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The War of Terror at work - an Iraqi prisoner is the subject of potentially lethal torture research by the US Army captors in Abu Ghraib

Death of David Kelly

Full article: David Kelly/Death
David Kelly Death.jpg

On 17 July 2003, a UK government whistleblower and weapons inspector in Iraq, David Kelly was found dead in the woods near his house. Ah inquest into his death was started but never completed. The UK government's official narrative is that he committed suicide, but many voices have suggested that this seems implausible and/or impossible.

Iraq War

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Tony Blair conspired with George W. Bush to launch an illegal and war on Iraq.

In 2003, an illegal war of aggression was carried out by the US leadership, with the collaboration of others such as Tony Blair. This was responsible for the violent deaths of over a million Iraqis, and led millions more to flee the country. These actions were found to be war crimes by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission[1] and are widely seen as such by a lot of the world's population.[citation needed]

Abu Ghraib

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In 2003, the US was revealed to be systematically torturing prisoners in a prison in Abu Ghraib. Although this was not revealed at the time, it emerged in 2004 that the atrocities were part of a program (codename Copper Green) that was ordered by Donald Rumsfeld of research into the effect of carrying out and of suffering torture. Tom Malinowski, the director of Human Rights Watch would later comment about a leaked document that “If anyone still thinks that the only people who dreamt up the idea about torturing prisoners were just some privates and corporals at Abu Ghraib, this document should put that myth to rest.”[2]

Arrest of Willem Matser

Full article: Rated 3/5 Willem Matser

In 2003, Willem Matser, a Dutch spook, and "key advisor" to NATO Secretary General was arrested with documents relating to a $200,000,000 money transfer from Bogota, Colombia,[3] together with a convicted cocaine dealer, Pietro Fedino connected to the Cali cartel.[4] A year later, Matser was found guilty of forgery and fraud and released with time served plus a 3 months' suspended sentence.[5]



Al-Yamamah arms dealSeptember 1985 - August 2006
Operation Mass Appeal1990 - 2003
Saville Inquiry1998 - 24 March 2010
Peru/Truth and Reconciliation CommissionJune 2001 - 28 August 2003
Le Cercle/2003 (Salzburg)2003
CONTEST2003 - Present
2003 Iraq War2003 - Present
2003 El Nogal Club bombing7 February 2003
Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuseMarch 2003 - Present
Bilderberg/200315 May 2003 - 18 May 2003
David Kelly/Premature death/Hutton Inquiry1 August 2003 - 28 January 2004

New Groups

Arab Human Rights Centre in Golan HeightsAl-Marsad.jpg2003 - Present
UK/FCO/Strategic Programme FundGroup.png2003 - Present
Jewish Leadership CouncilJeremy Newmark.jpg2003 - Present
Islamic StateIsilflag.jpg2003 - Present"Terrorist"
An "Islamic fundamentalist terrorist" organisation which whistleblower Sibel Edmonds links to Operation Gladio/B and succinctly describes as a re-branding of al-Qaeda.
CANVASGroup.png2003 - PresentNGO
Capital Partners SecuritiesGroup.png2003 - Present
Freedom InstituteGroup.png2003 - Present
CompassCompass membership picture.jpg2003 - Present
9/11 CitizensWatchGroup.pngMarch 2003 - Present
Joint Terrorism Analysis CentreGroup.pngJune 2003 - PresentIntelligence agencyThe Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre reports to the head of MI5 although it is not formally part of the Security Service.
United States Computer Emergency Readiness TeamGroup.pngSeptember 2003 - Present

New Websites

SourceWatchSourceWatch.png2003 - Presenthttp://www.SourceWatch.orgThis wiki based site is a major source of content and was an inspiration when setting up Wikispooks. It is a highly recommended site when researching Wikispooks related content.
9-11 Research9-11 research.png2003 - Presenthttp://911research.wtc7.netA solid and early 9-11 investigation site, not much updated of late, but still containing valuable material.
SpinwatchSpinwatch.png2003 - Presenthttp://spinwatch.org
LinkedInLinkedIn.png2003 - Presenthttps://www.linkedin.comA businessy Facebook equivalent, with over 350 million members

Groups that were Wound Up

Immigration and Naturalization ServiceGroup.png1993 - 2003
Operation Green QuestGroup.pngOctober 2001 - June 2003
Office of Special PlansGroup.pngSeptember 2002 - June 2003