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Citizens of French on Wikispooks

Salah Abdeslam15 September 1989
Alexandre Adler23 September 1950
Jacques Aigrain15 August 1954
Michel Albert25 February 193019 March 2015
Georges Albertini13 May 191130 March 1983
Michel Alliot
Herve Alphand31 May 190713 January 1994
Robert André
Magdeleine Anglade5 July 192125 March 1998
Bernard Arnault5 March 1949
Bernard Asso
Jacques Attali1 November 1943
Roger Auboin189116 October 1974
Andre Aumonier25 February 19164 October 2004
Bernard Bajolet21 May 1949
Patricia Barbizet17 April 1955
Jacques Baumel6 March 191817 February 2006
Wilfrid Baumgartner21 May 19021 June 1978
Guerin De Beaumont29 August 189613 October 1955
Clément Beaune
Claude Bebear29 July 1935
Hilaire Belloc16 July 1953
Jean de Belot15 December 1958
Hubert Beuve-Mery
Christophe Bigot23 December 1965
Olivier Blanchard27 December 1948
Alexandre Bompard4 October 1972
Michel Bon5 July 1943
Anne Bouverot
Jacques de Bourbon Busset
Patrice CaineCEO of Thales, Bilderberg
Philippe Camus28 June 1948
Raymond Cartier
Henri de Castries15 August 1954
Diomede Catroux1 May 19168 March 2008
Felicia Cavasse
Albin Chalandon11 June 1920
Pierre-André de Chalendar12 April 1958
Alain Chevalier
Olivier Chevrillon28 January 192922 January 2013
Alain Chouet24 August 1946
Roger Seydoux de Clausonne19083 July 1985
René Clement-Cuzin19041966
Bertrand Collomb14 August 1942
Pierre Commin
Jean-François Copé5 May 1964
Helene Carrere D'encausse6 July 1929
Michel David-Weill23 November 1932
Gaston Defferre14 September 19107 May 1986
François Delattre15 November 1963
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Documents originally in French

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:Behind the Greek DebtarticleEuropean Union
2015 Greek debt crisis
7 July 2015Thierry MeyssanThe geoplitics underlying what is presented as a crisis of national indebtedness
Document:Echelon News April 2000articleIndustrial Espionage
30 March 2000Jacques Isnard
Document:Impact and Future of Holocaust RevisionismreviewThe Holocaust
"The Holocaust"
Nuremberg Trials
1 January 2005Robert FaurissonA comprehensive review of research into the Official Narrative of "The Holocaust" and the legislation, court cases and other events that publication of this research precipitated, between about 1970 and 2005.
Document:Jihadism and the Petroleum IndustryarticleIraq
2011 Syrian Insurgency
23 June 2014Thierry MeyssanThe ISIS/ISIL 'Jihadi invasion' of Iraq is nothing of the sort. It is a determined attempt by Usaia to Balkanise Iraq in furtherance of a carefully laid contingency plan to maintain control over the region.
Document:Mali speech to Belgian Parliament by Laurent Louis MPspeech9-11
17 January 2012Laurent Louis
Document:More than 500 jihadists cared for at the Ziv Medical CentrearticleIsrael
2011 Syrian Insurgency
Islamic State
24 November 2015Voltaire NetworkIsrael treats ISIS/Al-Qaeda fighters before returning them to fight in Syria
Document:Syria - the rhetoric and the trutharticleSyria
Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack
2011 Syrian Insurgency
John Allen
13 August 2015Thierry MeyssanThierry Meyssan rubbishes the likelihood of a serious US ground forces operation in Syria because it would trigger a military World War III
Document:Syria has Changedreport2011 Syrian Insurgency4 November 2013Thierry MeyssanHow the mass of the Syrian population has woken up to the reality of foreign supplied controlled and financed jihadis as the fundamental problem facing the country
Document:Truth as an Issuearticle2011 Syrian Insurgency21 November 2013Thierry MeyssanThe responsibility of the well-meaning but deluded western Left for the catastrophic situation in Syria
Document:Understanding the War in Libyaarticle2011 Attacks on Libya27 April 2011Michel Collon
Document:Western rationality on Syria CW attacksarticleSyrian Chemical Weapons Attack7 September 2013Thierry Meyssan
Document:Who is the Enemy?articleIsrael
4 August 2014Thierry MeyssanThe desire for a 'Jewish Homeland' among the Jewish Diaspora is commonly understood to explain the origins of political Zionism in the mid-late 19th century; but that is only part of the story. This article is a brief introduction to the key role of the inheritors of Oliver Cromwell's 'Commonwealth' in its realisation in the State of Israel by actively seeking to harness the Diaspora to their purposes.


Alumni on Wikispooks

Armand de Decker8 October 1948Politician
Roger Lallemand17 January 1932Politician