettled in the USA under Project Paperclip.

Operation Gladio

Full article: Operation Gladio

Around the end of WWII, Operation Gladio was instigated, that was to prove a decisive influence in the business of deep politics in Europe for the next half century or so, and arguably even longer. The still only partially exposed extent of its activities and reach mean that its precise influence is difficult to quantify, although it has been clearly tied to a few so-called "terrorist" incidents, and circumstantial evidence points to its involvement in many more, including the removal of progressive voices from activists to dissident businesmen to national political leaders.

A continent wide network of networks was established, run out from a still under exposed NATO office in Brussels. The group was financed, supplied and trained to carry out acts of subversion such as bombing, assassination and kidnapping. Nominally, this was established as a contingency plan in the case of an invasion by the USSR.

Highlighting the potential for such massive conspiracies to go reported by the commercially-controlled media, the network was first publicly exposed only in the 1980s. This follows a series of false flag attacks targetting the civilian population, that were blamed upon communist "terrorists". They were carried out by the supranational deep state to prevent a communist victory at the ballot box.



Operation Bootstrap19301970Between 1930 and 1970, around one third of all women in the US territory of Puerto Rico were sterilized
Tuskegee syphilis experiment19321972A murderous experiment which looked at the progression of syphilis. Subjects were told that they were being treated, while in fact treatment was denied them. Exposed after 40 years by a whistleblower who went to the press.
The Nazi atom bomb programme19391945A secret black project by Nazi Germany testing nuclear weapons before the end of WW2 Adolf Hitler plotted to decimate Britain with.
WW21 September 19392 September 1945The second world war.
"The Holocaust"19411945In its capitalized form "The Holocaust" refers in the Western world to the treatment of the Jewish populations of Germany and German occupied territories during WW2 (1939-45). Its use in this format stems from about the mid-1960's (i.e. more than 20 years after the events it claims to define). It does not appear in histories or documents before that time.
Aktion T419411945Nazi Germany euthanasia programme.
Operation Barbarossa22 June 19411945
Manhattan Project19421946A top secret project to develop nuclear weapons for use in WW2
Soldatensender Calais24 October 194330 April 1945British black propaganda broadcaster during the Second World War
Morgenthau Plan16 September 19445 May 1955Proposal to destroy or remove Germany's industrial base.
France/Assassinations since 19451945
WW2/Aftermath1945Events directly related to World War II that occurred following the unconditional surrender of Germany and Japan in the spring and late summer of 1945 respectively
Ratline19451960Channels where by prominent Nazis were spirited out of Europe to South America.
Nuclear arms race1945
US/Assassinations since 19451945The list is very incomplete....
BBC/Censorship/Nuclear Weapons1945
Yalta Conference4 February 194511 February 1945
Dresden/1945 Fire-bombing13 February 194515 February 1945
RheinwiesenlagerApril 1945September 1945US army run concentration camps in Western Germany
Victory in Europe Day8 May 19458 May 1945
Operation Paperclip8 May 19451990A transfer of top German scientists to USA.
Sétif and Guelma massacre8 May 194526 June 1945Large French colonial massacre in 1945.
Potsdam Conference17 July 19452 August 1945
Soviet-Japanese War7 August 19452 September 1945On 8 August 1945, a week before Japan's surrender in World War II, 1.5 million Soviet troops began a gigantic surprise attack against Japanese occupation forces in northern China and Korea, an area the size of Western Europe.<a href="#cite_note-1">[1]</a>
Nuremberg Trials20 November 19451 September 1946


New Groups

European Forum AlpbachLogo European Forum Alpbach (2014).pngConference "connecting international decision-makers from all sectors of society with an interested audience and committed young people".
Propaganda DuePropaganda Due.jpg"A state within a state", the Masonic lodge most deeply involved in Operation Gladio, apparently used by the CIA to subvert the Italian state.
University of WrocławUniversity of Wrocław.pngPublicLarge break from German to Polish in 1945
Bulletin of the Atomic ScientistsBulletin of the Atomic Scientists.pngCreated the Doomsday Clock illustrating the danger of nuclear war
CzechoslovakiaFlag of the Czech Republic.svgNation stateFormer country in Europe.
Netherlands/Deep stateMax Stoel Kissinger.jpgClosely allied with the US Deep state. Leader and strange enabler (after banning it after World War II) of the EU-illegal drug trade, run from Amsterdam. Known for Bernhard von Biesterfeld and his involvement in developing Bilderberg and the 1001 club, and a possible sex cult and crime syndicate surrounding the royal family. Since the 2010s led by deep politicians and their consultants in NATO and EU institutes.
American Swiss FoundationGroup.pngMore than 1,400 US and Swiss future leaders have been selected to participate in it Young Leaders program since 1990.
Joint Intelligence Objectives AgencyGroup.png
Roosevelt UniversityRoosevelt University.pngMilitary ranksSocial justice is a cornerstone of Roosevelt's history and development
Federal TrustGroup.png
US/Army/Security AgencyASA.jpg
Christian Social UnionGroup.pngThe largest political party in Bavaria.
International Court of JusticeInternational Court of Justice Seal.svgInternational
The international court charged with preventing war crimes which is constitutionally unable to carry out its mission as regards the permanent members of the UN security council (and their allies) which are also (more or less) the world's most active weapons producers and wagers of illegal war.
École nationale d'administrationÉcole nationale d'administration.png
Arab LeagueFlag of the Arab League.svgPan-Arab organisation.
Christian Democratic UnionGroup.pngThe largest political party in Germany.
Strategic Services UnitGroup.png
UNEmblem of the United Nations.svgPolitics
The successor of the League of Nations, the UN was founded after World War 2 - purposely or not - couldn't be prevented by the LoN. Although the IGO officially claims to aim for Peace, in particular the UN Security Council often rules against intervention often resulting in more casualties in controversial and prolonged conflicts.
IMFInternational Monetary Fund logo.svgInternational


Groups that were Wound Up

University of KönigsbergSiegel-Albertina-Koenigsber.pngTotally destroyed and closed in 1945.
ManchukuoGroup.pngNation stateJapanese puppet state 1933-1945. Place of major Japanese deep state activities, and the fortunes of many deep state actors.
Reich Security Main OfficeGroup.png
Office of Strategic ServicesOffice of Strategic Services.jpegIntelligence agencyPrecursor to the CIA.


==A Quotation== 


TitleBornDiedPlace of deathCause of deathSummaryDescription
Vassili Mironov1945Spook
Konstantin Volkov1945Diplomat
Soviet NKVD defector in Turkey who was betrayed by Kim Philby.
Frederik Prytz14 February 187819 February 1945Deep state actor
José María Moncada Tapia8 December 187023 February 1945
David Lloyd George17 January 186326 March 1945Wales
Tŷ Newydd
Jack Agazarian (WWII)27 August 191529 March 1945SpookUK spook of the SOE who was captured and killed in WW2.
Frederick Lugard22 January 185811 April 1945Soldier
Deep state operative
UK deep state operative, Governor of Hong Kong 1907-1912
Franklin D. Roosevelt30 January 188212 April 1945United States
Warm Springs
Widely recalled for his 'new deal'
Benito Mussolini29 July 188328 April 1945Italy
Giulino di Mezzegra
Adolf Hitler20 April 188930 April 1945Germany
War criminal
Austrian. Former soldier turned painter turned German leader. Played a massive role in World War 2.
Joseph Goebbels29 October 18971 May 1945Germany
Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda under Adolf Hitler
Heinrich Müller28 April 1900May 1945(assumed)
Martin Bormann17 June 19002 May 1945Germany
A prominent official in Hitler's government with control over assets plundered by the Nazis. The official story says he died in Berlin in 1945, although this is disputed.
Heinrich Himmler7 October 190023 May 1945Germany
Lower Saxony
Harold Goulding21 August 19034 August 1945EdinburghSubdural haematomaSpook
Master mariner, spook and commander of the Special Boat Unit Headquarters who carried out "very secret work". Interest centers on the final month of the war, when Goulding was purportedly posted to Cardiff. Died of meningitis in an Edinburgh hospital 3 months later after another unexpected posting to Scotland.
Hiram Johnson2 September 18666 August 1945Maryland
PoliticianA leading US "isolationist" politician.
Ronald Lindsay3 May 187721 August 1945DiplomatPermanent Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs, the most senior position in the British diplomatic service 1928-1930, and UK Ambassador to the United States 1930-1939.
Axel Rappe22 June 188431 October 1945Sweden
John Amery14 March 191219 December 1945London
United Kingdom
Wandsworth Prison
AssassinationActivistBrother of politician Julian Amery. A Nazi-sympathiser who was executed for high treason by the UK government.
George Patton11 November 188521 December 1945Germany
PoisonSoldierUS general who died in a car crash. Officially, an accident.



TitleBornPlace of birthDiedSummaryDescription
Manucher Ghorbanifar1945IranArms DealerArms dealer and central figure in the Iran-Contra Affair.
David Pepper1945SpookHead of GCHQ from 2003 to 2008, now an advisory board member of a major arms manufacturer.
Allan Gerson19451 December 2019LawyerChairman of AG International Law (AG-IL)
Francis Richards1945Head of GCHQ from 1998 to 2003.
Donald Gibson1945Philadelphia
John Carbaugh194519 March 2006Spook
Arms Dealer
Deep state functionary
Cercle attendee linked to political double dealing, arms deals and Iran-Contra.
Baghdadi Mahmudi1945ZawiyaPolitician
Prime Minister of Libya from 2006 until NATO's Attack in 2011.
Brian Downing Quig194516 June 2003Researcher
Deep politics researcher who publicised CIA drug trafficking. Fatal hit by a car in 2003.
Richard Malvesti194526 July 1990Soldier
Craig Stapleton1945United States
Kansas City
One of three relatives of George W. Bush who worked in the impact zones of the WTC on the day of 9/11
Jan Huyghebaert1945Financier
Belgian nobility
Belgian businessman, 11 Bilderbergs
Mathis Cabiallavetta1945Banker
Richard Morningstar1945Diplomat
Deep state operative
U.S. deep state operative specializing in getting control over the strategically important oil from the Caspian Basin.
Peter Lamborn Wilson1945Author
Christopher Jeans1945January 2014Editor
John Koeltl1945JudgeThe US judge who dismissed the DNC civil suit against Julian Assange “with prejudice”. In retirement he has attempted to defend the rights of those imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay.
Victor Ashe1 January 1945United States
DiplomatKentucky fellow Bonesman, roommate and cheerleader with George W. Bush, who was appointed Ambassador Poland from 2004 until 2009. Bohemian Grove
John Crawford1945Author
Police officer
A detective constable who played a leading part in investigating the sabotage of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie.
Thomas Von Essen1945New York
New York City Fire Commissioner on 9/11
Serge Monast19455 December 1996Poet
John Huang1945A major figure in Chinagate, a 1996 election funding scandal involving Bill Clinton.
Firyal Irshaid1945PrincessA longtime companion to Lionel Pincus, founder of Warburg Pincus. She was mentioned in Jeffrey Epstein's black book, and is a board member of the spooky International Rescue Committee.
Fred Matser1945"Philanthropist" who has been called "the Dutch Bill Gates".
Michael Sahlin1945DiplomatSwedish diplomat on the Swedish Submarine Protection Commission
Anton van Rossum1945BusinesspersonDutch business executive
Rolf Schweiger9 January 1945Switzerland
Deep state functionary
Swiss lawyer, politician and Bilderberger businessman with deep state connections.
John Fahey10 January 19452 September 2020Politician
Inger Prebensen11 January 1945Norway
FinancierNorwegian financier who attended the 1988 Bilderberg. Her ex-husband joined the Institute for Statecraft in the 2010s
Steven Hoffenberg12 January 1945August 2022Businessperson
Vince Foster15 January 1945Hope
20 July 1993Lawyer
Clinton body count
A deputy White House Counsel and Clinton confidante who died unexpectedly.
Geir Lundestad17 January 1945Norway
22 September 2023HistorianNorwegian historian who wrote obsequious thesis on how the U.S. became a military empire "by invitation" - so no surprise he became Director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute. Attended the 2005 Bilderberg.
Peter Hambro18 January 1945Businessperson
Niels Harrit19 January 1945Musician
A chemist whose research provides evidence that the trade center towers were demolished by nano-thermite.
Ahmad Bishara19 January 194513 January 2016Kuwait academic and activist who advocated liberal political reforms in the autocratic emirate. Attended the 2003 Bilderberg meeting.
Salvatore Cassano22 January 1945New York
FirefighterNew York City Fire Commissioner instrumental in rebuilding the department after 343 firefighters died as a result of September 11.
Richard Dearlove23 January 1945Gorran Haven
SpookHead of MI6 from 1999 to 2004. Publicly announced in 2020 that he believed Covid-19 came from a laboratory.
Nick Raynsford28 January 1945United Kingdom
John Perkins28 January 1945US
New Hampshire
US economist turned whistleblower whose Confessions of an Economic Hit Man prompted an official denial by the US government.
James Nicholson29 January 1945Northern Ireland
PoliticianA member of the European Parliament
Meir Dagan30 January 194517 March 2016Spook
Rolf Soiron31 January 1945Germany
BusinesspersonOne of the most important business leaders in Switzerland. Former Chairman (2005–2018) of the Board of Directors of Lonza, a company closely tied to the World Economic Forum and manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines.
Graham AveryFebruary 1945BusinesspersonUK businessman, Chief Adviser for Enlargement, European Community
Lodewijk J. R. de VinkFebruary 1945BusinesspersonDutch Bilderberger Big Pharma executive
Christopher Nicholson5 February 1945Author
Retired South African High Court Judge, prolific author
Bob Marley6 February 1945Jamaica
Nine Mile
Saint Ann Parish
11 May 1981Musician
A musician who died of cancer aged 36.
Hans-Adam II14 February 1945Switzerland
Billionaire ruler of Liechtenstein.
Turki bin Faisal al-Saud15 February 1945Saudi Arabia
Deep state operative
A former director general of the Saudi Intelligence Agency, who resigned suddenly, just 10 days before the 9/11 attacks.
Gazi Ercel20 February 1945Central bankerTurkish central banker and 4 times Bilderberger
Ulf Sundqvist22 February 1945Politician
Finnish politician with financial shenanigans
Arnold Kanter27 February 194510 April 2010Spook
Deep state functionary
Spooky US deep state functionary. Special Assistant to President George H. W. Bush, part of Brent Scowcroft’s National Security Council staff.
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