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Born11 March 1929
Eindhoven, Netherlands
Member ofLe Cercle
Le Cercle. Major businessman in the Philips group.

Cornelis Bossers was a Dutch businessman who attended Le Cercle.


Bossers was born in Eindhoven on 11 March 1929. He trained as a businessman. After performing his military service as an officer, he volunteered to handle the Dutch military presence in Indonesia.


From late 1950 to 1962 Cornelis Bossers worked at a Dutch trading company in New Guinea. After handover of New Guinea to Indonesia, the trading company had to leave the country, but took as a new task as head of the Japanese branch of the same company.[1]

In 1966 Bossers took a management job at the Dutch Philips Group in Asia. At Philips, he was an employee of the group of countries Far East the main industry group Elcoma (electronic components). Two years later he became managing director of Philips Japan, then still based in Hong Kong. In May 1971, he moved to Japan with Tokyo site. In November of the same year he was entrusted with the general commercial and technical management of Philips Japan.

In April 1980 as moved to Australia and took over there. By 1988 he was head of the board of Philips GmbH.[2]In 1990 he defended the company's decision to reduce employment by over 10,000.[3]

Deep political connections

Bossers attended a meeting of Le Cercle.[4]

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