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(VIPaedophile?, Civil servant)
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Laren, Netherlands
Member ofLSV Minerva, Netherlands/Deep state
Interest ofTurkey/Deep state
A controversial retired Dutch Justice Department official from the Netherlands.

Joris Demmink is a retired Dutch Justice Department official who has been repeatedly accused of child abuse.


Joris Demmink was an assistant to Winnie Sorgdrager.[1]

Child abuse allegations

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Demmink's name has repeatedly been connected to child abuse. Joël van der Reijden of ISGP has written extensively about the Demmink affair and closely related scandals in the Netherlands. [2]

Official Opposition Narrative

Demmink became a notable iconic name for public outrage about top-level civil servants that got accused but not prosecuted, at one point calling for a new investigation became a Dutch official opposition narrative. A website called "The Demmink Cover-Up" was the top Dutch google result during the COVID-19 pandemic (along with other videos how he supposed to have helped Mark Rutte to power), something very unusual for actual convicted top-level civil servants.[3] His Wikipedia page has been locked and placed under extra layers of security by Dutch administrators because of substantial attempts to add more allegations.

Baybaşin lawsuit

In April 2007 Demmink was sued by lawyers Adele van der Plas and husband Pieter Bakker Schut working for Hüseyin Baybaşin. Baybaşin was in a Dutch jail on drug trafficking charges, possibly after pressure from the Turkish government.[4]


Related Quotation

Pieter Omtzigt“I've stopped with that case after Sybrand Buma stormed into my office. Because he had been given an instruction from Mark Rutte that I had to stop with the questions in parliament about Joris Demmink.”Pieter Omtzigt
Pieter Omzigt
10 October 2020
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