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Operation Mockingbird, which moved selected Germans to USA after WWII, included rocket scientists to help with production of missiles.


An example

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Intercontinental ballistic missile


A Missile victim on Wikispooks

Anwar al-AwlakiThe first assassination victim in modern times for whose death the US government has openly admitted responsibility.


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Institute for Statecraft/Purposes“We are at war, in a hybrid war, we cannot deter it - only fight it... We need to go away and seek to change the minds within uniformed services, and move away from a mentality of peacetime, to one of wartime.”Integrity Initiative
Institute for Statecraft/Purposes“The UK would love it's (sic.) own ballistic capabilities, both in a sovereign sense & to enable better cooperation. The range rings represent threats themselves, even if the capabilities are not matched by intent, there is an lack of will by politicians to provide the necessary protection. Not enough political drive enough, there is significant public blindness, if the public were kept in a state of - this would be easier, however politicians would prefer to have a blithe sense of safety. This represents a start difference to Putin, who has been whipping up the fear.”Integrity Initiative
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