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(deep state operative, spook?)
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DiedApril 1984
Cause of death
Founder ofWestland New Post
Member ofWestland New Post
Victim ofpremature death
Started the spooky Operation Gladio associated group, the Westland New Post. "Suicide"

Paul Latinus appears to have been a spooky deep state operative.


"Latinus himself tried to become an agent of the State Security, successfully passing the first exam, but he flew to Chile in January 1981 when the magazine Pour published an article in which he was depicted as an "extreme-rightist" infiltrating "extreme left" organizations. Latinus returned to Belgium somewhat later, and founded WNP with Marcel Barbier and Michel Libert."[1]


Officially "suicide". Often regarded as suspicious.[2] "The Belgian police found the dead body of Paul Latinus in the evening of April 24, 1984, at the home of his girlfriend in Court-Saint-Étienne, after her notification. The police found him lying on the floor of a basement, with strangulation marks around his neck, but no other signs of violence or disorder. They found a telephone cord that was cut. The girlfriend explained to the police that she found him when she came home from a bar, and that she cut the line between Latinus' head and the ceiling."[3]

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