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(Soldier, royal, diplomat, civil servant, paedophile?)
Prince Friso Claus.jpg
Born6 September 1926
Schloss Dötzingen, Hitzacker, Lower Saxony, Germany
Died6 October 2002 (Age 76)
Amsterdam, North-Holland, Netherlands
NationalityGerman, Dutch
SpouseQueen Beatrix of the Netherlands
Prince Claus of the Netherlands

Prince Claus of the Netherlands, Jonkheer van Amsberg ( Klaus-Georg Wilhelm Otto Friedrich Gerd von Amsberg) was the German-Dutch husband of Queen Beatrix, and the Prince Consort of the Netherlands from Beatrix's ascension in 1980 until his death in 2002. He was born in Germany, served in the German army and was accused of "picking up underage boys in the city of Amsterdam" and at least "watching former Dutch Minister of Finance Onno Ruding having sex with one of them."[1][2]


Being born in a family of low nobility, he enjoyed his best childhood days in Tanzania, even requesting to be sent back after the economical crisis of the 1930s. Claus joined the Hitlerjugend there. He finally moved back to Germany in 1938, with his mother. Adolf Hitler was already president, which resulted in him being placed (involuntarily) in the Hitlerjugend and the youth-department of the Nazi-Party and served as a tank-division officer[3] He said to have "never fired a shot after his training", but got captured nevertheless by the US Army in Italy where he was stationed, being released in 1945 going back to school as his military diploma was deemed invalid. He met his parents - who were being held in Africa for the first time since the start of World War 2.

Claus went to the US to work for a law firm in the 1950s and decided diplomacy to be his new goal in life after working with the reintegration of Jewish-Germans. He was a diplomat for Costa Rica, West-Germany and Ivory Coast.[4]


At a party in 1962 he met Queen Beatrix in West-Germany, and started working in Bonn, the capital of West-Germany. After the British Daily Express published a picture of them at the private secretive Drakensteyn castle[5], the two announced their engagement on national TV on the 28th of June 1965. It was (to put it lightly) not well received. Dozens of monuments and stations were vandalized, Nazi war-pamphlets were brought back at walls with slogans directed at Claus and the royal family. Claus and Beatrix their parades were met with dozens of incidents of stones being thrown to them and texts in German to go back home. The Dutch certainly didn't like a former member of the German army to be their prince.[6] After multiple historians silenced the national debate by remarking Claus couldn't be personally responsible for the war crimes of the 1940s, Claus was granted the Dutch nationality in 1965 and a marriage date was set.

Claus himself told the press he was very disappointed in people because of the atrocities and - after the 1972 Munich massacre - didn't even want to hear about Olympic Games or the war ever again. They had 3 children; RAND Europe-member Constantijn, 5 times Bilderberger (and current King) Willem-Alexander and Friso, who tried to get married when Prime Minister of the Netherlands Jan Peter Balkenende had to inform Dutch congress "was engaged to a girl that was friends with the most notorious Dutch criminals, mostly operating from Amsterdam (including (Klaas Bruinsma). Friso married anyway without an act of consent, and lost his royal membership and the being in line of succession to the throne. Friso died in 2013.[7] Claus became successor to the throne (for as long as their children wouldn't be legally adults) after Amsterdam couldn't stop the coronation with massive riots in 1980. With the royals not doing that much in public, Claus became apparently increasingly depressed, hospitalized and being mocked on TV for his "strange motor-skills".[8]


After Claus made the acquaintance of journalists, reports started appearing about his behaviour. Joël van der Reijden cited in an extensive review on his website ISGP of such accounts. He reports that Claus was recalled as diplomat in 1962 due to concerns about sexual blackmail, after "improper sexual behaviour with an East-German diplomat".[9]

In 2016 newspaper Algemeen Dagblad reported a sworn testimony of a man that he was raped in an apartment in Amsterdam by Onno Ruding, with Claus watching in attendance. The victim also reorted "witnessed Claus picking up young male prostitutes in local pubs in the city."[10] With the Dutch gung-ho on already ridiculing Prince Bernhard at that time (who got convicted for arms dealing and bribery), Claus avoided scrutiny for most of his active career it seems.


After numerous health issues, Claus died in Amsterdam of Parkinson and a lung infection, having survived cancer in 2002. When Beatrix handed the throne to Willem-Alexander, and kicked a really heavy Bilderberg habit, Dutch public with the rise of the internet begin the wonder what the royal family was really doing. Bernhard already had numerous scandals on his name, most notably allegedly[11] sending a secret letter to Adolf Hitler requesting to become "Head of State under the German Reich" if the Germans would - after discussing it with the British - pull out of the Netherlands in 1942, even having the CIA involved after their formation when this rumour was still heard of in the 1970s according to a French secret agent working for a well-known Dutch newspaper.

The Dutch appear to have their own scandals of Vipaedophile - not reported in corporate media - and for Claus there appears to be only one earlier hint that he, for example, liked little boys when the Netherlands Government Information Service issued an statement "The Prince is not homosexual and wants the rumours to stop" following a article of the Telegraaf that suspected him citing sources that he also visited a "gay bar in New York" having prove made with an infrared camera, even reasoning Ronald Reagan was worried about their royal policies (whatever that may imply in this context)[12].[13] So it appears Prince Claus and investigating him, remains a Dutch third rail topic.[14]


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